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Date News Posted: September 27, 1997

It will be a busy week for the " AUTRY" family and friends, both in Gene Autry, Oklahoma and at the "AUTRY" museum in L.A., Gene will be 90 years old the 29th. Even though I hardly ever watch T.N.N. someone called me the other night from Indiana and said Gene was on there so I flipped it around and in a small part of the show they were honoring Gene for something, I don't know how long ago it was taped but it is always good to see Gene no matter what, and his wife sitting right next to him, She and all the good folks at the "AUTRY MUSEUM" take good care of good ole Gene.

I wish the "ANGELES" could have done better for Gene this year, they went in spurts and lost games they should have won, but so goes the game of baseball.

We will be doing some more stories pretty soon for, probably Country And Western Variety out of Nashville, on John Agar, who played in many westerns, on Dick Jones who played Buffalo Bill Jr. on Tommy Farrell, on John Hart we hope, who played the Lone Ranger for a time, on my good friend Randy Boone who was the co/star in the T.V. series "The Virginian" and a few other cowboys.

We will be doing a nice story pretty soon on Sue Thompson, and as we mentioned the other day, still sings great and still makes some of the paper shows around the country.

Speaking of paper shows, I know that most of you know what they are, but for those of you that don't > In several different states some of the great "Classic Artist" they could be actors, both cowboy and otherwise, they could be folks who played good guys or bad guys or they could be singers-recording artist or others in the business, get together mostly just for a good time once a year and they sell pictures or posters or other things (that's where the paper comes in) and sign autographs and talk to the fans and I am sure you would really enjoy it if you went to one of them. I don't know where they all are but I will find out where and when if you are interested.

I have to keep saying this, so take it the way I am saying it, Every year there is one less, sometimes there is two less, so if you want the chance to see some of these greats of yester-year....DO IT NOW..even if they do not die, health will not permit them to continue to go.

Eddie Dean will be given the "Living Legend Award" in Las Vegas, Nevada the 19th. of October at the "Showboat Hotel & Casino" by the Country Music Organizations Of America, we will have some more on that later but if you are in Vegas anytime between the 15th and 19th of October, drop in the Showboat and see who's there.

If you would read the scheduled appearances of some of these artist you would wonder why it has not happened sooner. Not all of these artist had heart attacks but things dang close to it * Carl Perkins, Merle Haggard, Tommy Collins, Chet Atkins, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Russell.

I don't know what it is about "Trains" that make them the subject of so many songs and stories and tall tails about the early west. I love trains and I love to ride um, I hop on the "Coast Starlight" I think they call it, out of California and ride it up to Tacoma, I have met many old timers, I guess I am drawn to them because they have so many great stories to tell. I have been on every train that circles America and even if you were blind you could tell where you were just by listening to people talk.

Album covers, it is kinda funny why so many artist have had their picture taken while they were walking down a railroad track then put the picture on a cover with not one song in it about a train.

Picture this >> It's dark, 'bout everyone else is asleep on the train and your sitting in the club car where the lights are dimmed for the night, the seats in the club car pivot to face out the picture windows, your eyes are about half closed and you ain't thinkin' about nothin' cept the click of steel on steel, then all of a sudden the train goes through a small town, population about 37 with one train crossin' arm and the engineer is on that whistle as the arm goes down, a few lights fade out of site faster than they faded in and about as quick as it took you to read this it's dark again, how do you make the sound of a train going thru a small town ? eeeeyooomeeee >>>guess you can't write a word for that, but you know what I mean.

Even if it is just to a small town up the way from where-ever you live and back home again, you ought'a ride the train at least once, like the Cowboy, it's part of America.

Our old friend Henry Young will be writing some train stories for us soon and we'll be passing them on, I mention Henry as much as I can because he is one of the finest human beings I have ever met in my life, Henry is a retired Railroad man and not long ago his little wife passed away down in a small Texas town where they lived and Henry decided to move back to California, up around Fresno. If you are a stamp collector and you have in your collection stamps of the "Singing Brakeman" Jimmie Rodgers, then think of Henry Young because he was the one responsible for it.

I'll dig out the record one of these days and get the joke straight, but on one of his records, funny man Jerry Clower said, that the train out of his hometown took off so fast that when he leaned out to kiss his wife goodbye, he kissed a bull in Birmingham.

And from the pages of the late Lewis Grizzard >> I never eat on airplanes, That way I never have to loosen my grip > >I try not to think any dirty thoughts on an airplane so that God will like me and listen to my prayers.>>

Weyman C. Wannamaker,JR, a great American, once paid Kathy Sue Loudermilk the highest compliment I have ever heard:" I've been to 3 county fairs, 2 square dances, and a Shriner parade. I've seen a chicken play the piano, a baboon that knew his ABCs, and a duck fart underwater."But", he went on, nodding toward Kathy Sue, "I ain't never seen a dog hunt like that"

A hunter friend of mine says, "If we don't kill off part of the deer population every year, they'll starve to death." Why don't we just take them some food ?

I'm no match for a crying woman, I'll promise her anything from a car to dinner with her mama if she'll just stop. One crying woman almost got me to vote for Bill Clinton.

I wish my grandfather had lived long enough to see folks pay two dollars for a bottle of water.

Be prepared to lose your most valued personal possessions in a divorce. I've lost, among other things, several sofas and beds, one good dog, a number of t.v. sets, and my priceless Faron Young albums. She didn't even like Faron Young, but she told a friend she just enjoyed watching the records melt in the fire.

Well so much for the funny words of Lewis Grizzard

Right at my Grandmothers back door at her house in Kentucky, years ago she had a sulfur well, now if you have ever had a sniff of sulfur water then you know the closest thing to describing the smell is that of a rotten egg, now you could get by with drinking it if you would pump up a bucket full and let it sit over night and you couldn't taste it much in the cookin' but boy, straight out of that old well you could neuter a bull with a shot of that water--ANYWAY--- One of the old time remedies for cure'n what ails you is, or was, Sulfur placed in your shoes during the summer, It would be absorbed into your system keeping fleas and mosquitoes off you and will thereby prevent malaria, WELL, all I have to say to that is, "You might want to just opt for the malaria"

WELL KIDS, I kinda hate to leave you with this one (no I don't) But here is one last remedy that I strongly recommend that you pass on to a neighbor, providing that he lives in Houston and you live in Carson City and that neighbor has hemorrhoids, I hope your ready for this one****one cup of horse dung, dried and reduced into a very fine powder > mixed slowly in two yolk of eggs > add in two spoons of oil of roses > applied on the hemorrhoids it will quite the pain in a short time.....NOW I don't know if this works or not, I am just giving you the remedy from the old book, but I can almost assure you of this, If you do use this you're gonna be a lonely person, tell me this, who would want to hop in bed with someone with horse dung and egg yoke smeared on um.

Now that really is it for this time, I have to close this squeaking door before somebody gets me.

Thanks to all that tuned us in this week, we 'preciate it.

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