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Date News Posted: June 19, 1997

Second to none**Just about describes this "LEON RAUSCH & TOMMY ALLSUP" 3 C.D. >SIMS RECORDS< box set called "A TRIBUTE TO THE MUSIC OF BOB WILLS". If you are or ever were a fan of Western Swing music then cowboy you done hit the mother lode. Now no one has ever doubted that Bob Wills knew exactly what he wanted to create the sound that made him famous and for that he may have been a genius. But if Bob Wills was to ever be called a genius I think it should be for the talent the man had to surround himself with the best pickers Texas had to offer or Oklahoma or where ever he got them because together and forever two names become one "BOB WILLS & THE TEXAS PLAYBOYS" The sounds this big hat, cigar smokin' gentleman demanded of his pickers could only live through the hearts and love of those that were there or soon to be there. And now 23 years since Bob Wills went to W.S.H (western swing heaven) Russell Sims, Tommy Allsup & Leon Rausch have got Bob Wills sittin' up there lookin' down with a little grin. Sheeee, you hear that ? AaaaaaHaaaaa.

I can't end this little story about the Bob Wills Tribute album without mentioning the book that comes with it. It's about 22 pages of great stories and pictures and feelings about the man Bob Wills and his music. It opens with some heartfelt words from the beautiful Miss Cindy Walker who's songs will out live time, a tribute piece written by the producer of this great album Mr.Russell Sims who now can sit back and enjoy it but having produced a few records myself I would bet that he spent a lot of nights in bed looking up at the ceiling with a million mixed emotions that kept going through his mind, because bottom line is right or wrong, good or bad my name, Russell Sims will be forever linked to the King of western swing. This little book also has some great stories about Tommy & Leon, some stories about all the super pickers that appear on this album. Some stories from Mike Oatman, Johnny Western, Bill Mack and our old California friend Larry Scott who dropped everything he was doing to fly to California to pay his respects to Eddie Dean and Hal Southern when we finally got them two Gold Albums each for "HILLBILLY HEAVEN". We really enjoyed reading every word in this book (so far 4 times) . And Russell, If I were Freddie Hart I would put my arm around your shoulder and say "Bless your heart boy, you did good".

"OUR LAND OUR HERITAGE" Dan Blocker narrator, John Mitchum author/singer>>>>>Dan & John first met on the TV set of "Cimmaron City"the two became fast friends and when Dan "the gentle giant" became "Hoss" Cartright on BONANZA that frienship grew into one of such richness that many an evening was spent at John's house or Dan's house with John entertaining the guest with folk songs and stories. The album "Our Land, Our Heritage" tells the stories behind the songs. John wrote the stories and Dan narrated them. Look for this album in our cassette album section.

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