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Date News Posted: October 25, 1997


Thanks to Suzi Cantu and the "Country Music Organizations Of America" for asking us to accept the "Living Legend" award for The Golden Cowboy, "Mr. Eddie Dean". Eddie would have liked to have went himself, but, time catches up and he just couldn't make it.

If you have been reading any of our stories then you know that Eddie turned 90 in July and Gene Autry turned 90 in September>>The good news is, and when you think of it it's a little strange, maybe one for "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" because the last of the Silver Screen Cowboys were all singers.

Our good friend Don Hinson M.C'd Sunday's award show in part and just did an outstanding job, so much so in fact, they want him to be a part of the show every year, anyway Don and I rode up to Vegas together, it was a great trip and we got to see some old friends and meet some new ones. I know that Don will agree with me that Suzi Cantu should be awarded an award about the size of the Statue of Liberty for all the hard work she did putting this show together.

Max Harrison and his little wife Sylvia were there and as you probably know they are the ones responsible for the great magazine "Country And Western Variety" Max always has something good to say about people in his magazine and probably knows more about The Lone Ranger and some of the others than anyone. Some years ago Max and Smiley Burnett "Frog" were the best of friends and Max did the publicity work for "Frog" but more than that, they were friends. Gene Autry thinks good ole Max is the best and so does every one that meets our friend Max Harrison....If the name Harrison seems familiar to you, it might be because he is a cousin to another one of America's famous cowboys with the same last name>>That Harrison they called Sunset Carson.

DURANGO BOOTS could look 'till doomsday and could never find someone to represent that company like Wayne Rogers. Don Hinson and I both really enjoyed meeting Wayne and hope that friendship will last about another hundred years. If you are in the market for some boots, you might want to check out some "Durango's"

LITTLE RASCALS>>Now who past 40 does not remember "The Little Rascals"?. Also at the C.M.O.A. show in Vegas was Tommy "Butch" Bond ..and no, I don't think Tommy sings Country music or cowboy tunes but if you met him you wouldn't care if he played the French harp while standing on his head, he and his crew are just fine people and every one really enjoyed seeing them again. He and his crew are promoting the 75th anniversary of the "Little Rascals" with a super good video of 4 episodes of the show, it has a 97 minute running time with some great narration's by Tommy "Butch" Bond and it WILL bring back some great memories of yesteryear. Some major publications are now doing stories on Butch along with C & W Variety out of Nashville, a P.B.S. show and many other things are now in the works about Tommy Bond and the "Little Rascals".

Check your local stores for the Rascals video, it will make a great gift for your kids or your grandkids or your self, if you can not find it drop us a card and we will put you in touch. OR> If you would like to know where you might be able to meet Butch yourself on one of his personal appearances, just holler and we'll tell ye where.

I need to say this about the C.M.O.A. this Organization was never started or organized to promote talent the whole world already knows, it was started to help those that the rest of the world had overlooked, although they have over the years given awards to those in the business that the other two major award shows had forgotten, they were just to say thank you and that we didn't forget you. And one person in particular that Ralph Hicks gave an award to some years ago was my friend and ex-partner Steve Stebbins. Steve started the Americana Agency in 1948 with Tennessee Ernie Ford and Cliffie Stone-Cliffie & Ernie were entertainers and after a while Steve bought them out and continued running the agency 'till the day he died: some people didn't like Steve because they said he never got them enough money for their shows but they always came back and that list of super talent reads like a "who's who" in this world of Country Music. Steve was personal manager to Lefty Frizzell for some ten years and was the man that got Freddie Hart and Lefty together, creating a friendship that lasted 'till the day Lefty went to Hillbilly Heaven..No man alive thought more of Lefty Frizzell then did Freddie Hart..Steve used to sit for hours in his office giving advice to young talent that would come in asking which direction they should go: And No, I am not saying a person should receive an award just because they introduced two people or gave some new talent a chance or took the time and honesty to steer someone in the right direction, but ole Ralph did and unlike the others he honored Steve one night in a packed house at The Ban Dar Club owned by Capital recording artist Johnny & Jonie Mosby.

Everyone did not like Ralph Hicks, everyone did not like Steve Stebbins, everyone does not like every body and everybody does not like me, we all make mistakes and until we can walk on water we all need to remember that. Ralph Hicks started something that was good enough that others thought was good enough to carry on and if there is a heaven and Ralph made it and he was watching the other night when Suzi Cantu jam packed a sellout crowd in Vegas to carry on what he had started**Well, I know he is proud of her.

We often mention our friend Ms. Cindy Walker and for good reason, she is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever know and no one I know can hold a candle to her song writing* She was just recently honored back in New Mexico with Cindy Walker days where they played her music on the air all day long, Ray Reid put the show together and soon we will have a story about Ray, But for now I need to tell you about what "SONY MUSIC SPECIAL PRODUCTS" has done for Ms. Walker, they have released a C.D on her called "Cindy Walker" "Words And Music" #A 28642 she wrote them all and now she sings them on this C.D., let me give you some of the titles and if you love real country music then chances are you already know the words because most of them were super hits, "I Was Just Walking Out The Door"* "Take Me In Your Arms And Hold Me"* "You Don't Know Me"* and I would hate to guess how many people have recorded her "Blue Canadian Rockies". This is only 4 of the titles out of 12, this is a collectors album for sure and since it was released by Sony, any record store in the world can order it for you without any problems..

I know that many Classic Country Music lovers have got stacks of the old albums still around and that sometimes you take some off the shelf just to read the back covers again, Next time you do that, do this, read the part where it says who wrote the song--Jack Greene, Jerry Wallace, Jim Reeves, Roy Orbison and on and on and on, all recorded songs by Ms. Cindy Walker + Anyway, even if you don't even like music, the Classic picture on the C.D. is worth the cost of the album.

Since this Newspage is dated only time will tell if you read it here first but I reckon we will see somewhere down the line****Through a friend in the Grapevine comes this news***Bakersfield, California *** Amtrak is building a new Railroad Station and because of his love for trains, and the world making him a True Country Music Legend, they have proposed to name the station after***MERLE HAGGARD*** we hope it comes true, I wish I was Merle Haggard.

COMING SOON, some great stories on some Cowboys and Indians and other good ole boys and girls like, Bill Hale, Dick Jones, Redwing Cherokee, Joey Welz (one of the original members of Bill Haley's Comets) Freddie Hart, George Montgomery and some other greats so hang on.

Next time you take a trip across any state in AMERICA, just look out your car window or down from a plane or through the windows from the club car of the train and then tell me why you would spend ten cents to go see any other country.

See Ye Next Time

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