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Date News Posted: July 19, 2000

Well we gotta whole lot of "Stuff" to catch up on, some little "Stuff" some big "Stuff"and some just plain old "Stuff".

Our old friend Wayne Rogers from down Lebanon way has been sending us "Stuff" he clips out "Stuff" from every publication he can get his hands on and it makes for some good middle of the night reading, the only thing I do not like to read no matter where it comes from is, one of our good old boys or girls saying goodbye, and there have been far to many this last couple of years.

I think every one that ever bought a country album from days gone by should stop by the drug store or card shop and pick up a card and send to Chet Atkins, not a sad card, just one wishing him well and thanking him for all the great years he has given us with his music, for a buck or two you can tell him your self how much you appreciated what he did for country music. Now don't wait 'till he is gone like they do voting people into the Hall Of Fame, do it now. You are the one who bought his records, you are the one who played them and you are the one that turned up your radio when Chet Atkins was on so you be the one to send that card and tell him because you are the one he would love to hear from. Here is his office address so please send him a card or even write him a letter if you feel like it--Chet Atkins, 1013 17th Avenue South- Nashville, TN. 37212.

And while we are talking about great pickers, here is another one, Pete Wade, Pete has been to busy over the years making other artist records sound good to do any recording on his own but now he has and it is a good one with a with a capitol "G" on that "good part".

Frank Lowe passed on a copy to us of Pete's new album this week while in town doing some promotion work on Morgan Englund's new CD that Frank produced in Nashville. Anyway, if (and who didn't) like George Jones and "He Stopped Loving Her Today" then you gonna' love this album for sure because Pete does his version on this album of that very song, and if you are one, like me, that says, they ain't no-body gonna top old George, well, you are probably right, but Pete's not singing he's playing and it will sure top anything you ever heard as far as an instrumental version of this great song.

Spanish Eyes, Streets of Laredo and Lynn Anderson's Rose Garden are just some of the other great music in this new Pete Wade album. We don't have any copies in our catalog yet but we will, in the mean time that's no problem you can order a CD or a cassette album straight from Pete's record company which is- Deville Records, Box 170-West Point, VA 23181++Or from the Ernest Tubb Record shop in Nashville and that address is Box 500, Nashville 37202 or you can phone them in an order with your credit card at 800-229-4288 "OR" with the computer right in front of you, you can order on line at couldn't get much easier than that. Instrumental albums are great travelin' music for your car or motor home.

Shortly we will be getting some new albums from our friend Jon Smith in New York, Jon has been working on the liners and pictures and other technical stuff for some more real classics, one of them Eddie Dean, another one Tex Williams and still another Noel Boggs. We are going to wait 'till they arrive to do more about them so there is no slip up of what's on them and the likes but with what we know so far, they sure sound good and I don't remember the last Tex Williams album I saw in a store of any kind and that's a shame because Tex Williams was one of a kind.

These according to Jon were from the Jimmy Wakely masters from Jimmy's old "Shasta" label, some things that have been collecting dust like so many others that will never be released on anything, anyway those should be coming up shortly, I think there will be five of them, we'll let you know.

Can't help but think of Kenny Price when we think of things we haven't heard for a while, after Hee Haw and Kenny passed away, we never heard another Kenny Price song on the radio, another crime with no one to blame, so you live with the memories of his good songs and singing and your old albums that you break out every now and then. Kenny Price, one of the good guys.

One other thing about Jon Guyton Smith, Jon wrote the liner notes or song bios, for the Gene Autry box set on Gene put out by Rhino Records, when you put together everything that Jon wrote about all these songs you dang near got a book, in fact it is a book included in the album on Good Old Gene Ort'ary, as Pat Buttrum used to call him. these little tid-bits gives you a little info about all the songs, that is, if you have got a hankerin' to know about why who wrote what.

Freddie Hart returned not long ago from Nashville and Fan Fair and the only thing to say about that was, he was POOPED, he was so happy to see all the fans waiting in line at his booth for pictures and records that he just couldn't believe that you still remembered him and to say that Freddie was grateful for seeing this is a gross under statement, nothing means more to Freddie Hart then his fans.

We have said this before but, we gonna' say it again. Some years ago we did some country shows at the old Corriganville Movie Ranch, people said, "who's going to show up to hear all those old singers you got on your show" I said I didn't know but I would be there and the pop corn should be good. By show time there was fifty five hundred people on those old movie grounds, I said to Hal Southern, funny ain't it, if no body wants to hear country music, wonder what the heck their doin' here.

People do want to hear and see all them good old boys and girls, the only thing they want to know is "Where"

So the moral to the story is, your fans do love you Freddie as they do Cal Smith, Mel Tillis, Bandy, Price, Liz and Loretta and all the others that made country music what it always will be, despite those that kicked us out for the new guy and said "who's gonna show up to hear all those old singers you got on your show"? "Me"

It is only a matter of time that Morgan Englund will be heard on new country all over the country, as we mentioned above Frank Lowe has just finished and pressed this new CD for this good looking young man that seems to have every thing it takes to be apart of what's happening today in country music and most important, the right attitude, a quick smile and the right voice to put the song across. Shortly we will have bios, pictures and a lot of other good "stuff" from Morgan.

And...Frank Lowe himself has just finished his own production doing a tribute to Ray Price, we do not have a copy yet but it's in the mail, we have heard a couple samples from the new album and they are first class, if Frank Lowe would have been recording in the early days instead of producing, he would have given many of them good old boys a run for their money no doubt about it.

Mr. Texas, better know to his wife and kids as Jim Golf, called with news from Texas about what he has been up to and the day Jim Golf is not up to something will be the day they plant him...Jim has been working with the old "Playboys" like in Bob Wills and they all have been really busy which means people still love that Western Swing made famous by the man, Mr. Bob Wills, a man that Cindy Walker thought enough of to write song after song for, I think in Bob's tribute album, Cindy Walker wrote nine of the tunes.

You may have seen Jim Golf in some of the old "Walker Texas Ranger" TV shows, Jim does a little bit of everything he loves to MC and front shows and is never at a loss for words, if he don't know, he can make it up real quick and you'll be left sitting there saying to your self "What'd he say"...also, the late western writer Ralph Compton thought enough of Jim to ask him to do all his western scripts on "Books on tape" which Jim has done and most all of them are in truck stops and book stores all over the U.S

We believe it was this past year that Jim Golf was inducted into the "Western Swing Hall Of Fame"  Being true to his colors, Jim  still lives in Texas so if you ever want to reach him you could probably just write, Jim Golf, Texan, somebody down there will know where to find him.

Don Hinson is doing fine down there in Branson, he is working on some new publicity that I told him about some time ago, what we figured was, if we could drop Don Hinson out of an air plane at ten thousand feet with out a chute and he lived that would create enough publicity to get him some good shows, so we started off by him jumping off his bed, then worked up to the back porch then the car hood and are getting a little higher all the time, his next jump will be off a flag pole and the next off the Box Car Willie theater, after that will be the jump from the plane. Although he probably won't need any cushion when he falls, we were thinking of him jumping into Cal Smith's swimming pool (if he has one) if not, then a large old fashion wash tub surrounded by pretty flowers, the flowers will be nice if he doesn't make it and nice decorations if he does for front cover publicity on the National Enquirer, Oh boy, never let it be said that a country boy won't try anything "Once"

That's going to do it for this time, we are really looking forward to that Tex Williams album we were telling you about and all the others that are far over due for the fans of these never to be forgotten artist, we'll let you know when they get here.

In the mean time, we'll see ye later but just in case we don't, take care of yourself.

Don Bradley    


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