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Date News Posted: July 1, 1997

The book that John Mitchum wrote is full of great stories, some funny, some not so funny but all apart of life, his life and his brother Robert's life. Both the brothers have spent a life time entertaining the world, and on film, on video tape, on records,on cassette tapes and about anything else that sound and picture can be put on, will continue to entertain the world 'till the end of time. John, although he has been in many movies, his first love always seemed to be his music and nothing John has been more proud of then his songs recorded by "THE DUKE" Mr. John Wayne or his love and friendship for his old pal Dan Blocker better known to the rest of the world as Hoss Cartwright>>>There is one exception, his brother Robert. not once has John ever been to our home or when we met some where that in some way we did not talk about Robert, always a great story, always a memory always a smile on John's face, Today that smile faded away and I could feel the tear in John's eye as we spoke this morning by phone from John's home in Sonora, Robert passed away in his sleep last night July the first 1997. Every movie that Robert made meant something to somebody especially the women, I think they all loved Bob Mitchum, can't say that I blame um he was a hell of a man.

Did-JA-know That Don Helms is the only living member of the ORIGINAL Drifting Cowboys band ?. And Did-JA-know that if he lives 'till the year 2000 he will have been playing for 7 decades ?. (shouldn't be any problem with that, he's still a young man) AND>Did-ja-know that he is now enjoying life playing in the band for the beautiful daughter of Hank Williams, Miss Jett Williams ?.

Johnny Western when he is not on the road can be found at K.F.D.I. in Wichita but most of the time he is out entertaining folks from Branson,Mo. to Alaska and if you are lucky and live in Oklahoma you can catch Johnny September the 26th. 27th. and the 28th. in Gene Autry, Oklahoma. Now once you get inside the city limits of Gene Autry you will be able to hear Johnny singing because the town is pretty small, HOW SMALL IS IT ? sure glad you ask that question, The water company in Gene Autry, Oklahoma is a Sparkletts water jug. (just joking Elvin) Elvin is the owner of the museum in G.A. and that's where Johnny Western will be>>Along with many other greats from the cowboy and country music world.

Did-ja-know That Bobby Helms' "FRAULEIN" was on the charts for 52 weeks back about the year of 1957 ?.

Wednesday, December the 15th. 1965++++++Mesquite, Texas (AP) Curtis Alvin Leach,37, country music recording star, died in a local hospital Tuesday about an hour after he was slashed in the left leg. Mesquite police had Leach transferred to the hospital after they answered a disturbance call at his home. They said an artery apparently was severed in the slashing. A 27 year old woman was held for investigation of murder.

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