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Date News Posted: August 2, 1997

David Allen Coe has got a great new album recorded live at the world famous "Billy Bobs" down 'round Fort Worth, Texas, the album is called "If That Ain't Country". I first heard "If That Ain't Country" from a friend of mine who is a D.J. in Sweden, since America has decided not to play the "Classic" country music artist anymore you need to buy yourself a radio that picks up Sweden and Denmark and even Russia, you would get better Country music then you would or do here in the U.S. Since "If That Ain't Country" has got a few more words after the title then those above, American Country radio wouldn't play it anyway BUT yet they can play the Rap music ? that has more filthy language in it then a death-row killer would use and get away with it on the air. We have two standards anymore where radio is concerned, we have a guy up there someplace playing God (and he ain't the real God) you know, the one way up there that grandma used to talk about, I'm not quite sure where this pretend God lives, I wish I did, but anyway this one has sent out a memo to all American stations that says "You will cease playing George Jones and David Allen Coe Music as of this can add to that Johnny Cash, Faron Young, George Morgan, Hank Snow and anyone else some people might consider good music. You will not talk, you will play no less then ten records in a row, and do not even tell the people who it is singing. Anyone caught playing a George Jones record will automatically be sentenced to three months on Gilligan's Island alone with the ghost of Tiny Tim where you will hear nothing but "Tip Toe Through The Tulips" 24 hours a day. Do I make myself clear??" Signed, Radio God

I keep telling you "Houston We Have Got A Problem"

When you walk into your local record shop and you do not see the Country artist that you are looking for (and if he or she is one of the classics, chances are you won't) then ask them to order it for you, especially if it is one that you know that a certain artist has just released. Don't let them pull your leg and tell you they can't because it is not on a major label, that's horse puckey, they can order it even if it is on the "Lard Bucket" label, if I can get it, they can get it. Maybe it sounds stupid me asking you to go to a record shop when we sell records on this Web-page but I love Country Music more then I love ten bucks anyway, if you still can't find it, you got my number.

On August the 9th, David Allen Coe will be in Sumter,S.C at Rusty Browns. On August the 16th, he will be in Bogalusa, LA at Ching's On August the 22nd, in Fort Worth, Texas at Billy Bob's.

Billy Walker will be at the Belvedere, IL Fair with LeRoy VanDyke-Bobby Bare-Jack Greene-Stonewall Jackson & Johnny Counterfeit on August the 6th.1997** On August the 15th. Billy Walker will be at the Hiawasse, GA Fair and on August the 25th. at the Columbia, MO fairgrounds.

Watch this page , your local paper and anyplace else that may list what's going on in your home town or near by and when any of the great Classic artist come close enough for you to make it out to see them, Then go, and don't be afraid to ask for an autograph or to take or buy a picture for them to sign. If you find an artist that don't have time for you, then next time don't have time for him. The bottom line is, If there ain't no you, then there ain't no him. It's a 2 way street.

Our story is complete on Walter Brennan, if you ever were a Walter Brennan fan or a lover of "Old Rivers" then in the issue after next of Country And Western Variety they tell me we will have the cover on this Great actor. In it will be some never before seen pictures and maybe some things you have never before read about Mr. Brennan. We will have very shortly coming up on the gift page, some VERY LIMITED SIGNED, BY THE ARTIST (Walter Brennan JR) prints of this very famous man. If you happen to be in or around Oklahoma City then it would be well worth your time to spend a day at the "COWBOY HALL OF FAME" where along with so many other greats Mr. Brennan's things are on display for the world to see. They have done a lot of work this past year or so to the museum and it is really a beautiful place to visit.

REMEMBER-No One Is Completely Worthless...They Can Always Serve As A Bad Example !

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