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Date News Posted: August 9, 1997

I guess BURL IVES wasn't what you would call a Country Singer, but I doubt very much if Hank Cochran cared what he was since that at least two of Cochran's songs were record by Mr. Ives and went on to become giant hits for the bearded, bespeckled kindly looking gentleman that I could listen to sing all night long.

"A LITTLE BITTY TEAR" was probably the biggest hit of the two, the other one being "A FUNNY WAY OF LAUGHING" but I wouldn't bet on it, one of these days when I get the time I'll check it out or ask Hank but I reckon it really don't matter since Mr. Ives is gone now but I do think that any good country station could slip a Burl Ives record in now and then and it would fit right in. BUT I guess if they won't slip in George they ain't a-gonna slip in Burl.

I really get a kick out of some of the old time remedies on how to cure different parts of your body, this one is how to cure the "Croup" which you don't hear much about anymore--BUT just in case your kid starts coughing in the middle of the night you might wish you had a skunk or a rattlesnake standing by somewhere. Now here's what you do>Grease the lungs and throat thoroughly with skunk oil and give from a teaspoonful to a tablespoonful every 20 minutes till relief follows. Now personally if I had to rub my kid down with a skunk I wouldn't care if it worked or not I would already be in the next county* Now the other remedy is to rub a little rattlesnake oil on the outside of the throat and drop 4 or 5 drops in his or her mouth.

You know, there is bound to be an old timer out there someplace that can tell me how you get oil from a skunk or a rattlesnake other then running over him on highway 40.

Here are some birth dates on some of our Classic folks just in case you were sitting around last night and hollered into the other room>>BUFORD!!! HOW OLD IS PORTER WAGONER?? and he yells back>>HOW IN THE HECK DO I KNOW !!?

Porter Wagoner was born in West Plain, Missouri on August the 12th. 1927***Loretta Lynn was born in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky on April the 14th. 1935***Don Gibson was born in Shelby, North Carolina on April the 3rd. 1928***Sonny James was born in Hackleburg, Arkansas on May the 1st. 1929++++Sonny James, what a smooth singer good ole' Sonny was and still is I hope, someone told me that he had moved down to Florida to just relax and spend time with his family. Sonny pretty much got started on the Louisiana Hayride then later to the Grand Ole Opry and on the way Sonny racked up somewhere between 20 and 30 hits, If you run in the other room right now and pull out one of those Classic Sonny James albums and play it again it will still sound as good as ever. If it sounds a little scratchy, squirt some Windex on it.

Stonewall Jackson, now most folks would think he got that name from some place other then his Mama or his Poppa but he didn't, that's the name they gave him. Named him after his ancestor,Confederate General Thomas Stonewall Jackson, they pure did. And I can tell you this he is one nice man, we called him one day to play a show in Bakersfield he flew out on short notice, did a great job and flew back home to milk his cows. Stonewall was born November the 6th 1932 and in a book written by Stonewall and some of the things he went through as a kid he deserves every good thing that could ever happen to him. Don't chisel this in stone but I think his son Turp is kinda' handling things for good ole' Dad these days, taking care of the bookings and all so if any you big club owners or folks doing Country concerts want one of the Greats call Stonewall or his son, you'll get a super show.

Buck Owens, now some years ago there was talk that they were going to re-name Bakersfield to honor Buck Owens, well now I reckon that wouldn't sound to bad, Buck Owens, California>down in Oklahoma they changed the name of a town to Gene Autry, it's just a small town but it's the thought that counts and after all that folks like Buck and Gene and Merle and Hank and Stonewall and a ton of others have done to entertain folks I think it is the least they could do. Now you tell me, what sounds the best "PRUNE VALLEY" or "BUCK OWENS VILLAGE" ? Some of the dumb things they name streets and towns, heck some towns you can't even get through unless you can count. Now who could forget this>"Go to Dolly Parton Parkway" and turn right.

Well anyway Alvis Edgar Buck Owens Jr. was born down around Sherman, Texas on August the 12th 19hundred and 29..Looks like his birthday is coming up, send him a card if you got an extra quarter, he'll 'preciate that...Anyway Buck Owens has had more hits than I have space to name them but I think it all got started with a Harlan Howard song called "Above And Beyond" and it never stopped, even though Buck does not record like he used to do he is still Country music with a capitol "C" His pride and joy is his new combination of a museum and country club in Bakersfield where he picks and grins and shows you pictures on the wall and gold records and a lot of other good stuff. Happy Birthday Buck.

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