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Date News Posted: December 7, 1998

Now it's four in the mornin' and once more the dawning, now where have we heard that before ?

Anyway the sun ain't a peepin' over the mountain top yet, the birds are still hiding under a pile of leaves somewhere and the cold morning winds of a December morning are blowing lake water over the ducks tails and we reckon Santa Claus is getting his reindeers tuned up and an oat change before they make that Christmas eve run.

Christmas has sure changed since those good old days, growing up in Kentucky/Ana, (that's short for Kentucky & Indiana) where we would spend the evenings the week before Christmas stringing pop corn with grandma's sewing thread into long strings and another five pound of pop corn and a gallon of home made molasses making pop corn balls.

Sometimes come December it would be so cold it was kinda hard getting away from that old wood stove to go out and cut a tree and if they would have left it up to me, I would have just decorated grandma, we didn't have any electricity so there was no chance we could short her out or electrocute her and since grandma like to sing we would have had a walkin' , talkin' singin' Christmas tree, now grandma from the other side of the family was known to take a little nip now and then, she's the one we probably should have decorated, she was pretty well lit anyway.

  We really loved that good old grandma, she was always funny, always had a good joke to tell, always fed our uncle Elmer pinto beans so we would have gas to run the old tractor and with a well at the back door with a hand pump that pumped up sulfur water that smelled like rotten eggs and a few other things we can't mention here, it was a good life.

We have mentioned before that due to the fact we had no running water, Uncle Elmer took his baths in the creek behind the house, needles to say, come December, Uncle Elmer had this thing about breaking a hole in the creek ice so he could jump in to scrub up a bit, so he didn't,  come Spring, Uncle Elmer was a little gamey, he didn't seem to notice though, I guess when you are real close to things you never do. Good old Uncle Elmer being the smart man that he was, knew it was creek time when the pigs got to stayin' a little closer to him come feed'n time.

If my Brother and me would have been older back then and knew what we knew now, we could have made some money with Uncle Elmer when the fair come through town, them Carney folk was always lookin' for a good new act, and danged if Uncle Elmer couldn't make people laugh real good, he could pass gas, whistle Dixie, roll a cigarette with one hand and wink all at the same time, now when's the last time you seen somethin' like that ?

Uncle Elmer was good about cipherin' out things like that, he could add and every thing, looking back now, the only real stupid thing we can remember that Uncle Elmer did was knock the poop out of himself with a rock he had tied on the end of a wire that he was going to use as a radio antenna after he had thrown it  'cross the top of the old walnut tree in the front yard, first three tries he missed, one of um got him between the eyes on the way down, but being one to take all things in stride, he spent the rest of the day singin' "I Saw The Light"

Some people like to look at folks like Uncle Elmer as being stupid old hillbillies but I bet Uncle Elmer wouldn't have been stupid enough to build himself a 7-11, spend thousands of dollars on a nice parking lot, spend thousands more dollars making the place look nice and plenty of stuff in there for folks to buy, than install a video camera in the place to protect what he had with a picture on it that he couldn't recognize grandma.

A friend of ours owned a 7-11 and every morning on the way to work we would stop by to grab a cup of coffee, one morning we ask him if we could stand in front of the camera and sing a little tune, he said, "yea, go ahead on" so we picked up a mop to play on and started singing, he said if he didn't get robed that day he would give us the tape. he didn't so he gave us the tape, watching the tape that night I couldn't hardly wait to get to my part, when it did, there was a double image, I looked like Lonzo and Oscar and sounded like George Jones singing, "He Stopped Lovin' Her Today" (the harmony wasn't bad though) we should have just went ahead and robed him.

We wuz little so grandma didn't make us jump in the creek to take a bath, well, she did my brother one day, he was smartin' off about havin' to feed the chickens so she told him, go jump in the creek, so he did, he wuz little and after a couple of days we got to missin' him when the crank phone rang late one night it was cousin Sarah in the next county, my brother had got hung up on a cow fence that was strung across the creek as he floated by, she wondered if it was o.k if he stayed for supper. Now ain't country folks good?

People still like my brother, he's probably to big to float down the creek now days, in fact, he's plumb big, come to think of it he's big enough that if we wuz still by the creek in Kentucky, me and Huckleberry Finn could ride him down the creek, he was just out here to California, he ask a friend of ours to take a picture of him and Herb Jeffries, when he got back to Tacoma he had it blown up to billboard size and hung it over the freeway, under it it says, If You Want To Sing Like This Old Cowboy, Cal Hal at "Tacoma-6887" took us a week to figure out them numbers spell nuts.

One thing about them country folks, if you was ever in need, they would be there, if you got to ailin' at crop pickin' time they would be there, your barn burnt, they would be there, you needed to know how to make a poultice to draw out the venom from a snake bite, just crank two longs and a short on the old wall phone and help would be just a crank away.

It's sorta like that today though I reckon, at least people are always there, difference is, they pick your tomaters when you ain't home, they are the one that torches your barn, it was your neighbors snake that bit you and chances are 911 will put you on hold and you'll die anyway. The only possible thing that we can see is better now days than it was back then is a better class of road kill, we ain't proud about that, but if they was killed by accident anyway, we think it is our duty to pick um up, cook um and eat um which we do and share with Cindy Walker and her cousin Bill.We figure to keep the highways beautiful like Iron Eyes Cody has suggested so we, (since no one else is doing it) scrape them squashed possums off  the highways, cook um and eat um.

Different things bother different people, when you get something on your mind it is difficult to sleep, for almost a year now this has bothered me, way back since they started talkin' about them killer bees, what we want to know is, How many bee buggers does it take to make a pound ?

We don't know cousin Bill that well but when he called the other day and ask if we had the beans a' cookin'  we said yes and it was true, we did, he was sayin' boy they sure are good with big strips of bacon or slabs of juicy ham and we said, yes they are, we need to say right now we are sorry for saying that cause we don't really know about bacon or ham for bean seasonin', we have used lizard legs and moose ears ever since we left Kentucky, you just can't get a good pig in California.

We need to put this in right now because we sure do not want to forget it. Iron Eyes Cody who's famous world wide campaign they ran a few years ago, (and some stations still are) with the Indian with the tear in his eye, and "Keep America Beautiful"  IS NOT in good health at all, Iron is at the one hundred year old mark and is a SUPER GREAT AMERICAN, Iron has been in so many great western movies for so many years the likes of him will never be seen again.

Iron Eyes Cody has been there when people have needed him to benefit their company, he has been there when ask to attend a function that would benefit the needs of others, we were proud when he was able to open some of our shows doing his famous Indian prayer both in English and Indian sign language, Iron was there to endorse the famous "Durango" boots for our friend Wayne Rogers at the Durango Boot company in Tennessee. No matter what the occasion, if needed Iron was there.

The truth is the truth, so Please, Iron Eyes Cody will probably never see another Christmas, if you can find it in your heart to send him a Christmas card or any other kind of card just to thank him for what he has given all of us over the years we are sure you will feel much better for it.

If you send your card to us at this address, it will be passed on to him exactly the way you sent it, unopened, Bradley Brothers Records, Mr. Iron Eyes Cody, Box 1515, Simi Valley, Ca  93062. Thank you very, very much.

We will be putting this in the next several news pages: According to the new owners of the famous "Iverson Movie Ranch" in Chatsworth, California (ex city where Roy & Dale used to live) the building that is to house the "Eddie Dean Museum" should be complete in February of 1999, If you have any old pictures, posters, or any other memorable that you would like to donate to the museum, or if it is a large item and you would like for it to stay yours and loaned to the museum, that is fine also, we will send you back a statement from the museum stating just that, things you wish to donate and can do so by mail may be sent to the address above, we will send back to you a letter saying we have received your donation.

Please make sure you hand print your name and address on a separate sheet of paper, all items that can be framed will have your name on a gold plated shield at the bottom of the frame, larger items that may be housed in glass cases will have your name on a shield on those also along with the date it was donated.

No matter where you live you will be invited to attend the Grand Opening of this museum and we will keep you posted through this news letter, other publications and word of mouth by many of Eddie Dean's friends.

We are 100% sure that many, many celebrity friends of Eddie's will show up for this opening and we hope you are there also.

We know that some who read this news page may not know the Iverson Movie Ranch from Barney's Old Goat, But, if you were a Western Movie kid fan growing up with the likes of Eddie, Roy, Gene, Ken, Bob,Tex, Rex, Monte, Hoppy, "The Lone Ranger" and well, you name it, then you have dang sure seen the "Iverson Movie Ranch" All or parts of thousands of movies were filmed on this famous location site.

California is a beautiful place to visit in the spring (or any other time) but especially the spring, so if we can get you an opening date in enough time that is convenient for you, Please try to make it.

The Museum will also house memorable of other Great Silver Screen Cowboys and the works of some great western artists, if you just happen to have sitting in your garage a stage coach, buck board, covered wagon or any other things used back in the good old days we would be happy to have those also, if they are to big for shipping, we'll transport them.

Speaking of Great Western artist, "Ivan Jesse Curtis" is one of them, his works have graced the covers of at least three "Golden Boot Award Publications" his works of "All My Hero's Are Cowboys" is a master piece and that goes for all the different editions of it that have come from the brush and paint of Ivan Jesse Curtis, his painting featuring the many faces and movies of "Clint Eastwood" is a must for all Eastwood fans.

Ivan Jesse's paintings also hang in many museums across the country and the count is lost as to how many private homes and collectors own Ivan's paintings and litho's which are numbered and signed by this great artist.

Ivan being one of the great admirers of Eddie Dean will undoubtedly be there for the opening of Eddie's Museum, his art work is already being framed to be a part of this historical site.

You can reach Ivan Jesse Curtis at the same address as above and we are sure he will send you a brochure of his art work along with the prices.

Now here is an artist that draws Western Comic Book art that will make you think the painting is going to jump out and get ye', even though he has more than just one name like "Elvis" all his friends know him and just call him "Cherokee".

The Town of Clovis, New Mexico which has long been famous for the Norman Petty Studio and the recordings of Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Rick Tucker, and that young good lookin' dude that recorded "Sugar Shack" and come to think of it, a bunch more great artist, is also the home of this artist friend called "Cherokee"

Like Ivan Jesse Curtis, Cherokee's works also hangs in many Museums and private homes across America and a few foreign countries, coming up in March Cherokee will be in Victorville, California at the second (we think it is) annually Roy Rogers festival, Cherokee has been commissioned to do the art work, pictures and posters for this event, we will keep you up on this event also with the exact date, place and time (there again we think it is a two day affair) we'll let you know.

Again, if you would like you can write to "Cherokee" at the address above and he will get it.

We have been doing some promoting this past couple of weeks on  the new Claude Gray CD, needless to say from the very first one of them sent out, the letter back to us read, we sure have missed the likes of Claude Gray, the complete album will be programmed on our station this week and we will notify you of any that we chart.

Yesterday (Sunday) on the fax was the charts from one of the number one stations in Sweden and debuting at NUMBER "5" was "CLAUDE GRAY" and "IF I EVER NEED A LADY"

It just goes to show you that some programmers still know good Country Music when they hear it, it's just to bad that it is not in America, it's not that we are not grateful for the stations from our friends overseas because we dang sure are, it's just that it would be nice to drive to the post office and be able to hear  Claude and the other good ol' boys and girls on the way.

If the radio stations in America would just throw in a couple of classics an hour, then they would get back so many of the old listeners that even they would be surprised, and who knows maybe some of those good ole listeners would find one of the new guys that they liked and go out and buy his or her records, CD's or what ever they got.

Anyway if I was a new artist today We would really be upset with the radio stations with the way they play stuff anyhow, they think it is a big deal to play ten in a row one right after the other and never once mention the artist name, they never talk about the artist (probably because they don't know anything)  it's just bang, bang, bang one after the other. We don't have to worry about that though since we are NOT a new artist, we ain't even an old one.

We just spoke with Claude Gray since we started working on this page and here is what we got for ye if you want one, A CD or a Cassette of Claude's brand new album called "Great Country Roads" and Claude will autograph a picture for you for $11.95 plus a dollar and a quarter for the stamp, now that's a good deal no matter where you buy it, just send your name and address and the name you want him to sign on the picture, and which one you want, the CD or the Cassette and we'll get it to you.

This is a good time to throw this in, how many times do you watch one of them all night programs trying to sell you something ?, now most times the price for the product is not all that bad, BUT, they stick you for 4.95 to some ridiculous amount for what they call the shipping and handling, sometimes the S&H is more than the product coast. That "H" part makes me mad anyway, if they are to lazy to put it in a box or envelope to send it to you, they shouldn't even be in business, and if you order something priority mail, the post office will give you FREE all the boxes you want providing you ain't trying to mail a train, and those bubble pack envelopes to mail a CD or something about that size or less, if you buy them by the six or eight pack, they don't cost but about 40cents or less anyway, we just think that shipping thing is a crock of bull lard.

We will have a nice write up on the New Warner Mack CD's pretty quick and the new Cal Smith CD, both artist products are available right now if you can't wait 'till we do the article on them, the reason we are not doing it right now is, we are working on a page ad with a publication in London and wanted to let it all go at the same time, but like we said, if you can't wait, the phone number, fax number and email numbers are all on page one so just holler and we'll get one to you anyway.

We just got another great call less than an hour ago, even though we can't mention which artist (we could but it would not be fair if something happened between now and then) and we have learned a long time ago, things do happen, But they are considering putting one of our artist into "The Hall Of Fame" next year .

Freddie Hart and I spent a day last week with one of the greatest A&R men that ever lived Mr. Ken Nelson, a man that long ago should have been elected into the Nashville Hall Of Fame, a man that during those great 50's and 60's years had his name on the back of so many album jackets it would take the Titanic to carry, just as a nice gesture they nominated him a time or two but nominated ain't good enough, the Hall of Fame is like the Star on the Hollywood walk way, you either have to french kiss a moose or die to get in, or on, either one. Regardless of how old you are or what you know about show business, take a walk across those Stars down there and see how many you never heard of, those are probably the ones who kissed the moose.

Patsy Montana, if that wasn't a sick situation, one of the sweetest ladies God ever made, that lady would work for nothing if you wanted her bad enough, she would stand there bone tired and sign autographs or talk to you if you wanted her to, they put her into the Hall Of Fame alright, but she never knew it, they waited until she had already died, so she never got to share it with any of her loved ones, and we can tell you this, There is nothing in this world worth one plug nickel if you can't share it.

Sure, any and all organizations we guess has to have a committee, that's a fair enough assumption, other wise some idiot may try to put me in there, But the bottom line is, if Classic Artist are good enough to get in there, it should be Classic people doing the nominations and the voting, not just a one person committee that really gets a thrill from kissing moose.and not a committee where three out of four members say "Johnny Who"?

It's Christmas time gang and Christmas music will fill the time on most all the radio stations and the store racks will be filled with Christmas CD's and tapes, We would just hope that the turkeys that boot-legged all the Bobby Helms "Jingle Bell Rock" albums over the years gets lock jaw with a goat leg in his (or her) mouth.

Looking on the good side of life, (which we usually do) we are working on a little book that we hope to end up into three or four volumes, it will have some short stories in it about some of yester-years greats and some pictures of all that are in it, the soul purpose of the book is, so you never forget who the good guys (and gals) were in those great 50's and 60's years.

Where ever you live, you can help us all by going into a Wall Mart store and requesting some of the greats that you know still have records, or in today's case, CD's, Good guys like Cal Smith and Ernest Tubb and many other greats that are on "First Generation Records", they are in business to sell stuff so tell them what you want, they CAN order it with no problem what so ever, just make sure they write it down and go in every week and bug-um until they get it.

We want to say thanks to all that have read some of the stories we have written this past year and some of the tongue and cheek stuff that we wrote because the news was to sad to write about, Thanks to all the publications that printed some of our stories and to all those who took the time to write or call, more than you know, we really appreciate it,  to the new friends we met this year we will always treasure knowing you, to the families of those that left us this year, the passing of your loved one hurt us all and their memory will be cherished as long as there are people, Words can not say how much the friendship of one of the greatest ladies and song writers of our time means to me in that of Miss Cindy Walker her calls, and her nice words about everyone. To our good friends Don Hinson and Ancel Cook who always have time to share a joke, To Freddie Hart and Walter Brennan for letting me be a part of the world you live in and to Harlan Sanders that sent me a song good enough to listen to 97 times. And most of all thanks to my family that have not, as of yet, had me committed for eating road kill buzzard burgers.

We hope to do one more page before the curtain closes on 1998 but it is going to be some busy times this next three weeks, maybe we can do it like this one and start it in the middle of the night, which ever the case, thank you very, very much for sticking with me this year and we'll do it again next year.

We need to close this by apologizing to my brother for almost causing him to commit suicide by jumping out of the car on the way up to Sonora last year about this time because I played Cal Smith's tape of Country Bumpkin a hundred and twelve times, even brotherly love can only go so far.

We'll see you next time, but just in case we don't, take care of yourself.

P.S. Cal, send me another tape

Merry Christmas

Don Bradley  

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