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Date News Posted: June 20, 1997

With the help of Rob Helms, ( son of Bobby Helms ) last year we released "THE BOBBY HELMS CHRISTMAS COLLECTION" not re-released one you had heard before but re-cut the album from scratch, Of course the album contains "JINGLE BELL ROCK" but it also contains 11 more great Christmas songs hand picked by Bobby and his son Rob. We had many other recordings planed, all of Bobby's greatest hits in fact. I ask him one night last year when he called me if he was going to put my favorite Bobby Helms song on the next album if we did one he said "Which one is that"? I said " I Don't Owe You Nothin' " He kinda' laughed and said "You know that's the first song I ever wrote" Bobby called me a few months ago and the first thing he said was "Listen to this" he pushed the button on the recorder he had sitting there, and there it was, he had went back in the studio and recorded "I Don't Owe You Nothin'" for me and he played the whole thing, he said "I knew you liked that one" and I couldn't say anything I couldn't believe someone would do that just because someone liked the song, But he did. I will never forget you Bobby, not just because of that song but because of the kindness and friendship that was always there when you called. The world will never forget you for all of the great songs you shared with the world, the millions of people that would scream from the audience when the weather was a hundred and ten in the middle of the summer to sing "JINGLE BELL ROCK". At ten thirty last night June the 19th 1997 Indiana Time Bobby Helms passed away, I lost a friend, The world of Country Music lost a legend.

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