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Date News Posted: December 5, 1997

Only three songs ever made me pull over driving down that old highway to listen to the words they were singing, I'm a sucker for sad songs anyway but these three really got me, lucky I wasn't on a bridge when the first one was played otherwise I would have never heard the second or third one.

The first one was Clay Hart and "SPRING" * The second one was Red Sovine and "TEDDY BEAR" * and the third one was Cal Smith and "COUNTRY BUMPKIN".

Now I know every one has his or her taste for music and so be it, that's the way it should be, so the opinion I'm about to express is mine alone and sure ain't meant to rub of on y'all (that's country for you all) But it sure seems to me instead of country songs with meaning we have went to songs that I can not half understand what they are saying. But maybe I'm just getting older and losing my hearing, I know I have slowed down in my driving, heck, anymore 80-90 tops..I do know one thing though, I can tell you what was on the country charts 40 years ago and could probably tell you most of the words but I have no idea what they are playing or what was on the charts last week .

Takes me back a few years ago when we put together a couple of country shows at the old Corriganville Movie Ranch, more than one person told me, "You won't draw 40 people to a show like that" They were right, the first year we had 5,540 people, the second year way over six thousand, hard to say how many we would have had if we would have advertised.

So what's the point to all this, there are people out there that still love the CLASSIC COUNTRY MUSIC, problem is few radio stations have got sense enough to know it, and as far as California goes, it has long since went down the dumper for places for the Classic artist to play.

Other than people like us digging through every warehouse in the country trying to find the classics to sell on the web or in the store, well there just ain't no-more>>Except the artist themselves..........Which brings me up to why I am writing this anyway.

Even though we have a classic record catalog and a good one, if we have something you find in it, fine, if we are writing about an artist and he or she has some records or tapes or C.D's or underware for sale, well then, we'll let you know, give you the address, and you can order it straight from them, that's fine to. If Porky Pig ever recorded a country song from those great old Classic days we could probably find it, it may take a while sometimes but chances are we'll find it.

I was a D.J in Mojave some years ago and on the air from noon to three, the guy that had the six to ten shift got himself another job at a station in Arizona I think it was, so the owner asked me if I would mind filling in 'till they found someone else. I said sure, I'll do it but what I didn't know they never looked for anybody else so I had two shifts, 12 to 3 and 6 to 10.

Then he said, "Well since you are here so much anyway, why don't we just make you music director also ?" I said O.K..Then one day I asked him, "Since I am here all day anyway, why don't you just give me the station ?". He didn't go for that, but he did let me play anything I wanted and that was good enough, so after the 10pm shift I would stay there another two hours playing all the new records that had come in, getting the good stuff lined up and numbered for play and that's where I was about midnight one night when I stuck this one on the turntable, and that's where I still was about two in the morning playing the same record, it went like this "WELL, I'VE BEEN DRINKING CHAMPAGNE, FEELING NO PAIN 'TILL EARLY MORNIN'> by this time I was pooped so I put it back in the jacket, locked it in my desk drawer and went home. No way was I going to let that morning turkey play it first on the air.

The next day at high noon, right after I did the news,( them small stations you gotta do every thing,) I played my intro to the show and then "Drinkin' Champagne" once every hour for seven straight hours. I knew they wouldn't fire me, they couldn't find another sucker to replace me..and that's where by the way of a 7 inch piece of wax with a hole in it I met Cal Smith.

Now, I can just see Cal sittin' there readin' this sayin' "Dang, I'm sure glad I didn't ask this old boy what time it was, why he would've told me how to make a watch, where the factory was and who owned it". Bottom line is, I got a story for every thing, let me tell you 'bout the time I tripped and fell in the, I'll tell you that one later>>Anyway, if a song ever got to me, I remember where it was and what it was just like I remember "COUNTRY BUMPKIN" BUT, I ain't a gonna tell you that story, that would take another week, What I am going to tell you is..If you are a Cal Smith fan then I got some good news for you.

You can order these straight from Darlene Smith, the better half of the Country Bumpkin, two great Cal Smith cassette albums and some other good stuff.


Drinking Champagne (2) Destination Atlanta GA. (3) I've Found Someone of my Own (4) Swinging Doors (5) I Loved You All Over The World (6) The Lord Knows I'm Drinking (7) Oklahoma Hills (8) I Can Feel The Leavin' Coming On (9)Between Lust And Watching T.V. (10)It Takes All Night Long


Country Bumpkin (2) That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome (3) Jesus Is A Good Ole Boy (4) Shot Gun Boogie (5) Try Me One More Time (6) Drinking Champagne (7)Pass Me By (8) Heaven Is Just A Touch Away's some other good stuff and these things have all got the little "Country Bumpkin" man on them>>(1) Caps $ 10.00 (2) Scarves $ 5.00 (3) T Shirts $ 10.00 (4) B/W 8X10 Photos $ 2.50 (5) Color 8X10 Photo $ 3.50 The two cassette albums # 1 and # 2 are $12.00 each. All the above prices include S&H.

That's it, all you have to do is figure out what you want and scratch it down on a sheet of paper or print this one out and circle what you want and send it along with a check or a money order and mail it to **Darlene Smith, 147 Groton Street, Hollister, Mo. 65672.

Lookin' back up the page at one of the songs Cal recorded, Between Lust And Watching T.V., reminds me of a song I wrote one night called "Between Lickin' your ear and Peanut Butter" I was plum sure every picker in the country would record that one, but I wuz plum wrong.

We received some more letters this week about naming the train station and street in Bakersfield after Merle Haggard, we need some more so sharpen up your pencil and write us some more.

BILL HALE* Was born in Ada, Oklahoma September the first 1922, and for you that are a' wonderin'> I wonder if that feller is any a' kin to that other Hale out there in Hollywood called Monte, not much, just a brother. And both of them have done great in this old life, both are actors, both had some great movie parts, some of them together like in the great movie with James Dean called "GIANT" and both of them are like meeting an old friend every time you see them.

Reading a little sheet on Bill it says, Bill especially liked one of the stage plays he did called "Lady Chatterley's Lover". A couple weeks ago in the middle of the night I saw the movie version of the above play on T.V., and all I have to say about that is, Bill would have to have been some kind of a nut not to like that part, fact is, if they ever do that movie or stage play again, I'll give ye my number, I'll do it for free, I'll even pay ye to let me do it.

Got carried away again..sorry Bill, anyhow, Ole' Bill has worked in a lot of good things like "Gun Smoke", "20 Mule Team," Rawhide" and "Rin Tin Tin" and a bunch more westerns, but he also hit the big screen with Gregory Peck in the "Snows of Kilamanjaro", "Red Badge Of Courage" with the decorated war hero, Audie Murphy, Bill had a role in the movie hit "No Business Like Show Business" with Marilyn Monroe & Donald O'Connor. And that list goes on, then he began touring the Las Vegas circuit with his own show, and I don't know where he ever came up with a name like this, but he called it of all things "The Bill Hale Show" as a singer and musician.

Bill Hale has done a little bit of all of it where show business is concerned and now he and his little wife Gladys have retired and live down around Dallas town, they take time out now and then from the hard life of retiring to hit the road now and then back out to California or out to the bright lights of Las Vegas, of course Bill don't gamble, he just likes to drive around and look at the lights, he don't like pork chops either.

If ever two people that just happened to be brothers were ever a pleasure to meet and know it sure is the Hale brothers Bill and Monte. God had a good day when he made you two guys.

Don't forget about "UNDER WESTERN SKIES" that we mentioned last week, It's a great publication about all the great old cowboys of yesteryear. Guy Madison is on issue number 49 and this week we picked up some video movies that stars or co/stars Guy Madison, I don't even remember the name of it but the are cheap if you want one, we'll give you the name of it next week, we were only able to get about 15 of them .

I feel bad that I haven't given you any cures from the old remedy book in a while, I know a lot of you have counted on me to do your doctorin'', and I am pretty sure a lot of you used the remedies we gave using the different kinds of dung, we'll try to have some more of those pretty soon, but tonight we got one here for "Scald Head" first you have to shave your head (like bald) make sure after the shave you wash it plumb good with soap and water, then after the shave and wash, cover your head with fresh charcoal..NOW it don't say how long to leave the charcoal on your head, so I'll take it on my own to guess, probably 'till someone tries to light your head and cook a pork chop on the way, what's Scald Head?

Well let's see here, we have one more remedy in case you happen to step on a rusty nail. First you take a couple pounds of live coals (if you don't have a scale about a half a milk bucket will do) Gather up a handful of old wool rags (that's less than 11 and more than 4) if you are out of rags you can use an old boot, With the live coals laying in a nice little heap on the ground, place either the rags or the old boot dead center of the pile, Take a good size flower pot with a hole in the bottom and turn it upside down over the coals and smoldering rags, soon the smoke will start to emerge from the the hole in the bottom of the flower pot, Next hold the wounded member over the smoke (I ain't sure I would want to hold my member over a smoky flower pot, but that's what the book says so it must be right) Do this for some where between 30 and 40 minutes at a time or until all the pain has left. NOW it don't say what to do if the pain is still not gone after this amount of time, so we suggest a bigger flower pot more coals and smoke and a fifth of brandy, if you still feel pain, we suggest another fifth of brandy, remove your member from the smoke, the flower pot should be nice and hot by now so throw a pork chop over the hole, when the chop is well smoked, eat it and kill the brandy. Your foot with the nail hole in it may still hurt but by now you won't care, if you do, start over.

Christmas is around the corner, for some it's good, for some it's not, for some it is a time to party but for others it's a time to eat what ever they can find out of a trash can in some cold alley, Just remember there are two sides to every story including Christmas, Shirts or jackets at Goodwill stores can be bought cheap, pick up a few and drive down about any street in America and I am sure you won't have to drive far 'till you find someone to give one to, A few cans of soup or something to eat is very cheap if you have a little money, but a dollar is a fortune if your broke and hungry, After you give someone a little package and before you drive away, it costs nothing to say MERRY CHRISTMAS FRIEND.

I don't usually steal, but tonight I am, just a few words from Roy Rogers when he said "May The Good Lord Take A Like'n To Ye"

Merry Christmas Friend

Don Bradley

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