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Date News Posted: October 6, 1997

RED STEAGALL, Even though the air waves have never been burnt up playing Red Steagall's records, they should have been, and even though Red Steagall albums, C.D's and cassettes should be in every record store in the U.S. , they are not. But then again this is 1997 and most radio stations wouldn't know good music if it hit them in the butt with a bull horn, and if you walked into most record stores and said, "could you tell me where I could find the latest Red Steagall album "?, the person behind the counter with 14 ear rings in his nose, eye lids, lips and exposed belly button, would say, "Red Who"?.

Red was on the West coast for a while, he was Chairman of the board for the "Academy of Country and Western Music" and even they didn't see fit for the word "Western" to be in the title of their organization so they threw that out, and with that word and the changes they made some of the classic artists from the west never got over it, but they never paid any more dues either, Now days it's all money, the fact that you can sing don't mean much.

So what does it all amount to ?, Well, Red Steagall is a fine singer, he is a great poet and well respected by those that know him, he is back in his native Texas land and is doing all the things he ever wanted to do, he is recording, he is doing shows, he is doing productions for rodeos, he has done shows in 13 plus countries, he has worked about every rodeo in the country, he has made movies, he has worked the Las Vegas scene and Red has done many television shows and is a member of many organizations.

If you really like the old west and what it stood for, then you will go into your local record store and order one of Red's albums, go home, put a log on the fire, (if you don't have a fireplace, go sit on the front porch and burn a chair) turn the volume dial up to about number 4 or 5, shut your eyes and just listen while your kicked back and the wood is cracklin' and the smoke smells like the great outdoors, and I'll promise you it beats the heck out'a paying a shrink to listen to your problems, because maybe your the one who ought to be listening.

I only met Red Steagall one time for about 45 seconds, he was going out the door and I was going in at the A.S.C.A.P. office in Hollywood, he smiled, shook hands and said "how ye doin'?" It wasn't much to remember, but I never forgot.

GENE WATSON can do more with the words to a country song than a man with four arms can do trying to roll a smoke out of a sack of "Dukes Mixture" in the wind.

Watson says that he never went looking for music, "music found me". Who found what don't matter as for as Gene Watson goes that sucker can sing a country song and make you believe it. I think it was "Love In The Hot Afternoon" that I first heard Gene sing on a small label, (well, actually, the label was the same size as all of um) but the company wasn't, and it was a great record and I still have it, I taped it at the time so I wouldn't turn my record white from playing it to much....But now, Thanks to "Step One Records" I don't have to play that 45 anymore, they have released it on a C.D. and it's a good one, the album is called "The Good Ole Days" the second album on Gene is called "Uncharted Mind" in this one it has a nice little booklet with the words to the songs and some nice pictures of Gene in it and it was produced by the old Nashville master Ray Pennington, and speaking of Ray Pennington for a second, I think the things he did with the late Kenny Price were some of the finest country recordings in every way ever put on wax..and the third C.D from "Step One" is a Gospel album, some of the songs in this album you no doubt have heard before, but the way Gene Watson sings them you haven't unless you have this album which is called "Jesus Is All I Need" two classics on this one are, Amazing Grace and Will The Circle Be Unbroken.

I don't know who is pressing "S O R" 's C.D.'s but but them boogers are purty, bright red, orange, black and with pictures, well anyway, they just look nice.

I'm sure you know that before his music started to take up most of his time, Watson was a body man, now I reckon he just works on his own cars in his shop that he calls "The Toy Shop" probably a little more expensive cars now then he used to work on and like his songs, he's probably doing them His Way>>>Anyway, if this Palestine, Texas Singer Burped in a fruit jar and Pennington put them on a C.D., I would buy two copies for myself 'cause with the echo and all it would probably be a hit.

I have got some more "Step One Records" I want to tell you about next time but before I hang up the C.D.'s for today I have to mention Faron Young* S O R has just about every hit that Faron ever had on C.D., including +++ 4 In The Morning++Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young++Hello Walls++If You Ain't Lovin'++Misty Morning Rain++Country Girl++Tripping Over Love She Left Behind, Now if you are a Faron Young fan, I know that you know all these songs but I just wanted to remind you that even though Faron is gone, his music isn't. Faron, like all good country singers had a style all his own, he was his own man, said what he thought and did what he wanted. I don't know if Faron took his own life or somebody helped him out and as far as his music goes it really don't matter now, but think about this one, you have spent all your life doing what you love most, singing and recording country songs and entertaining your fans and being in the spotlight and having your name in the music charts around the world and then one day you wake up and a new breed has taken over, they might as well be from outer-space because they have swooped down and sucked up all the Faron Young's and all the great old Cowboys like a giant vacuum.

How would you feel ? No one plays your records, the fan mail has slowed to a trickle, your name is no longer in the charts, your picture is seldom in a magazine, if it is, it's on page 96, the guy with the ear ring in his belly button behind the counter at the record store never heard of you and no major record company will even talk to you, but once every twenty years they put a record out and call it "The Best Of" I guess the question I am really trying to ask is "What would you do." ???

I had a good remedy I was going to tell you about tonight but I changed my mind, the ingredients were, Mouse dung and Cinnamon flavored brandy--But I'll save that one 'till later.

Some people need you as long as you can do something for them, If you have done all for them that you can do then I guess the great Jim Reeves said it all in his song with just two words "Adios Amigo"

See Ye Next Time

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