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Date News Posted: October 2, 1998

A great week coming up for the fans in and around "Renfro Valley Kentucky" A man that can twist a word into more syllables then a bobcat with his tail caught in a moving lawnmower, Mr. Gene Watson. We could pretty much listen to Gene Watson sing 'till the cows came home.

Really don't know why Gene's great song called, "One and One and One" never really caught the golden ring, it is a super good country song and sung like no-one else but Watson could sing it, but even though we said we didn't know why, we really do.

Computers wouldn't know a good country song from a dead frog in a hurricane and when you listen to so called country music now days, for the most part, that's what you got, a computer.

We were talking this week to a guy that ownes a radio station, he was bragging that his station had been the number one station in that area for three years in a row, by the time he was finished talking we realized the only thing live at his station was the janitor and an old cat that chased mice around the mail that was piled up at the mail slot in the door, and the only obligation he had was to pay the satellite bill that came in once a month from a dish in the sky that was programming the same program to hundreds of stations around the U.S.

Anyway, the folks that will come to Renfro Valley October the 3rd will be treated to some great country music "LIVE" from the man, Gene Watson. His latest efforts for "Step One Records" is called "Change Her Mind" from his new album "Good Ole Days"

A few other shows you might want to catch if you are in the Renfro Valley area on October the 9th and 10th is, Loretta Lynn, October the 24th will be Ronnie Milsap which we haven't heard much about lately and then on the 14th of November will be Ricky Van Shelton.

For show reservations or more information about the Renfro Valley Shows you can call 1-800-765-7464 or dial direct to the valley at 606-256-2638.

About ten months ago my brother and I took a ride up to Sonora where the tall trees grow clean and tall and the silent winds of darkness tries to slip between the branches without making the leaves fall, a friend of ours that had never been there ask us how far it was and how long it took to get there, I said oh' I don't know, I never wear a watch 'cause I ain't in no hurry to get anywhere but if you want to figure it out, it's 19XCal Smith's "Country Bumpkin" album, my brother likes country music about as much as I do and is now probably the only person I know that can sing "Country Bumpkin" backwards, we could have switched tapes, but then again, there ain't no use messin' with a good thing.

AND, speaking of Cal Smith, "First Generation Records" has released an album on Cal containing one that we have had several request for and couldn't find any, but now we do, so in case you want a couple hundred copies of "It's Time To Pay The Fiddler" just check the catalog and you can order all you want.

Also on this Cal Smith album are some other really good ones, which brings me to something else, we'll have to check the times on this album and see how many plays it is to Sonora....anyway here is a super good story song by Cal called the "Arizona Whiz", the whole album is outstanding but I'm a sucker for story songs and sad songs>here's the rest of um> "Together Alone", "You Should See Me Now", "Bring Me My Memories In Person", "The Lord Knows I'm Drinking", "I've Found Someone Of My Own", "Drinking Champagne", "The North Won The War Again Last Night", "Country Bumpkin", and of course "It's Time To Pay The Fiddler".

This album is pretty close to a greatest hits album, but as far as I am concerned anything that Cal Smith sings is a hit anyway, if you are a Country fan already then you already know that Cal was the featured vocalist with the Ernest Tubb show and a member of the Texas Troubadours, after Ernest helped Cal get his first recording contract it wasn't long before the whole world of Country Music would know who Cal Smith was and:::::it was just a stone's throw across the lake 'till Cal would be named "The Most Promising Male Vocalist" in Country Music that was 1968 and by 1974 Country music fans all over America pulled their cars over to the side of the road when the speakers started to vibrate and the seat covers started to shrink up and a big ole husky voice said "He walked into the bar and parked his lanky frame upon a tall bar stool," and well, you know the rest of it, song of the year and record of the year and the "Country Bumpkin" would be apart of Country Music history forever more. and so would Cal Smith.

Here are some other artist that will be in our catalog shortly from "First Generation" and they are real "Classics" Lonzo and Oscar, Ray Pillow, Jan Howard, The Wilburn Brothers, Ernest Tubb, Stonewall Jackson, Billy Walker, The Vic Willis Trio, Charlie Louvin, Justin Tubb, Jean Shepard, Ferlin Husky, Pete Drake, George Hamilton IV, and some great steel guitar albums from Jimmy Crawford.

It is hard for us to just write down the names of some of the artist above and not write something about them, we could write about Ernest Tubb for a week or the Wilburn Brothers and Charlie Louvin, who don't remember the Louvin Brothers ? another duo that could wind your clock with some harmony that only they could make sound like chime bells and Stonewall Jackson, the only unknown artist ever to be chosen as a member of the Grand Ole Opry, and Ferlin Husky that when his friend Bobby Helms was sick, called him every single day to see how he was doing, That's what Country Music is all about.

We don't know much about the makin's of Harlan Sanders, we only know that he has written some songs that will make your dog eat pork chops while ridin' a go-cart, we know we have a single or two by him and we know we really like to hear him sing and we know he co/wrote the first song in Cal's new album along with another great writer Max Barnes called the "Arizona Whiz" maybe that's the reason we played it five times before we ever looked to see who wrote it, and dog-gone, it was Harlan Sanders, I think come Friday we will see if we can find Harlan and do a story on him.

Well the doin's are over for another year in Gene Autry, Oklahoma> our old friend Ancel Cook just got back the other night from there, we sure wanted to go but at the last minute we had to go in the other direction. So says Ancel, the turn out was great and one of our favorite singers was on hand to welcome the crowd, Rex Allen Jr. >> R.A.J. was a featured singer on the Statler Brothers show and then they did some switchin' around and I don't know where he went but we will be getting in contact with him pretty soon and let you know what he is up to and where he will be.

Johnny Western was also on hand again this year in G.A. Ok. Johnny is a really nice guy and if you are ever through Wichita tune him in and without going to look at his letter we think the station call letters are KFDI, anyway you'll find him or the station one.

Janet McBride who is always busy was in OK. In June she spent ten days down in Pineville, MO at the opening of the Patsy Montana Museum, in September she spent a week in Prairville, Michigan where our old friend Cal Smith was with out a doubt singing "Country Bumpkin" Jack Green, Hank Thompson and Jett Williams were singing their hits and the parking lot full of Motor Homes and the fans were there.

Funny ain't it ??? Radio stations won't play any of these folks because they say nobody wants to hear it, sure is strange then that all these shows are sell outs coming to see people they don't want to hear.

Any-who, if you like Yodel'n you need to pick yo-self up a car load of Janet McBride's tapes or C.D's, we can take care of that part if you'll write us, because you ain't a gonna get no country music on that radio.

Speaking of radio stations, and this has nothing to do with Country music, no matter what you like to listen to, just about the time you get a local station tuned in good out there on the road it poops out, there are so many fm stations so close together that before you hear the whole song, someone on another station that cuts in is trying to sell you a bag of fertilizer for your tater patch, now that's a bunch of bull ain't it ?

When I'm not driving my brother crazy playing Cal Smith tapes we usually got a tape or two of some of the old Lone Ranger shows or Jerry Clower or Lewis Grizzard and when you get started to listin' to a whole show of any one of them, by the time it is over you are another 50 miles down the road and don't even realize it.

Another thing before we forget, both Ancel and Janet said that Jody Miller was at the Gene Autry festivities and said she really did a fine job and sounded better then ever, that's good to hear, we will try to get hold of her and see if she has any new recordings that you might like to have ...Do you remember "Queen Of The House"?

Eddie Dean is about the same, still hangin' in there, we talk with him about every day, some days are good, some days are not, some days he sounds like he is ready to get back on a stage some-place and sing all night long. Of all the things that could be wrong with him the thing that hurts him the most is, not being able to do what he loves to do more then anything and that's sing and talk with his fans and shake hands with people. You would really have to know Eddie to appreciate this but after you talk with him awhile you will get to thinking this man know everyone that ever lived, Eddie's life has taken him in just about every direction possible, from Lum and Abner to Victor French his name sake who was named after Eddie, Tex Williams, Tex Ritter, Freddie Hart,Doye O'Dell, Lefty, Gene Autry, Rex Allen< Roy Rogers and on and on and on, these were not just folks he met in passing, they have been people that much love was shared over the years. The only time that we ever saw Eddie without a smile on his face was the day that we walked in and told him his good friend Ben Johnson had just died and a tear fell, Eddie and Ben were something special to each other, from the days of sharing a horse trailer to all the times they put their arms around each other in a friendly greeting, they were like brothers.

We have mentioned before that our old friend Don Hinson took over the Stewart Hamblen show after Stewart died, he made it the number one show on just about the only real Country Music show left in the L.A. area and they fired him and sold the station to people of a different culture who thought Ernest Tubb was a sincere place to take a bath, any way Hinson is considering running for president and wants me to be his campaign manager, he has requested that if he wins that we go to the White House with him because he wants to make sure the white house and his office bubbles over with women of charm, so if he does win and we do go, what we will be looking for is thirty seven look alikes, sorta of the Janet Reno type.


Friday August the 21st was the Grand Opening of the 'Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame" Tommie Ritter Smith, even though in a lot of pain from a recent auto accident put together an outstanding show for the first "TCMHOF" induction's, The Tex Ritter Museum which was filled to capacity went away knowing they had just seen a new part of history being made in Texas.

Looking for a way to honor Texas or east Texan's that have been such a big part in the world of the Silver Screen Cowboys and great Country Music over the years, Chet Stout who donated 45 thousand dollars to get it all going and the hard work of Tommie Ritter Smith and a dedicated staff of people, it all became reality on the night of Saturday August the 22nd. 1998 when all of the above people were inducted into the first of many to come Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame shows.

If you would like to know more about the "TCMHOF" you can write to the Panola County Chamber of Commerce>300 West Panola>Carthage, Texas 75633, and if they have some more of the programs left from this very first show, we are sure they would send you one if you ask.

Well folks, we gotta go, it's way dark outside and the hoot owls are a hootin' so do something good for somebody cause it's later then you think.

We'll see ye next time but just in case we don't, take care of yourself.

Don Bradley


GENE AUTRY DIED TODAY FRIDAY OCTOBER THE 2ND. 1998, making two of the remaining five dying this year, Eddie Dean, Monte Hale and Rex Allen are the end of an era of singing cowboys.

The papers and television reports tonight and tomorrow will say more than we ever could write in tonight's news, except to say, Tonight Eddie Dean is one sad man, he and Gene Autry were the best of friends.

And another Cowboy rides away




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