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Date News Posted: October 11, 2013

Doing stories about some of the great artists of the fifties and before is a lot of fun but some of them the research on those artists does not result in much that most of us didn’t already know.  In the past when we have mentioned someone, we have received several emails from family members with stories most of us never knew, good stories about that artist, where they grew up and well, all kinds of things.

We are not looking for any bad stories or things they ever did, if they ever did, just little things about them that most folks don’t know. These artists were a very big part of American country, some only had a hit record locally others hit the big time and still others were hardly ever heard except maybe in a honky tonk some place.

Some of these artists we are going to mention have bios on the internet and we are not looking for those stories we can find those with a click, we want stories from family members and what “you” remember about him or her.  Now we know every one in the world does not read our newsletters (at one time we thought they did) so those that do if you would tell someone you know then we could really get some good stories.

As you well know those fifties years are rapidly slipping away, artist names from those days are slowly slipping our minds and their music is getting harder and harder to find, so we figure the longer we write about them the longer we can keep them around.

Now you would think that any artist that ever recorded in America could be found real quick with all the modern things like this thing you are now reading and I am two finger punchin’ on but that ain’t so, true you may find their name listed in an old book of country artists from Bakersfield or another places around the country, maybe in a lot of places in Texas but now go out and find their recordings.

Now I will give you some place were those old recordings are, try Russia, try Denmark, try New Zealand, try Australia and a whole bunch of other foreign countries, aw…you’re pulling my leg…..

Think about this, in America we (for the most part) can go out and buy anything we want and we buy tons of crap seen on TV every year that you don’t even need and a month later you don’t even want.

Now, think about this, in some countries people have to walk miles for a sack of potatoes, or a sack of rice just to feed their families, and they don’t throw anything away, “Nothing” and that feeling also goes to records and old TV shows they could smuggle in from the U.S, I have had letters saying every bit of English they knew were learned from old American recordings.

A man deep in the cold part of Russia said he learned every bit of English he knew from old Lone Ranger radio recordings, he said there was a little radio station in another man’s barn that loved and played old country music, he sent me a tape that he managed to get from the old station man, on it was 40s and 50s country artist and I never understood a word of what the old man said, I understood every word Jimmy Rogers said, he said the old man played American radio shows on Sunday.

Like I said, people in these countries and many, many more of them kept all those old recordings they were able to get, they were too precious to ever throw away.

If country music (and you know the kind I mean) was as big here as it is in New Zealand, Little Jimmy Dickens, Jim Ed Brown, Freddie Hart, Bill Anderson and all the other people you see on “Country Family Reunion” would still be selling a million records a year…..I keep sending Freddie’s CDs over there and not a week has gone by for the last year that one of his songs are not on foreign charts.

So after I have looked and looked and looked for a song that has popped up in my mind that I heard many years ago and have no luck finding it in any media here in the U.S., I send just one email over the waters and chances are within a couple weeks I will be playing it on my own turntable or CD player…No, they don’t have everything in their collections or in their radio stations but they have enough of those great old recordings to make you think you were still tuning in that old radio to the 1950’s version of the Grand Ole Opry.

The families of all those great 1950’s artists live somewhere, they didn’t just disappear, some of them live right next door to you, some of them live in your house, some of them live in a different town or close by to you or some of them might even be you.

If they do then how about sending us a story, we will reprint it just the way you wrote it, we won’t print your address or email unless you want us to, just remember all those artists “were” American “country” history and only you can keep their memory and music alive for others to enjoy for many years to come.

Boy, it would sure be nice to hear from you.  If a name pop’s up in your head from those 50’s years please send it to us, you can also write us if you want to but if not just a name will help and we will add him or her to the list and see what we can come up with.

We will put our email at the end of this so you do not have to go back to the home page to find it.

I sat down the other night and made a list of artists that have passed away in the past few years, some were the number one hit makers of those great 50s years, others were the top country songwriters of those years, now that I need it I can’t find the list but let’s see how good my memory is, the one thing I do not remember is the date they died, I am sure someplace in my files I have newspaper clippings of all their deaths but for now we don’t need that.

And>>>>If this don’t make you ask the question again, then I don’t know what will. “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”?


Cindy Walker

Lawton Williams

Charley Rich

Jack Greene

Del Reeves

Hank Thompson

Ferlin Huskey

Carl Smith

Roy Acuff

Minnie Pearl

Johnny Russell

Buddy Knox

Johnny Cash

Waylon Jennings

Grandpa Jones

Merle Kilgore

Kitty Wells

Johnny Wright>>Johnny & Jack

Buck Owens

Patsy Montana

Marvin Rainwater

Our great Cowboys>Roy>Gene>Eddie>Monte>&>Rex

Dale Robertson>Dale told me he could sing, but he didn’t say where.

Johnny Duncan

George Jones

Tex Ritter

Jimmy Martin

Roy Orbison

Freddy Fender

Vern Gosdin

Don Gibson

Carl Perkins

Dave Kirby

Hank Williams

Lefty Frizzell

Patsy Montana

Conway Twitty

George Morgan

Burl Ives

Wynn Stewart

Cliff Crofford

Chester Smith

Faron Young

Marty Robbins

Autry Inman

Joe Allison

Leon Payne

Dave Dudley

Jimmie Davis

Gordon Terry

Red Foley

Claude King

Lonzo & Oscar

Rose Maddox

T.Texas Tyler

Hawkshaw Hawkins

Bob Wills

Tommy Duncan

The Original Sons of the Pioneers>>(Most all)

Elton Britt

Jimmy Wakely

Johnny Wakely

Linda Wakely

These are just some of what you heard when you turned on that big old radio at your house or in that Nash Rambler goin’ to market in those GREAT 50’s years.

My memory is not too good today and that’s all I could think of off the top of my head but by the time I read this back printed I will have thought of a lot more, sorry about that, if you have the time send me some more names and I will add them to the list, they deserve to be remembered--All of them.

In the east it is starting to cool down some, it won’t be long ‘till the snow will be fallin’ and time you might want to think about getting away from it all and spend 2-3 months seeing what Arizona has to offer.  You might want to send a post card back to your neighbor who is probably out there shoveling snow with a picture on it of you in a bikini, and draw a little arrow on it pointing out your fresh new suntan.

OR you may want to send him some pictures of some of the great western sites and shows that are reenactments almost like the day they really happened, of course there is one small change, they don’t be for real killin’ each other.

Here is a name and a number for you, Bob Charnes who goes back to those great old Corriganville days with Walkin’ Talkin’ Charley Aldridge, those were the days when Charley was head honcho and Bob Charnes was shootin’ down the outlaws, some of those shows were the door way for movies to come with Ray Crash Corrigan.

Bob Charnes and his outfit is still pullin’ the trigger on outlaws and all you have to do to see one of his shows which is called “The Arizona Gunfighters” is write P.O. Box 20308, Mesa, Arizona 85277>>or you can call 480-986-1800—the web site is—  (or) you can just flat out email Bob and crew.

Here is what goes on under the Arizona sun:

Western trade shows


Chuck Wagon cook offs

Western Film Celebrities

(Like Clint Walker-Robert Fuller & who knows who else might show up.

Western Music Jamboree

Whisky Tasting

Extreme cowboy races

Cowboy Mounted Shooting

A Fun Zone for the Kids

So just remember Bob Charnes and the Arizona Gunfighters, all his numbers are just up the way.

Don’t forget to tune in Bill Anderson and the family reunion shows on RFD TV every week and catch Larry’s Diner when you get hungry for down home country with special guest every single week.

We’ll see you later but just in case we don’t, take care of yourself.


God Bless America

Don Bradley



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