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Date News Posted: August 31, 1997

So few of the well know radio stations still play the great classics anymore and so few of those great all night D.J's are left that the truckers have known so well over the years that when we lose one it is a void that will never be filled.

So be the case Sunday August the 17th 1997 when the "Coffee Drinking Night Hawk" Lee Moore passed away from WWVA, Wheeling , W.V. Lee was an all night D.J on that station for 25 years. Lee died from cancer at the age of 82. You gave them night haulin' truck drivers some great music Lee and you will be missed.

Larry Scott for many years was the all night man on KLAC in Los Angeles before that station turned to pop music, from here he went to Louisiana and just recently moved to KVOO in Oklahoma. Larry Scott is probably the most devoted man at his job that I have ever known, even when he moved to Texas he still flew to California to do his show. A year or so ago when we got two gold records for Eddie Dean-"Hillbilly Heaven and One Has My Name" Larry flew to California for the presentation to be there with his old friend.

So...I have it figured out how we can solve this problem of radio stations that do not play the GREAT COUNTRY MUSIC CLASSICS, I don't know why I didn't think of this before, Here's how it will go. If you have Ten Million dollars laying around in your dresser collecting dust, drop me a fax or an E-Mail or a letter or any other way you want and I will go out and find a station to buy, now if it is more then ten million then you might have to team up with someone unless you have got a little more extra change..Just think of it, all we will need is 50 people with ten million dollars or more and we can have a "Classic" station in every state. If you have twenty million, maybe in that state we could have two.

As soon as I am finished with my news page I'm headed out to buy some more fax paper because I know the minute this goes on the air that my fax will just be jammed with messages, and by this time next month we'll be listenin' to George Jones again.

We have a good friend that has been on just about every radio station that this part of California has had to offer, And he would still be on one of them except one by one they sold out, the last California station he was on was KLAC and they sold out to folks that ain't no longer country. His name is Don Hinson, Don took over Stewart Hamblin's show when he died, Stewert's show was called "THE COWBOY CHURCH OF THE AIR" when Don Hinson took over he played the great "Classics" and had the number "1" show, But when they decided to sell none of that mattered.

Anyway when you are ready to buy your radio station, send me another fax and I'll send you a good man that knows what Country Music is all about to run it for you. There must be one of you Montana Cowboys that want's to buy a Radio station and make it REAL COUNTRY.

Remember the old LONE RANGER Shows when the announcer said "Return with us now to those thrilling days of yester-year, when out of the past comes the thundering hoof-beats of the great horse Silver"? well, this is not about the Lone Ranger but it is out of the past. OH! wait a second, before I get to "out-a-the-past", let me say something about a few days ago. It seems some folks in Nashville do not think that Faron Young took his own life and they have either reopened the investigation or continued it with some new facts, anyway what ever comes up we'll let you know.

NOW.......March the 31st. 1958 T. Tommy Cutrer, D.J has opened a doughnut shop on Nashville's Gallatin Road...A new feature on the Grand Ole Opry roster is Don Gibson...April the 14th. Jimmie Rodgers Snow, 22 year old son of Hank & Min Snow, and Carolee Cooper, 16 year old daughter of Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper were secretly married last week...May the 12th. The Derby Festival in Louisville, KY played to some 15,000 folks, the Derby Festival Queen was Pat Travis, daughter of Merle Travis...June the 30th. Carl Butler is a new regular feature in the Opry line up...August the 11th. Johnny Cash has left the OPRY, Johnny and his wife Vivian are singing lullaby songs to a new daughter CINDY, it is their 3rd daughter...

1958 Was a Banner year for the Great Don Gibson>Hit after Hit after Hit* "Don't Tell Me Your Troubles", "Heartbreak Avenue", "Give Myself A Party", "Who Cares", "I Can't Stop Loving You", "Too Soon To Know", "Blue, Blue Day","Oh, Lonesome Me" His albums on RCA included "That Gibson Boy", "No One Stands Alone" and "Oh, Lonesome Me". Saw Don on the Opry a while back, he didn't look the greatest but he still could sing.

Listed in the 60's as "The First Family Of Country Music" was Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper and the "Clinch Mountain Clan" and they were Country, what am Country, with songs like "Tramp On The Street", "Big Midnight Special" "Come Walk with Me" and "Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill".

The last title above reminded me of something**** When was the last time you heard a GOSPEL song on your radio ?.

Now the GIFT page we mentioned a few weeks ago will be mixed in with the records, the pictures, prints and other items will be there so just flip through the pages and look over to the right side as to what it is or do it the other way around. The Walter Brennan Prints are great, Mr. Brennan's son who's name is also Walter is an out-standing artist and these are very and I mean very limited signed prints to you or who ever you want them signed for. We know that people or companies say limited numbers but they actually have a train load of them, WE DON'T. We do have a couple hundred copies of The John Mitchum book that is listed, it is a great story about John and his famous brother Robert. Coming up next week we hope, will be some great memory items of the famous old "ROUTE 66" any old friends you have that years ago traveled "66" will get a kick out of a "ROUTE 66" belt buckle it'll help hold your belt together so your jeans don't fall down.

Now I'll tell ye right now I like Billy Ray Cyrus, I don't care who do or who don't but I do, so after saying that..I got a phone call the other day from a person who very well could be one of the most famous Country Song Writers in the world, we were talking about other things and before we said goodbye I said I want to tell you a joke, and after I did she said I got one for you, and here it is>>>>>2 guys had done some bad things and were sentenced to die the next day in prison, the warden came by and said "I'll give each of you one last request, anything you want within reason I will grant " The warden said "what about you son" the guy thought a minute and said "I would like for Billy Ray to come in and sing Acky Breaky Heart". The warden said "O.K. I can do that", and turning to the other one said "what about you?" he said "kill me first."

IT is time to close that Squeeeeeeky door for another few days but first let me give you the fax number again so those that want to buy a Country Station can send us a note...IT IS 805-522-6058.

Whoops, One other thing, thanks to all those D.J's and just plain good folks from other countries that have written for records and other stuff, we really appreciate it, and thanks for using the credit card, it sure makes things go faster.


See ye next time

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