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Date News Posted: July 18, 1997

One of the premier groups of all time (at least since 1963) is "THE STATLER BROTHERS" they not only sing great but they are fun to watch they sing harmony closer than a rotating fan blade and a gospel song so smooth you can see the man above the clouds smile. Thinking back a few months ago when my son called and said "Dad, when we lived over in the other valley, what was the name of that song you never stopped playing over and over again?". I said "who me?".anyway it must have been "Flowers On The Wall" come to think of it I still play it, now I drive my neighbors nuts. If you have a record collection of the Classic Country Music Artist and "More Than A Name On A Wall" is not in it then you have missed one of the greatest recordings of all time. even though they may have gotten their name from a tissue box, you might want to have one handy after you play or hear "More Than A Name On A Wall" The Statler Brothers are really a fine group.

Hank Thompson was born in Waco, Texas on September the 3rd 1925 and even though he had some great records including "Humpty Dumpty Heart" round-a-bout 1948, it was 1952 that the world knew Hank Thompson was here to stay when every country radio station in the U.S. was playing "The Wild Side Of Life". Before the record spun a full turn there was no mistake it was Hank Thompson, whether it be a great ballad or something on the lighter side like "Whoa Sailor". One of my favorite Thompson songs of all time is "Yesterday’s Girl" come to think of it the other truckload of his songs were my favorites also and still are. Hank Thompson continues to entertain folks where ever he goes his greatest hits albums are kept fresh and ready for his fans to buy and he is always ready to help a D.J. anywhere in the world with a station promo and a kind word. We read in a magazine not long ago that Hank had retired, all I can say to that is "pickle juice" I can almost tell you the day that Hank Thompson retires, When he is sprouting up daisies.

Pee Wee King-born Julius Frank Kuczynski in the year 1914 –Milwaukee, Wisconsin. By the time Pee Wee was 14 he had saved enough money selling papers to buy himself a used accordion, at the end of his high school days he started a little dance band and changed his name to Frankie King. Sometime in 1934 he moved to Louisville, Kentucky with the Log Cabin Boys and they worked with the Gene Autry shows. As the story goes there were two other "Franks" in the band Autry taking a look at this Franks 5foot6 inch frame dubbed this one Pee Wee.> And so it has been Pee Wee King from that day on. When Gene Autry left for Hollywood, Pee Wee took over his band and renamed it "The Golden West Cowboys" Pee Wee and his band were regulars on the Grand Ole Opry from the late 30s on, one member of the band left in 1943 to pursue a career of his own this one was a nice looking young man by the name of Eddy Arnold and not only do his hits speak for themselves so does his successful career. Pee Wee still lives in Louisville, Kentucky, he’s not in to good of health these days but the last time we spoke with him the spark was still there and he was the kind man he has always been.

June the first 1915 brought into this world one of the greatest people that I ever hope to know. His name was Cyrus. I never once saw this man get in a hurry or raise his voice, now I didn’t live with him so I reckon he had his bad days like all of us do but I can tell you this when we were in the same place at the same time this man only had one speed and that was "PRETTY SLOW". I’ll never forget one night walking back stage where he was sitting reading a pocketbook his guitar in case, sitting right beside of him. I said "you’re on next" and without even looking up he said quieter then a honey bee burp "ooh kaay" kinda’ drawin’ it out if you know what I mean but he didn’t move, he was listening to the person singing a few feet away on the stage and still reading his book at the same time, at exactly the right time he closed his book, opened his guitar case, took out his guitar, put the book in the pick hole in his case, closed the case, looked at me and said "how ye doin’?" as he strapped the guitar around his neck at the exact same time Corky Mayberry said "Ladies and Gentleman please welcome"………He walked out on the stage, sang three or four songs, thanked the crowd and reversed every thing we wrote above. To those who knew him or ever came in contact with him at a show will know, that this man and his music will last forever, probably not as Cyrus Whitfield Bond but as Johnny Bond from Enville, Oklahoma. Johnny died eleven days after his 63rd birthday June the 12th 1978.

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