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Date News Posted: November 24, 1997

RHINO RECORDS with the help of GENE AUTRY & the "AUTRY MUSEUM OF WESTERN HERITAGE" has released what could probably be the finest boxed set of Western music ever released by anyone.

It Is For Sure it is the best looking collection we have ever seen, the book in this collection has some great pictures of Gene in action with his guitar and others with his six guns a-blazin' on some of his famous movie "Lobby Cards", It has a nice story and biography on Mr. Autry, a nice page on the Museum, and for those who always ask, I wonder who wrote that ?, I wonder when he recorded that ?,I wonder what the story is behind that song ??..WELL, all these answers are in this book that comes with the C.D's, every single song has got a little story about it in the book and numbered to correspond with the number on the C.D.

The Gene Autry set contains 3 C.D's with a total of 84 songs, the front cover on each C.D. is also an action shot of Gene, the C.D's themselves are decorated up to look like every thing from cowhide to barn siding, remove the C.D. and another great picture of the troubadour is looking you in the eye balls.

In the beginning I said Western collection, but that part is not exactly true, some of these 84 songs are some real and I mean real classic country songs like, "Tears on my Pillow", "That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine", "Here Comes Santa Claus", and one of my all time favorites, "Mexicali Rose".

If you do not own a C.D. player you should still buy this collection, If you do not have electricity yet and still are using an ATWATER KENT battery operated radio you still should buy this set of C.D's, IF you don't even like music and never saw a cowboy show in your life you still should buy this box of disc and give um to JODADDY.

If you have been starting to wonder what to get an extremely old person for Christmas, say someone around 42 or maybe a little older, then this is it, This will make an outstanding gift for those who like and remember good music and a really nice gift for a collector.

Maybe next year you could have there house wired for electricity.

I still got some kin-folk that live so far back in the hills of Kentucky, that they still do not have electricity, now that's hard to believe in this day in time. My old pappy always said "If you never had it, you can't miss it" and I reckon that's true* some of them have still got a battery operated crank phone, and as a public service message I probably better send them a copy of this News letter letting them know that in case of an emergency that 911 on the crank phone is **A Long and 2 Shorts**.

Speaking of Kentucky and my old Pappy, There was an old man that used to hang around the General Store down in "Hard Scratch" and when any of the young boys would have to go to the store for something the old man used to get a kick out of whacking them with his cane, Well after a while the boys got about enough of this and got together trying to figure out how to get even with this old man for whackin' um. SO, one Halloween the boys slipped over to his place and moved his out house back about three feet and covered the hole with some cane poles, paper and leaves. Just after sundown the old man went out to take care of his nightly business****I wasn't there so I don't know, but the old man probably spent the night, climbing out'a that hole.

Before we forget, we want to thank all of those who have sent us letters and fax's and email about the naming of the train station and street in Bakersfield after Merle Haggard. We need some more so keep them coming***In case you missed it, check the news from 11-9-97, Thanks.

"UNDER WESTERN SKIES" is a publication that if you love the great old westerns then you ought to check into it. Not only if you subscribe will you get the current issues but past issues are available that with out a doubt have some of your favorite Silver Screen Cowboys in them.

LIKE*****Eddie Dean, Iron Eyes Cody, Johnny Mack Brown, Guy Madison, Fred Scott, Glenn Ford, Robert Livingston, Jimmy Wakely, Sunset Carson and on and on. Also some of the top Western writers in the country advertise in "Under Western Skies" and in the Guy Madison issue, Charles Sharpe has a great story about his friend and a guy he rode thousands of miles with, the King of the Bullwhip Lash LaRue.

Under Western Skies has been around a long time , the stories are great, the pictures are great and so is the publication, it is nice and fat with a lot of good stuff in it. If you don't know weather you should subscribe or not, do this, send them 5.00 for a sample issue and when you get it I know you will agree you should subscribe. It will make a great gift for your old pappy sittin' alone up there in that old house still readin' the Sears catalog.

Here's where to send your 5 bucks>>>The World Of Yesterday, 104 Chestnut Wood Drive, Waynesville, NC 28786 and just ask them to send you a copy of "Under Western Skies"

For those who have ask us in person, by letter, phone and email, how Eddie Dean is doing, well the answer is, just about the same, he has his good days and his bad ones. If the doctors could figure out a way so he could breath a little better he would probably live another 90 years, he has stayed slim and still looks really good, it's just that he has such a heck of a time with his breathing that holds him back.

Guess I mentioned that Bob Hope was at Gene Autry's 90th birthday party and he is 94.

Mickey Rooney calls Eddie now and then just checking up on him, they used to play golf together now and then when they were both in town at the same time. Mickey lives across the lake from Eddie and still gets in a game now and then, the two have been friends longer than either one cares to remember.

Here's a piece of trivia for ye, that I doubt if anyone knows, Victor French was named after Eddie Dean.

Well, we have to do some more work on the book before the sun comes up, next time around we want to do a little story on another really great ole cowboy Bill Hale, Bill and his brother Monte sure are two of a kind with the quickest smile in town>you might remember Bill and Monte too for that matter, for their role in "GIANT."

See you next time


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