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Date News Posted: November 11, 2000

Richard Farnsworth said goodbye in his own way this year, the pain from the cancer was just to much for this soft spoken man. So, to eliminate hours, weeks, months or even longer, laying in a hospital bed with some one waiting on him, he chose a different way to ride off into the sunset. There is no doubt that with him he should have taken the Academy Award that others could have taken at another time down the line but compassion some times is not the American way, Richard didn't learn to be an actor in any school from some one teaching him their way, he learned what he knew from the dirt up and some where down the line, he just took one fall to many.   Even though you will be missed on this earth, your old friend Eddie Dean will be glad to see you.

Walter Brennan is now standing proud and tall on the streets of Camarillo, Joel McCrea is resting on a bench just across the street from him, and a huge Eagle looks as if it were ready for flight just a few yards away from these two western heroes, the day was nice, the crowd was great and it was time to honor these two American legends. The Western channel runs those great old Joel McCrea westerns and TNN runs "The Real McCoys" twice a day and Turner Classic Movies runs those unforgettable Humphry Bogart movies with Walter Brennan as his sidekick in many of them.  You ever notice, you can be in another room doing just about anything and the TV is on in the other room and some old movie is blasting away and all of a sudden you say to your self, "I don't know what movie that is, but that's Walter Brennan" NO ONE talked like Walter Brennan>>>Doggies Luke.

Down Branson way,  Keeping the "Mayberry" tradition alive is Rodney Dillard. Now you remember Rodney if you were an Andy Griffith fan (and who wasn't) when the Darlin's would stop by the jail or Andy's house and Andy just happen to be sittin' on the edge of his desk or on the porch chair pickin' some great old tune and the Darlin's would just happen by and of course Andy would invite them to join in and  the pickin' grinnin' and fruit jar blowin' rocked the jail house. Come to think about it, it could have been the Darlin's that were the inspiration for the Elvis song, "Jail House Rock" .  So what this amounts to is Dillard was a Darlin, or if Rodney has a wife, he could be a Darlin that used to be a Dillard+++Well what ever he is, he was a great part of the Andy Griffith show and still is, like the Real McCoys the Andy Griffith show with that great Mayberry cast, we hope will run forever, and that's what this little story is about>

Rodney Dillard has put together a series of one minute segments,  memories of different shows in which he talks about Andy, Opie, Aunt Bee, Barney and all the other cast members. Now this is just a quickie, like we said a minute long, but in that minute you will relive that whole episode that he (Rodney) is talking about and the warm memories Mayberry will return in your mind and what better way to start or end your day. So!! if you are a radio station, well I know "you" are not a radio station but if you own one, are the MD or PD and would like to know more about what is called "A tribute to Mayberry Values"  all you have to do is..pick up the old telephone and punch in 417-883-8815 or if you want to use your computer to get in touch then this will work, and get in touch with Doug Raines and he will be happy to send you a package that contains a sample CD, and about four bio pages telling you what it is all about.

Several stations from Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and others are already airing these minutes of memories and we think it would make your listeners smile if they also heard them again, did me, We know we have many readers from Canada, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and many more countries that love country music and these great shows from America's past, so like our American friends you to are sure invite to get in touch , then if one day you visit Branson to hear in person some of these great Country artist you'll already have a friend to say hello to, Rodney Dillard.

OR, if you want us to forward your request for more information about the Mayberry gang let us know when you write and we'll do it.

Even though very few things I like better then George Jones, Freddie Hart and Merle Haggard and well, you know all the rest, I do like the Rock-a-Billy that came with it, like Carl Perkins, Ol Elvis, Buddy Holly and well again, you know who I mean. I just loved the beat of most of those things, granted most of it wouldn't set the world on fire with the arrangements, but country music or Rock-a-Billy was never about arrangements, it was and is about the feelings that  those songs made you feel.

One of our favorites was Buddy Knox, I really liked the Knox sound and bought about all his records back then that we could find. Years went by and we heard that he had died some place in Florida and so thinking that was it, play your old records when you want but there won't be any more. Truth is, Buddy just died a short time ago in the state of Washington and since my brother doesn't live but a short distance from where Buddy lived he could have very easy met up with him and got stories and recordings that we would have really liked to write about, but if you don't know, then you don't know and now that's the end of the story except for one more thing.

In Lubbock, Texas there is a man by the name of Bill Griggs, now Bill follows 50's Rock like most people track their pay check and he is the whole nine yards when it comes to his publication called "ROCKIN'50'S" Bill not only does an out standing job of what those living are doing he digs through the pages of yester-year writing stories of all those Rockin' cats that have long gone such as Buddy Knox. We really enjoyed a back issue of his Rockin'50s dated August 89 with Buddy Knox on the cover and a great story inside.

Bill has several back issue numbers left but like all things, time goes by and Charlie Rich might say, "There Won't Be Any More" pretty soon. So if you are interested in Buddy Knox, Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent and just about every single one of those 50's Rockers  then let me tell ye, this is a fine, slick, jam packed publication that should be on your coffee table. I would venture to say that Bill Griggs knows more about Buddy Holly then the IRS. So if you would like to subscribe to Bill Griggs, Rockin' 50's Publication then here's how. Write to Bill Griggs-3022 56th. Street-Lubbock, Texas 79413 or if you are in a hurry you can call Bill at 806-799-4299 between 6pm and 11pm central time only.

Another great little publication is one put together by Jay Taylor up in Marshville, NC. Jay really likes the really good old country music and has been writing about it for a long, long time. Most times the front page story is about one of the all time greats like Freddie Hart, Bill Monroe and this weeks cover story about one of our all time favorites Hank Thompson. Jay's publication is called "Country Music Trails Less Traveled".

When Jay gets the opportunity he travels the country doing interviews and seeing shows like down in Arizona and other places he is able to go and enjoys writing about all those he meets along the way, he has got a page to keep us up on who passed away in his area and the rest of country music .

If you would like to write to Jay, or send him a new CD for his revue page or to subscribe to his publication or just to write him a letter telling him about grandma's remedy to cure sore toe, you can do so by addressing your letter or package to, Jay Taylor Country Music Trails Less Traveled- Box 143, Marshville, NC 28103-0143. Jay will be very happy to hear from you.

Remember we told you the story of Sue Thompson's fire at her house a few weeks ago? Well here's a little update. All of the stuff the firemen had thrown out the window to try and save it, Sue and her family piled it best they could on the patio porch, covered it from the weather so they could clean it and hang what was good enough to be hung later when they repaired the damages, got the place re-painted, tile and carpet put down and all else that comes with a disaster like this.

Things were going along until a few weeks ago when while working inside Sue smelled something and went to investigate, in a flash, the stuff that was piled on the porch/patio burst into flame again and this time it was Katy bar the door, If all my stuff burnt I would be looking for Tom Dooley's hangin' tree.

Our friend Ancel Cook has had a setback with his bout with cancer but he is still fighting and sometimes, or most times, a little help from the man upstairs can do more then all the doctors in the world, so when you get a chance, put in a word for truly one of the good guys, our friend Ancel Cook.

And to end with a little cowboy wisdom from the past - If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin'.

We'll see you next time, but just in case we don't, Take care of yourself

Don Bradley       


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