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Date News Posted: October 15, 1997

JOHN DENVER, Balladeer, Folk Singer and Country Boy went home Sunday, October the 12th at 5:27 P.M in the cold waters off the California coast in Monterey Bay. Unlike the words in his song "take me home COUNTRY ROADS" and pictured in your mind as a two lane Country Road lined with trees and morning glories, John Denver did go home doing something that he loved. all news media in America, and I am sure those that will be coming up this week from the foreign country press, they will dig up every dumb, stupid thing they can find on John Denver. Just like his having a couple of accidents while he had a few to many to drink a while back, and no, I am not saying it is right to drink and drive, But I do know this, it is very easy to sit in a club on a stool and entertain the people there that love your music and every one there either wants to, or does, buy you a drink and before you know it, you had that "one to many" And that is the one drink that anyone who has ever drank thinks they never had. But it's not right either to remember someone, anyone, for a few mistakes. Only One Person that I know of Ever Walked On Water.

BUT..We could well use the paper John Denver stories are written on to talk about what he did good, I never read one bit of bad press about Denver, although I am sure he was not perfect.

Six months ago 70,000 people showed up to hear him sing in a European stadium, he had sold more than a hundred million albums, and I say had sold because the news of his death prompted people to go out and clean out record stores for John Denver albums so when the next tally comes in it will be far greater than that number, John's record sales included 12 Gold albums and 4 Platinum , his success ranks him 3rd. in sales in the RCA catalog and the "Country Music Association" named him it's 1975bg. Entertainer of the Year. (the bg is before Garth).

John Denver took strong stands on environmental issues, he was against the use of nuclear weapons, he was given the Albert Schweitzer Award for lifetime humanitarianism, he volunteered for the Equal Rights Amendment and he was a board member of the National Space Institute. The President of the U.S. called John Denver a "dedicated champion of the environment"

If you are or ever were a John Denver fan, RCA has released a boxed set of 79 of his songs and with it is a book of his life story. If you ever had the good fortune to meet John Denver, then for the last time it is time for you to say "GOODBYE AGAIN"

Very shortly we hope, is to have a nice story on one of the WORLDS number one country music song writers, Miss Cindy Walker. Mr. Ray Reid put together "Cindy Walker" days back in New Mexico and after talking with Ray yesterday, other than the fact that he sounded a little bit pooped, he said it was a day to end all days and a total success.

Nice note from Ms. Janet McBride with some information on the Western Music Festival in Tucson, AZ. which starts November the 12th and runs through November the 16th.

Some of the guest, and some that will be honored on those days will be the likes of ex California balladeer, Mr. Johnny Western, our good friend Mr. Herb Jeffries (who always calls me Donnie Baby) I love this guy, An outstanding Western singer that I could listen to all day and sometimes do, Mr. Don Edwards, Mr. Rusty Richards who has an excellent family show and a really nice guy, one of the finest human beings ever Mr. Wesley Tuttle and his little wife Marilyn and I am sure their son who is also a fine singer, and I am sure a most honored guest for the festival, Miss Rosalie Allen will be on hand for the show.

The above list is not chiseled in stone, this is such a great show and great place to visit with old friends and meet new ones that this list will grow as it gets closer to show time November the 12th. 1997.

NOW- Janet McBride won the 2nd annual award for "Yodeling" at the Academy Of Western Artist Awards Show on October the 4th. This lady is a fine singer, she is a great lady and you ought'a go out and buy her records or whatever you can play at home probably a C.D or Cassette album would be more like it, I just didn't want you to forget they used to make a thing called a record, most times it was black and had a hole in the middle. She did not just fall off a pickle truck where Country Music or Western Music is concerned, she was right in the heart of country music when Bakersfield, California was the heart of country music in the west.

An old friend of ours Hi Busse used to talk a lot about going to Tucson for the Western Festival every year, one year he was honored and he was very proud>>>>Hi, who had started his group called "HI BUSSE AND THE FRONTIERSMEN" was the second oldest group to form next to the great "SONS OF THE PIONEERS" he had moved back to New Mexico to retire after leaving California, and other than leaving a herd of old friends behind he said goodbye and seemed to be very happy in New Mexico watching the grass grow, But that lasted about as long as it has taken me to write this and he soon found new friends, new pickers and some new singers and he continued to do what he loved best right up to the time he could do it no longer and shortly after went on to that Great Gold Mine In The Sky or as would be more appropriate, "HILLBILLY HEAVEN" because it was Hi Busse that got his group and Hal Southern (the man who had the dream) together with Eddie Dean on the first recording ever of "HILLBILLY HEAVEN"

We about forgot, if you are interested in knowing more about the "Western Music Festival" in Tucson drop us a note and we will get you in touch, they usually send us a package but so far we have not received it, or you could just call information in Tucson and I am sure they will give you some numbers.

Thanks to Jimmy Cook we will have a good story coming up shortly on "THE SUNSHINE BOYS", now this group was another original bunch of boys from the good ole days, they are one of the first professional Gospel quartets to be recognized nationally>Following WW II they came to California and signed a contract for 10 motion pictures with Eddie Dean and Lash LaRue.

Talking to Eddie a little while ago, he said "yep, those were THE SUNSHINE BOYS that were behind me in the movie when I was singing, Ain't No Gal Got A Brand On Me". Even though I have got the movie on video I forgot what the name of it was, but I'm sure the S.S.Boys know>>The boys went on to work with many of the other Western greats and we'll tell you about them later. Eddie don't like to look at those old westerns much anymore, makes him want to go back and do them again, I ask him once if he ever had to use an off color word in a movie, he thought about it a while and said "yea I did" after asking him what it was he said "it was Shucks" why it ain't no wonder a person wouldn't want to go see him in a picture show a' talkin' like that.

Well I'm a gettin' a little hungry for some good road-kill, I think we'll bring what ever we find home tonight and make a good stew out of it, not long ago I found a skunk that had been whacked by a truck, I brought that sucker home , slow cooked him (I guess it was a him) thin sliced him and put him on a tray with some taters and corn-made seven T.V. dinners.

We will be leaving early Saturday morning to head to Vegas, Sunday we will be accepting a "LIVING LEGEND AWARD" for Eddie Dean from a Country Music organization meeting there>Monday, Redwing Cherokee will be here from Clovis, New Mexico-Cherokee is one fine artist and in case you would like to see some of his work, you can every year at the Gene Autry Museum in Gene Autry, Oklahoma among other places>Then we hope to be doing a feature story on Dick Jones or better known to his fans as "Buffalo Bill Jr.">Another story on actor John Agar about his western movie days>and a story on Myron Healey, Myron has got so many stories a tape recorder can't catch it all>And from Step One Records a great story on Mr.Smooth, Ray Price and a little story on another S.O.R artist Mr. Jack Greene.

Marvin Rainwater said he was sending us some things he had put together, we'll be looking forward to telling you about that when it gets here.

In the meantime take care and we'll see ye next week..

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