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Date News Posted: October 1, 1997

HANK THOMPSON, ROY CLARK, FREDDIE HART AND RICHARD FARNSWORTH are three super stars that we would like to thank for taking the time to spend some time with "THE GOLDEN COWBOY, MR.EDDIE DEAN" at the Gene Autry birthday party.

The party was a total sell out with twelve hundred plus people there, the tickets according to some sources were three hundred and fifty dollars a pop, the paper said they were five hundred dollars a ticket. I guess for those that were there it was worth it to see some of the old cowboys and entertainers that they probably will never see again, I know they will never see Eddie Dean again unless they go to his house, but he did have a good time for the couple of hours that we were there visiting with some old friends and for him that was what it was all about.

They had some guitars there, I know that at least one of them was a Martin that they had Eddie, Willie and I don't know about a half dozen others sign and then they sold it at the auction before dinner, The Martin brought about six thousand dollars and the other two fifty five hundred. That's three guitars that will go in a glass case somewhere never to be touched again, at least I would hope so.

AND SPEAKING OF GUITARS--Some years ago it was Thanksgiving morning and Dearest, (Eddie Dean's) little wife, asked him to get the table leaf and put it in the table because family would be there and they needed more room, Eddie said he couldn't do that because he had used it for something else, and she said "you what" well, to make a long story short, Eddie had used the leaf in that table, oak, I think and carved it into a guitar. Dearest knew that Eddie was carving because he was always carving or painting something, but what she didn't know was, that he was using the leaf out of her table.

When he was finished he had carved and inlaid his name in mother of pearl in the neck, carved his image into the body and put the tuning keys on the bottom of the body instead of at the end of the neck where they usually go and carved a horse's head at the end of the neck where the keys should go, When he was finished the guitar played as good as any guitar ever made, he used it in shows along with the other three or four guitars he had hand carved and needless to say, when people saw that guitar they could not believe what they were seeing because it is truly one of a kind in the world.

As far as worth goes, it is probably worth more than any six Martins even if they were signed by George Washington, at least it is to me because one day we were just sitting there, he was playing one of the guitars he always keeps sitting beside his easy chair and singing "Shaggy Painted Pony" I think, when he asked me if I would mind bringing him the guitar that was sitting on the floor in his den. I did and handed it to him, he fiddled with it a while, made sure it was in tune, played it a little and handed it back to me, I said "you want me to take it back in the den," he said "no, take it home, it's yours".

There ain't no words to say at a time like that, not even thank you because you can't even get your mouth open and even if you could, thank you just wouldn't do it, so I pulled him up and hugged him. It is in a glass, red velvet lined case, and as long as I live it will never be touched again.

ANYWAY--Roy Rogers couldn't make it to the Autry party, his health just wouldn't let him go, Eddy Arnold was there, Bob Hope and his wife were there, Glen Campbell was there, Marty Stewart and of course good ole Monte Hale was there, he never quits smiling and always says I love you, Little Jimmy Dickens was there and a train load of Hollywood people ** It was a full house and I am sure if you get a news paper at your house the whole list is in there, except of course for the fans that could afford to spend three hundred and fifty dollars for dinner and rub shoulders with a cowboy

If you have sent us an email and you don't have an answer yet, it is not because we forgot you, some of these things you are looking for is a real challenge to find and when you think you have got a million and one albums, it will be that million and two that some one wants, like the one Randy wanted and the album he said was called "Two Buddies" if one of the Buddies was Buddy Emmons, was the other Buddy, Bud Isaacs ?. I'll find it, hang on.

Well, I gotta couple of old time Remedies for ye tonight and a couple of Lewis Grizzard jokes for ye and then we are going to call it a night.

Some of these old remedies are really something else and I am in no way making fun of anything that works, But it is unreal how many things that rattlesnake oil could cure according to the old book of remedies, for instance>> if a person was going deaf**the cure was to Drop rattlesnake oil in the ear once a day, Now if a person had the "Croup" you should, rub rattlesnake oil on the outside of the throat and drop 4 or 5 drops slowly in the mouth. There are many other cures for snake oil and we will get to some of them later, BUT>>

Where "Croup" is concerned this one takes the cake>>Grease the lungs with "Skunk Oil" and give a teaspoonful to a tablespoonful every twenty minutes till relief follows....Now, I would really like to see someone-anyone, drink "Skunk Oil" and how do you get oil out of a skunk? and who's gonna catch um ?.

I used to wonder how they would milk a snake when I would read about that as a cure, but I figured that one out, you just gotta get a real little stool.

Bleeding and cuts, to stop the bleeding, bind the cut with goose feathers, pressing them into the wound. leave the goose feathers on the wound until they come off..OR..>> A spider web on the cut area will stop the bleeding at once. WELL, I reckon them's good cures alright, but the other day I cut my finger and they wasn't a goose to be found, I did find a spider and a duck but I couldn't catch the duck and the spider was a weavin' his web so slow I figured I'd bleed to death for he got enough wove to put on my finger, so I just licked the blood off and put on a band aid. I have said it a million times but this time I mean it, I am going to stock up on "Goose's & Spiders"

These old remedies are so funny, I get started writing them and can't get stopped..Now I have a friend, bless his heart, that has spent thousands to help cure his "Asthma" so picture me telling him this will do the trick>1 Take a muskrat skin and wear it on your lungs with the fur side in.>2 Take the fried roots of a thorn apple and some skunk cabbage and smoke um through a pipe.>3 Take some Indian tobacco leaves complete with stem and pods, put them in a bottle and fill it with brandy, let stand for a few days then take a teaspoonful at a time++++++Can you even picture telling a friend that can't breathe to smoke a skunk ?? So what I have done is, take remedy number three and modify it a little bit, Forgetting about the Indian tobacco leaves, just get a gallon of Brandy and kill that sucker.

O.K. Gizzard, it's your turn.

I once dropped a dollop of Preparation H on one shoe, by the next morning I had one shoe size 9 and one size 5.

If the mechanic making last minute checks underneath your airplane is named Bubba, I'd wait for the next flight.

When a politician says, "The people have spoken," what he really means is, If I'd known I had this many enemies, I would have carried a gun."

Money doesn't grow on trees, and if it did, somebody else would own the orchard.

AHHH, That's all folks, See ye next time.

Keep your whistle a blowin' and we'll see ye next time

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