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Date News Posted: July 12, 1998

HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU, UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN>>The KING of the Cowboys is gone and now there are four:

Roy Rogers, Probably one of the best loved human beings of all time made his way to Heaven a few days ago, and we doubt very much if we could say one single word that has not already been said, so we won't try. To me his son Dusty said it all when he said in his statement from the Roy and Dale Museum in Victorville, "Dad is happy now, back on his horse Trigger with his dog Bullet at his side".

As much of America has been lost with the passing of ROY ROGERS as there would be if one of the states fell in the ocean, because it would be hard to be more American than Roy Rogers.

Eddie Dean made it to his 91st. birthday on the 9th. of this month of July, and Gene Autry will be at the 91 year old mark in September..George Jones said it all when he sang his song about the Great Country Singers called "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes" and like the Country singers the answer is the same *Nobody*.

Hal Southern the man who had the dream and wrote "Hillbilly Heaven" according to a phone call we received yesterday from his wife, is in a coma and not expected to recover, Hal and I have been friends for many, many years and wrote a couple songs together back in the good old days. Hal was a long time member of the second oldest group of the cowboy singers, Hi Busse and the "Frontiersmen" first being the great Sons Of The Pioneers.> Some years ago as times changed Hi added pretty Joanie Hall to his group and added to the group name calling it, "The Frontiersmen & Jonie".

Hi Busse passed away about a year or so ago, he had moved from Southern California to Tome, New Mexico to retire because the doctor said it was bad for his heart at his age to keep playing that heavy accordion, He did move to New Mexico but the retiring part lasted about as long as a burp in a wind storm, It wasn't long before Hi had formed another group and was back at it again, he had sent us a video or two of him and his new group and they were about as good as it gets, Hi was really proud of these guys, but come to think of it, one of the guys was a young lady, that didn't have to take backseat to anyone with the way she played that fiddle.

A really nice lady heads up the "Tall Texan's office of Billy Walker" We always try to watch or southern manners and call ladies we don't know, most times even ladies we do know, by their last name, like Mrs. Jones or Mrs. Smith but in this case we feel a little strange doing it because her last name is Crook, so I think in this case we will call her Ms. Bettie, because the way things happen and if the power went out for a second and the words Mrs. or Ms. didn't come through and what ever we wrote came out as the Crook at Billy Walker's office, we would be in a heap of "do-do" cause that Billy is one big guy.

SO, thank you Ms. Bettie for sending us the great bio and information and picture that you had Billy sign for us, that was really nice of you and we do appreciate it and for those who may have forgotten some of Billy's songs we are going to remind you of a few of them, but first we have to say this, My favorite Billy Walker song of all time is "Cross The Brazos At Waco" and my brothers favorite B.W. song is "Matamoros".

Billy struck Gold with "Charlie's Shoes" and "Funny How Time Slips Away" was a certified million BMI airplays, and the "Grand Ole Opry" made Billy a member in 1960 > So Far and I say So far because Billy ain't done yet, he has had 32 top ten hits and over a hundred charted.

Remember us talking the other night about me doing the night shift in the desert and playing album cuts instead of the same top twenty over and over again ? Well Billy Walker is and has been one that you never had to worry about sitting the needle down in the wrong place, OOPS, sorry, if a new person is reading this they are probably saying "what's a needle" that's what we used to use to play one of them round black things called a record while the record was going round and round on a turntable.

If you are reading the things we write then you already know that Billy Walker has toured all over this ole world and has recorded many, many great songs that were apart of your growing up days with country music on the radio > So we will leave it at this, If you want to know more about Billy Walker then you already know or if you would like to buy some of Billy's great albums, now on CD's or Cassettes just go back to page one and send us an email or a fax or a letter and we'll get ye what you need, and if there is a Country station in your area that really plays Country Music, call them and ask them to play a Billy Walker song.

A while ago we wrote a little story about Stoney Edwards and about him dying and how little publicity and how few even knew he was dead until they read our story, we are not going to write what we wrote again, but we did run across a couple more of Stoney's pictures and it just brought back some more good memories of how good a singer he was and how little he was appreciated, We never met Stoney in person, but with that smile and the kind man he looked to be, we sure wish we had of. We sure miss your music.

Running through the pages of our files we ran across another one of the greats that is voice always fascinated us a young man by the name of "Hy lo Brown" Now we are pretty sure his Mama or his Papa didn't name him Hy lo, and we don't have much on him in the file we found but we have been a fan of his for many a moon, so when we come across the right box with some more on him, we'll do a story, OR if Hy lo is reading this, maybe he will send us something about what he's up to.

Another great we want to do a nice story on pretty soon is "Smilin'" Hoyt Axton, we doubt if anyone can think about Hoyt if they have been a fan, and not think about "Bony Fingers". If you watch many movies, which I don't, but now and then we see Hoyt in one of them as an actor and he ain't half bad, fact is he's a pretty dang good actor. Hoyt's Mother was one of the outstanding song writers of her time or any time.

When the Statler Brothers re-arranged their show some time ago, to me they made a huge mistake in putting Rex Allen Jr. someplace else, Rex is one of the finest singers ever, I never really cared for some of the pop stuff they had him singing on the show, but at least he made it worth listening to and we are sure someone else was writing up the menu and he had to sing what was on it >> It got so when we had our show that I was absolutely sure we could make the phone ring by playing Rex Allen Jr. and "The Great Mail Robbery", if you never heard it, it is a song about a little boy who's Daddy had left home and the little boys Mother cried a lot, one day the little boy strapped on his toy guns and went out to rob the mail because he knew there must be a letter from his Daddy in that mailman's pouch, he didn't want his Mama to hurt anymore.....Rex Allen JR. can make your liver quiver with this one.

We got some more "stuff" to write about, but right now we gonna grab some coffee and find that record and play it again, ever time we think about it we go play it again.

A story by Hinton Bradbury put together some time in the late fifty's or early sixties goes like this..On a hot July day in 1939 a 15 year old boy jumped off a freight train in Bakersfield, California and a short time later he was picking cotton in a nearby field earning some needed cash for food, shelter and clothing.

So goes the story of Herbert L. Henson, soon to be know by many in Bakersfield, Southern California and artist around America as "Cousin Herb"

Many people crossed the threshold of Cousin Herb Henson's life, people like Johnny Bond, Ray "Crash" Corrigan, Billy Mize, Cliff Crofford, Jim Reeves, Dallas Frazier, Bill Woods, Tim Spencer, Carlton Ellis, Joe and Rose, Tex Williams, Fabor Robison,Little Jimmie, Cliffie,Ferlin, Kitty Wells and the list goes on and on including two forever more Giants, Ernest Tubb and Bob Wills. >> one of these days coming up, we'll have a good story about Cousin Herb Henson from Bakersfield, a man that also help put the name "Bakersfield"and Country Music from the west on the map.

We will probably be in Bakersfield next week end for a country show and maybe get a chance to visit a while with Bill Woods, good ole Bill has got a train load of good stories, he is a good story teller and a fine writer, we have said before, there was a time if you didn't know who Bill Woods was, then chances are you never passed through Bakersfield.

Don Hinson will be M.C'ing a show in October in Vegas, complete with a tux and some Durango Boots, maybe our old friend Ancel Cook can fly up and spend a day with us, even though he doesn't drink or smoke or gamble or sing, oops, come to think of it he does sing Freddie Hart songs, but mostly he just eats M&M's and does Coors Beer commercials, we could let him sit out by lake Mead and watch all the fish beg for pop corn, come to think of it, they are the only fish we have ever seen that eats pop corn.

We love to fish but never catch nothin' we sat out there one day 'till we had lost all our lures and worms, the only thing we had left was a fishin' book, so we cut a picture out of the book of a worm and put it on the hook, bout five minutes later we pulled it up, on the hook was a picture of a whale, them fish are smart dudes.

Well, we gotta go milk the cow and slop the hogs tuck in the chickens and cut some logs, SO, 'till later, Ride a Train someplace.

We'll see ye next time, but just in case we don't, Take care of yourself

Don Bradley

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