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Date News Posted: July 24, 1997

Before we get into any good stories tonight we would like to thank all of those that have sent us e-mail, faxes, letters and calls asking about records, tapes, c.d.'s, information. We would like to thank the radio stations that have called, We would like to thank the artists that have called we would like to thank everyone that has brought up this web-page.

We thought we would be able to bring up the catalog tonight but we ran into a couple more little problems which should be worked out in the next day or two. it is a special program that we are incorporating with this one which will make it easy to bring up the records etc. to our page. Part of the catalog is on the web but is not connected as of yet so please hang on just for a little while and it will be.

We will be doing a front page story on Walter Brennan for a great magazine out of Nashville, actually Hendersonville but so close they are one in the same, the magazine is called "Country And Western Variety" and since I just said that let me say this (that sounded like Richard Nixon didn't it ?) anyway I have never liked the term country-western in fact there is no such thing, it is either Country Or it is Western and there is a world of difference. Of course I love both, I wouldn't be Eddie Dean's manager if I didn't. Eddie wrote or co/wrote most all of the songs in his Western Movies but he also co/wrote 2 of the greatest country classics of all time "Hillbilly Heaven" with Hal Southern. And "One Has My Name" which has been recorded by 57 artist including someone I am sure you have never associated with Country Music- Nat King Cole- He also co/wrote with Freddie Hart "Hank Williams Guitar" but the point is it is either country or it's western. Anyway enough of that but the above mentioned magazine is a great one and when it comes out in a few months and you want one let us know I think they are just a couple bucks.

Some members of my family think I am running an obituary page, I sure don't like to write that someone has died especially if it is a friend and most 0f them have been, But it is just my way of remembering them and saying good bye to an old friend, sometimes I want to say something funny about them because when they would call or I would call them we always hung up with something funny to leave a smile on the other one's face but somehow when you put it into print and the other one is gone it doesn't seem to funny.

Here's a good little story for ye: Eddie Dean and Jerry Lee Lewis were sitting in the back room of the then world famous "Palomino Club" in North Hollywood. Eddie said "Jerry, why don't You record "One Has My Name ?". Jerry said "why ?". Eddie said "because I could use the money". It wasn't long after that that Jerry did record it, in fact it was one of the first solid country songs that Jerry recorded that is if you think of him as a rockabilly singer {and if you have ever heard it then you know that Jerry did an outstanding job on it, if fact one of the best we have ever heard} Eddie was telling someone just the other day that the first royalty check from that recording paid off his house in southern California.

We went by the old "Palomino Club" that we mentioned above not long ago, it was all boarded up and the walls were silent the parking lot cluttered by wind blown newspapers and trash and some other junk but ain't it funny how if you close your eyes you can see right through walls and hear the music again, I remember sitting in that back room one night with Tex Ritter, he was making us up a little tape to play over the p.a. system the next week honoring Hal Southern for the Gold Record we had got for him. Tex wanted to be there but in those days he was on the road a lot but he still wanted his old friend Hal Southern to know that he cared so he made up the little tape for us. We played it that next week as we presented Hal with his gold record-he cried.

I get started on one thing that leads to another one, It was reported in one of the trade magazines at the time that "Hillbilly Heaven" was going great guns that Tex's rendition of the song had passed the ten million mark, That song was so screwed up in publishing and paper work that neither Hal or Eddie got enough money out of it to get out of town. The company that has it now is doing a great job in fact in the last couple of years the song has been recorded by Bill Anderson, Dolly Parton on the "Trio" album and those crazy cowboys "The Riders In The Sky" and this would be a good time and place to thank them again for helping us get two more Gold Albums for both Hal & Eddie-2 for Hal & 2 for Eddie.

We have been trying to get enough "stuff" lined up to start a nice gift page, you know like buckles and books and well, things you don't usually go into a store and find. One thing, is a neat little book on the history of the "Burma Shave" signs-Now if your' a young-un you probably wouldn't know a Burma Shave sign from a six legged frog, but they used to be along side the roads back in the good old days especially along ROUTE-66, I don't know, I guess there were five or six in a series about a quarter mile apart and you had to read them all to put something together. I'll show you what I mean when I find my copy.

One of the first National country Juke Box Hits was>"Pistol Packin' Mama"< by Al Dexter. They say that he was the first to use the words "honky tonk" in the title of a song the name of that song was "Honky Tonk Blues". Al Dexter was born in Jacksonville, Texas on May the 4th. 1902 and died at the age of 82 in 1984 in Lewisville, Texas When he was born his name was Albert Poindexter so I reckon he took an eraser and rubbed part of his name out like the Bert and the Poin.

Don't think about a Rose that has thorns, Think about a little old thorn that has a Pretty Rose. And stop and smell um now and then. 'cause it's funny how time slips away.

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