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Date News Posted: July 10, 1997

FERLIN HUSKY is a super talent that the world of country music as far as the radio stations of today go have all but forgotten. Ferlin was born in the little town of Flat River, Missouri and somewhere in that same body another person was also born in that of Simon Crum, and as Simon he could pretty much be anyone he wanted to be, he could tell funny stories, he could be happy or sad or sing and if he goofed, so what: and even when a great song came along he came up with an even different name, this time Terry Preston and Terry recorded "GONE" I guess he sold a few records but some where along the line he got tired of going to bed with Simon Crum and Terry Preston and one morning looking into a mirror there was no-one there but Ferlin Husky he re-recorded "GONE" the rest is history> he recorded "DEAR JOHN" with Jeannie Shepard and you know what that one did and the wax flowed like water when Ferlin recorded "WINGS OF A DOVE". He didn't bury Simon Crum he just invited him to his shows as a special guest and the audiences loved him because he made them laugh.And that's the soul of Ferlin Husky. When an old friend in Indiana got sick by the name of Bobby Helms, almost daily there was phone call wanting to know how he was doing and if there was anything he could do. That was the heart of Ferlin Husky.

Nominated for the best vocal duo of the year back about 1968 was a good lookin' brother team one named Rex, one named Vern, the song ?> {just enough to keep me} "HANGIN' ON". The Gosdin brothers were two of a family of nine kids born down around Birmingham, but really a little town called Woodland, Alabama. The family were dirt farmers and you either respected the land, grew the crops, worked the land ten hour days or you starved. BUT you wonder, what it is that out of nine kids, two kids bustin' up clods on an Alabama farm would one day be nominated for best vocal duo of the year. Now you're probably sayin' ..because they were the only two that could sing you fool, No, there is more to it than that. You ask any person that was born in the south to folks that worked the land 90% of them will tell you they sang every Sunday in church, it was a way of life, you worked hard, you played hard (if there was time)and you went to pie suppers on Saturday, BUT on Sunday you went to church and you sang unless you wanted to get an elbow in the ribs from your mama. So what it has to be is a desire that burns so deep and a dream that just won't go away that just keeps you hangin' on and one day.....I thought "HANGIN' ON" was one of the best songs I had ever heard and still do. Rex Gosdin died in 1983 from a fatal heart attack but Vern has just kept on turning out hit after hit. To bad the radio stations forgot to play a Vern Gosdin song today.

Gotta' phone call the other day from a station owner up in Oregon, he said I don't care if you write about me but please don't mention our call letters, I thought, boy that's strange but by the time he had finished I knew why. He said they had tried every format possible to try to make the station work and to make money at the same time, they tried pop music, they tried talk radio, they tried today's country, they tried rock and roll and they even tried to split days with half and half of different programming, nothing worked the bottom line was they were NOT selling time . Until, one day one of their salesman was out trying to sell some time to a service station owner and a good ol' boy was standing back minding his own business 'till he heard the sales man mention the call letters of the station, he said anyone that would listen to the crap you guys play oughta' be deported. They talked a while and went their own ways, the salesman went back to the station and told the owner what the guy had said. At this point they had nothing to lose so decided to try what the guy had suggested.To make a long story short they started playing Classic Country music and some Spanish music because in that area there are a lot of Spanish people but mostly hard working ranchers and farmers. The results were that after only a few months they had no more time to sell and people waiting to buy advertising time on the station. He said he didn't want the surrounding area stations to know how much business they were doing. Makes sense, he wanted to be number one and is.

Got some questions for you*****When a farmer that loved the good ol' country music moves to the city does he die ?. ******Do folks that love the good ol' country music lose their hearing when the move to the city ?.*****Do people that love the good ol' country music all of a sudden become ashamed that they like it and turn the dial to Beethoven ?.*****Do those that love the great ol' country music all of a sudden get Alzheimer's and say "George Who"?.*****Did Bill Clinton pass a new law outlaw'n Merle Haggard records from commercial radio ?.*****Has any radio station ever been attacked for playing a Freddie Hart record ?.***** Since the answers to all these questions are NO then the only answer to these questions is "HOUSTON, WE'VE GOT A PROBLEM"

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