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Date News Posted: June 15, 1997
Will Rogers said he only knew what he read in the papers, Well in today's paper it said...A new LIVE album will be released July the 29th of this year on Patsy Cline who has been dead for 30 years plus** Now that's gonna' be a trick, Roy Rogers if he had a mind to could still hop up on Trigger and he's been dead a while but ol' Roy has got Trigger stuffed. Anyway they said they had found tapes of a live show that Patsy did years ago in a house she use to live in, now all I can say to that one is that house must have been in some kind a' mess if it took 30 years to find a tape in it.

Hillous Butrum made his first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry at 16 as a staff musician, when Hank Williams came to the Opry Hillous joined his show as a bass player, when Hank died Hillous fronted the Hank Snow show for 4 1/2 years and the Marty Robbins show for 3 years. In 1977 Hillous re-organized the original Hank Williams band "The Drifting Cowboys" and toured the world again. In 1984 Hillous leased a series to the Nashville Network that became their 3rd highest rated show for that year, The Ernest Tubb Shows, Hillous Butrum was the first to start distributing home videos in the country music market out of Nashville. For some great country music videos you can write Hillous at, H. Butrum Enterprises-44 Music Square East / Suite 115- Nashville, TN 37203- If you don't want any videos, write him anyway, he's a nice guy.

Johnny Mitchum has just sent us some buried treasures that we thought would never be dug up again BUT THEY WERE ..Now these are cassette albums but if you are like me and it is something you want you'll take it on a toilet paper roll if that's the only way you can get it, the t.p. roll looked a lot like the old cylinder records anyway, anywho here they are. Number 1+ Dan Blocker and Johnny Mitchum the album title * "Stories Of America's Great Songs" Even though Mike Landon was a great actor and went on to do many great shows Bonanza was never the same without Hoss Cartwright. Number 2+Robert Mitchum the album title * "Calypso Is Like So" it also contains 2 bonus tracks which are "Ballad Of Thunder Road" & "My Honey's Lovin' Arms" Robert Mitchum is probably one of the greatest actors that ever lived. & Number 3+ John Wayne the album title * "America, Why I Love Her" And I doubt if anyone could write anything that has not already been said about "The Duke". If you are interested you have our address.

Henry Young is a name you might not know right out of the clear blue BUT Henry Young is the man that drew little sketches, wrote little notes and wrote long letters to anyone that would listen or read them. Henry Young is the man responsible for the Jimmie Rodger's stamp. Before she passed away, on a stage in Mississippi, Jimmie's daughter said "If it had not been for Henry Young, chances are there would have never been a Jimmie Rodgers stamp" Henry Young probably knows more about J.R. then anyone alive today. on his radio show up in Delano, California, Henry played them old scratchy 78's of Jimmie's and with every record he told a story. Henry can almost tell you the time of day each and every record was cut. Henry's little wife passed away a few months ago and needless to say being all alone at 80 with the cookin' and all ain't no easy job. Henry told us last week that very soon he was going to put himself in a care home. Like Jimmie, Henry too was a Railroad Man and the author of the book "Big Rock Candy Mountain". If you are or ever were a fan of Jimmie Rodgers this is your chance to write someone who knows a lot about J.R. and someone with a big enough heart to share it. Keep his light burning, write to Henry Young, we'll make sure he gets it and we know he will answer you. THANK YOU !.

I wonder if Garth Brooks would work for a fee like this one **** In 1957 Vern Stovall worked in a club in Dixon, California with Freddy Rose and they were paid a nickel for every beer sold in the club that night >>> Now I'm just going to take a guess but I would say that Garth would at least have to get a quarter a beer. We will have a good story coming soon on Vern Stovall from Altus, Oklahoma so stick around.

REMEMBER****If you ever find something you like, buy a lifetime supply, because they will stop making it.

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