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Date News Posted: June 29, 1997

The Bobby Helms family would like to thank all the fans and friends that sent flowers and cards and for all the many nice letters and calls they have received. Soon we hope to have some more about the life of the boy from Indiana Mr. Bobby Helms.

I thought that when Vern Stovall had worked a club years ago for 5 cents a beer which were sold in the club that night was about the lowest fee I had heard of then along comes Bobby Atkins, Now Bobby and some friends were singing in the woods one day with some tin cans sit up as microphones and a school teacher heard them and ask them to play for the school. THE FEE ? 15 cents and a pack of gum. We'll have to ask Billy Deaton what the commission on that would be. Back to BOBBY ATKINS, Bobby has some great C.D. Bluegrass albums and they are good I would not pull your woofers, let me tell you some of the kids he has worked with and you don't play with these boys unless you have all of your jelly on one sandwich...Bill Monroe,Charlie Monroe, on stage with Mac Wiseman, Clyde Moody on the radio with Flatt & Scruggs, Reno & Smiley and a bunch of others But..we want to tell you some other things so we'll get on with it. He has over 50 albums to his credit, and has been rated one of the top 10 best pickers in the country and our old friend Howard Vokes tells us they put on a great show>>>SO, the bottom line is, If you want a great, sharp looking band to do your next show then contact "Bobby Atkins" & "The Country Men" (and here's how) contact Jolene Caudill, 1109 Cleburne St. Greensboro,N.C. 27408 or you can call 910-274-3301**For a promotion package or more information on this fine band.

Right now we are not going to get into a long story about "CURTIS LEACH", in fact we are not going to get into a story at all, but there is, or was something about this artist that if you ever heard him and liked country music you would never forget him, at least I never have. He had a way doing recitations that would make you want to hear it again and again and...His first release was on the "Brookhurst " label which belongs to Janet McBride a fine lady out of Texas. His release of "HIGHWAY MAN" has been recorded by other artist but none have ever come close to the original. His songs told Great Stories, If you ever heard "LIGHTING STRUCK TWICE" you'll know what we mean. With the help of Miss McBride maybe we can do a story on Curtis Leach soon.

It takes hours and days and nights and a crooked neck and tired fingers and a butt glued to a chair entering hundreds of albums and songs into a computer, It takes loving what you are doing or paying someone that don't know George Jones from a bull horn to do it for you. But the point is, going through all those great old albums you can't help remembering the first time you ever heard "that song" what ever it was or where you were when you heard it and that takes time but I don't care, the memories are worth all the things on the first line of this little story. What is sad is, What has happened to all those GREAT country stations that use to cover the airways, for the most part it is enough to gag a maggot. The only thing you hear for the most part on Country radio today is the time and ten songs in a row, BIG DEAL-my dog could do that, they never say one word about the artist and 99% of the time never even mention his name, but I guess if you don't know nothin' you can't say nothin'. I use to think , or at least I would say, "why are all of these stations not playing COUNTRY MUSIC" But here is a fact, if you owned a station that was worth ten million dollars and along came an oil pumping tycoon from you know where and offered you twenty million for your station what would you do ? adios George Jones. America is selling out, find me ten China-men that like COUNTRY MUSIC and I'll find you a moose that can whistle Dixie, but now they own what used to be apart of America so they buy a book with some charts that some guy fresh out of school is writing and then they say, "AH: have man on radio not say nothing, just keep play what book say, tell time now and then and always say it's 80 degrees in L.A., do news so fast that dumb Americans will want to listen more because they think they didn't hear what they thought they heard when sports caster say one boxer couldn't whip the other one so he try to eat him". Anyway I still love ye George, and Merle and Hank and Red and Johnny and Bob and well, you know who I mean. My brother and I have our own family cemetery down in Kentucky, when we get the time we are going down and wire it for sound and put a 100 play c.d. player in the tool shed and fill it with George Jones c.d's and when I croak he's gonna bury me face down so those who don't like COUNTRY MUSIC can kiss my Kaddle-hopper...."HE STOPPED LOVIN' HER TODAY".

August the 2nd. 1997 is a day you might want to jot down on your calendar if you live around or will be around the town of Brady, Texas. because that will be Dave Kirby day in that little town (or it might be a big town I never been there) "yet". Anyway, If you are saying to yourself,"self, who's Dave Kirby" well then you might want to turn over some of those albums you got on the shelf and read the liner notes or the credits because Dave Kirby is one of the greatest song writers and guitar pickers ever assembled into one body, come to think of it I could listen to him sing all day too, and I know for a fact he's a nice guy, years ago we dropped him a note and ask him if he would make us up some station promo's, a week later they were in the mail along with a nice letter, Dave might have forgotten that but we didn't. If you want to start looking for Dave's name on album covers you could start with the Charley Pride hit "Is Anybody Going To San Antone" and if you want to find his name as a guitar picker you might want to look at all your albums. And if you would like to meet his number one fan, than you can come to my house, or let me put this a different way, If Dave Kirby blew gas through bamboo pole I'd buy it.

A while back we were talking with Leona Williams and suggested what we do is...since there is not much else on Highway 40 from California to Memphis and points beyond is , buy a radio station right in the middle and just play the great classic country music, ten mile down the road we have a Leona Williams off ramp and ten more mile down the road a George Jones off ramp and ten more miles down the road a Hank Snow off ramp and so on down the road>>>>People could get off but they couldn't go to the bathroom or get any coffee or even get back on the on ramp unless they bought a record and we of course would give them all the free coffee they could drink making sure they couldn't go more then two off ramps without going to the john and that would mean another record sold>>>OR ...How about this, remember the old pay toilets ?? how 'bout putting them back on the out house doors and they could put $12.00 in the coin slot and get a record out and entrance to the out house. How's this for a Highway 40 Billboard slogan "PEE AND GET A C.D." {just a joke son} Leona Williams is a fine singer and writer and we have had several phone calls from folks who have seen and heard her good looking son Ron Williams sing and say he is "Something Else" we hope he gets a contract with a company worthy of his talent, meanwhile make it down to Brady,Texas August the 2nd. 1997 and you can meet the Pretty Ms. Leona along with Mr. Dave Kirby & Curtis Potter and another super song writer Mr. Sonny Throckmorton. OH:::::Almost forgot the Honorary president of "The Friends of Leona Williams " is Ms.Laura Doughty-10 Holly Ct-Belton, Texas 76513 or you can call her at (817) 780-2964. She's a nice lady and she would love to hear from you.

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