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Date News Posted: September 7, 1997

September the 29th 1997, Birthday of Mr. Gene Autry will be coming up pretty soon, so if you have the time, you could send him a card % of the Western Heritage Museum in L.A and I am sure he would appreciate it. Mr. Autry will be 90 years young and just maybe this will be the year that the "ANGELS" win the pennant race, I think that would be the best present anyone could ever give him.

Eddie Dean is still getting along fine and as you know he just turned 90 this year, He still gets up to the golf course when the weather permits and by that I mean when it is not 95 in the shade like it has been.

Randy Boone has been spending some time back in North Carolina where his Mother still lives and taking care of a little business at the same time, as you know Randy was the co-star of the T.V. Series "THE VIRGINIAN"

Monte Hale is still playing his hand held video poker game, he doesn't win a lot of money but then on the other hand, he does not lose any either.

September 19th is the yearly get-together at HANK PENNY'S house where old friends do just that, get-together and tell some good stories and everyone brings something good to eat that they like to pretend they cooked, but I ciphered it rat out that some of um wasn't doin' the cookin' 'cause on the side of the bowl it said in big red letters "Col. Sanders". THE SAD part of it is, every year there is one less than the year before. This year it will be Gene Bear that won't be there, he passed away August the 31st. Gene wrote for a lot of magazines around the country, he had his own band and done just about everything else that involved Country Music.

NOW-----We just spoke with Max Harrison, editor, publisher and just about any other title you would want to hang on him of the publication "COUNTRY AND WESTERN VARIETY" This large tabloid size publication is now into it's 16th year, it always has some great pictures, 48 to 60 of them in every issue, the magazine always has 32 pages or more in every issue, it always has a great cover story and I am proud to say this month's issue has our story on the cover on WALTER BRENNAN..BUT just because we have the cover this month is not the reason you should subscribe to this publication.

Here are a few reasons though why you should. First Max Harrison probably knows more about some of the greats of the old west than any one living today.> Second, He was the right hand man and publicist for Smiley Burnett or "Frog Millhouse"( if you were a kid watching Gene Autry Movies) for between ten and twelve years > Third, he is the cousin of one of the greats of the Silver Screen SUNSET CARSON, which gave him a front door to information that most could not get by knocking on the back door.>Fourth and the most important reason of all, it is a fine magazine, it comes out every other month always with great stories and pictures.

Here is all you have to do, Mail a check or money order for $15.00 to, COUNTRY AND WESTERN VARIETY, Box 619, Hendersonville, TN. 37077-B- 0619.

Max always invites subscribers to send in any stories they might have about any of the greats no matter if they are or were legends of the Old West or of our great Country Music artists.

My daughter Dana and I both thought that Lewis Grizzard was the funniest man around and were both sad when he died March the 20th 1994, But his funny words both from books he wrote and albums that were released on him will go on forever, and they should because he was truly a funny man, When somebody with ten or so million shows up to buy us a COUNTRY music radio stations we'll play you some of his stuff between George Jones and Freddie Hart records but in the meantime here's a little of it right now.

LEWIS GRIZZARD>>>In the first 20 years of a man's life, his mother is always wondering where he's going. In the next 20 years, his wife wonders where he's been. Finally, when he dies, his friends wonder where he's at

I come from a large family, in fact, I never slept alone until I was married.

Why is it that in most papers the obituaries appear in the back of the "Living" section ?

One reason women need more clothes than men is that women's clothes age faster than men's. After a garment has hung in a woman's closet for more than two weeks, it is referred to as "that old thing"

A recently divorced friend of mine used the classified ads to get dates-not the personals section, but the Automotive section. He advertised himself as a "clean one-owner".

I was on a nonstop flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles, The fellow sitting next to me said, "Going to Los Angeles?" I said, "I hope so, I really hope so".

O.K. One more Lewis joke then we gotta move on but if you see any of his little books or albums, especially his albums because the way that Lewis Grizzard told a joke was second to none.

A young preacher that looked exactly like Conway Twitty got to town to replace the one leaving for another city and since it was a Thursday decided to get out and meet some of the church people. The first house an elderly lady opened the door and SCREAMED !!CONWAY TWITTY !!!!! "no mam, I'm not Conway Twitty I just look like him," and after she had pulled herself together invited him in, they had a cup of coffee and he moved on to the next house.Another nice little ole' lady opened the door, swallowed her snuff and Screamed,Come In Here Bufford, It's CONWAY TWITTY, "No mam, I'm the new preacher, I'm not Conway Twitty, I just look like him. The third house a pretty young lady 'bout 23 was taking a shower, it was her birthday and she was expecting a singing telegram, hearing the doorbell ring, she tied a small towel around herself and went running downstairs to open the door, Seeing the preacher standing there she screamed, "CONWAY TWITTY" and the towel hit the floor. The young preacher backed off a couple of steps and looking right at her said "HELLO DARLIN' "

I wish Queen Elizabeth would give the Cisco Kid his hat back.

When it comes to "WESTERN" songs very few ever appeared in the charts or in Disc Jockey Polls or in anything else for that matter, that does not mean that a few D.J's around the country didn't play one now and then, It just means that other than the WESTERN MOVIES they never got much recognition one way or the other, A couple of exceptions though were ,one, in 1945 when Jack Guthrie had "Oklahoma Hills" as one of the top hits and in 1947 when the Sons of the Pioneers had "Cool Water". All that is kinda' sad when you think about it, especially when you think about one of the most popular cowboys of all time didn't have a smash hit with a western but a kid's Christmas song called "RUDOLPH" of course that was Gene Autry. And than Eddie Dean with his name on two million sellers, let's change that to-two multi-million sellers in "ONE HAS MY NAME" and "HILLBILLY HEAVEN" neither one which was a Western song, even though Eddie either wrote or co/wrote almost ever single song in his Western movies.

Had it not been for singers like the great Marty Robbins closing the gap some-what with his Westerns like El Paso, and good ole' Willie now and then doing some with a Western flavor, I reckon for the most part Westerns would have ridden off into the sunset many moons ago.

Hoppy didn't have as much sittin' around the camp fire or ridin' down the trail playin' and singin' as did some of the others like Eddie, Gene, Roy,Rex and some of the others but all those who did, music was a big part of the Great Old Westerns. If it were not for what they call the "Paper Shows" around the U.S where a lot of the old timers get together and swap stories and buy and sell pictures and other stuff they have collected over the years on the old cowboys, again it would about be over. In several states and in little towns here and there some of the good ole boys get together to shoot at each other and watch one of the old Westerns and tell a few stories, funny how some of them stories just keep gettin' bigger over the years, But it is those guys and gals that keeps the memory of the old West alive, some of them have never stepped foot in the West but they have re-lived those old Westerns over and over a million times and some of them are as much apart of it as those that lived and died in the heart of the old West.

Don't forget now to subscribe to COUNTRY AND WESTERN VARIETY, I know for a fact that many of you out there have got some great pictures and stories to share with other readers.

My Old Pappy always said "Nothin' Ain't Worth Nothin' If You Can't Share It"

See Ye Next Time

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