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Date News Posted: July 5, 1997
Sorry to report that Mrs. Inez Wakely has passed away, we will have the details later but as you know she was the long-time wife of one of the great Western and Country singers Mr. Jimmy Wakely.

FREDDIE HART WITH 14 NUMBER ONE'S TO HIS CREDIT is still one of the Greatest singers, one of the Nicest guys that he has always been and still sees the world through a song, And speaking of songs I have to say, every time I think of this one I say to my self, "Self, what was good ol' Freddie thinking about when he wrote this one, it sure wasn't his pussy cat". 'course I didn't like it to well, I only played it a couple million times, It was called "IF FINGERPRINTS SHOWED UP ON SKIN, I WONDER WHO'D SHOW UP ON YOU". The title reminds me of one we received through the mail one day it was called, "I Hope My Head Ain't There The Next Time You Swing That Skillet" Anyway, a good friend of mine J.T. Voss from somewhere down Texas way, while we were still in the Marine Corps made it up to Town Hall Party in Compton one Saturday night where Freddie and Lefty and, well, so many of the great ones used to play or work,and Freddie came out and said, "I wanna' sing ye a brand new one I been workin' on" and with the help of the great blind piano player Jimmy Pruitt, kicked off "DRINK UP AND GO HOME" Needless to say the crowd went crazy but they didn't go home, and come to think of it, it wouldn't surprise me if those same folks are not still in Freddie Hart's audience's where ever he plays, 'cause with Freddie Hart singing, who in the world would want to go home. Freddie Hart can sing better then me, he can play better then me BUT he can,t drink more coffee then me.

IF we told you we had lunch Friday with Walter Brennan you would probably tell your friends, "Don't ever read what he writes again, anyone who eats with dead people has gotta' be nuts" BUT we did, his son is also named Walter Brennan. we have been working on locating some of his dad's old masters. Walter the first got himself into a couple of things that at first he wasn't crazy about doing, one thing was recording, but after he did it really enjoyed it and went on to record several great albums, now tell me, can you hear anyone doing "OLD RIVERS" but Walter Brennan ?. And the second thing he didn't want to do at all was a T.V. show, A producer kept calling him and calling him and one day Walter said (just to get the guy off his back) "O.K. I'll do the thing and it won't sell and he'll leave me alone and that will be the end of that". Well Ho-Ho Little Beaver, they went on to make 214 of them buggers and it is still showing all over the world>>and as John Wayne would say "Well here's-a-little trivia for-ye" In the first two episodes Walter didn't limp and if he had not of had a touch of arthritis he probably never would have in any of the shows BUT, while waiting one day for his part to come up one of his legs got a little stiff and when he got up to walk it looked something like what you saw on the rest of the shows and the rest of the cast laughed because they thought he was clowning, he wasn't but they left it in because it worked. and so he kept on doing it for the next 212 episodes of "THE REAL McCOYS">>>And here is a little more trivia for-ye, he was the only actor to win three Academy Awards for best supporting actor.

Going through some great old pictures my friend Steve Stebbins left me when he went on to "HILLBILLY HEAVEN" I came across a great one that was taken in Steve's office when it was in Hollywood, every one was smiling except Steve, he had a 89 cent cigar in his mouth and was all but standing at attention, I guess he had forgotten that he was no longer a police LT. with the L.A.Police Dept. and was now a booking agent. On the wall in the back ground is a wall fit for a museum of country talent, on it was George Morgan, LeRoy VanDyke, Lefty, Freddie Hart, Buck Owens and Billy Walker and some others but in the picture it's self is Steve and some other folks and the tall Texan Mr. Billy Walker, Billy Walker, a big man then and a big man now, Billy reminds me of that commercial that used to run a few years ago that said "When (so & so) TALKS, YOU LISTEN". When Billy Walker sings I listen because if his singin' don't get ye his smile will. His Greatest All Time Cowboy Hits album is really a great one including "THE STREETS OF LAREDO" "STRAWBERRY ROAN"' and about seven others that will make you put your C.D. player on re-play. Billy Walker is still a Tall Texan and One Of A Kind.

When the needle touched the wax you knew it was HANK THOMPSON no ifs-and's and waaa,waaa, waaa's about it. You know I was wondering' while Hank's C.D. was playing the other day in my office (where I'm gonna die if I'm in there when an earth quake hits and all the stuff on the walls hits me on the head..But I bet I would make headlines though "NUT KILLED BY FALLING WEBB PIERCE RECORD") anyway what I started to say was, I wonder how many people that loved country music back in those good ole' days, told someone how they felt with the words from a Hank Thompson song, One like "YESTERDAY'S GIRL", remember the line "you told her lies as her starry eyes gazed up in admiration" I never lied to a girl in my life, well I did tell a couple I was an astronaut, and I remember one I really liked, I told here I was a camel surgeon, but other then that > and how about "MOST OF ALL" what a great song. HANK'S Hall Of Fame Classics album has 23 of the greatest Hank Thompson classics ever, It is just a fine album and if it is not in your collection, it sure should be. They are on both C.D.and Cassette albums>>>And I sure remember "WHOA SAILOR" them guys in the white suits down in Oceanside used to wear that bugger out in those down-town honky tonks. If I was those guys on T.V. that rate movies with two thumbs up I would rate this Hank Thompson album with all ten fingers, UP.

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