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June 8, 1997

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Date News Posted: June 11,1997
Sad News to report, At 12:48 P.M. June the 10th 1997 Miss Carolina Cotton passed away in a Bakersfield, California hospital. As of a week ago things were looking better for Miss Cotton and she was transferred from the hospital to a California care center in Bakersfield but in the early morning hours she worsened and was rushed back to the hospital where she died just after high noon at 12:48. Her Daughter told us yesterday that the Neptune Society was taking care of the services and that it was requested that no flowers be sent. Anyone wishing to make a contribution to their favorite charity in Miss Cotton's name would be much appreciated. Miss Carolina Cotton was born in 1933.

Bill Woods from Bakersfield: Anyone that ever said they lived in Bakersfield, California and did not know Bill Woods had to either have been full of prune juice or drinking it. Bill woods probably did more to help and promote Southern California Artist then anyone ever, Bill was a friend to everyone who needed help and in all of my years in this business I have never found one person that ever put Bill down, not that I was ever looking for someone , and I never found one person that had been in the country music business longer then a hotdog that did not know Bill Woods. I would be afraid to say anything about Bill anyway, Merle Haggard might come down here and beat me up (that's just a joke son}. And come to think of it Bill still is all those good things.

Sometime ago Doye O'Dell had a stroke and even though he is getting around the house pretty good he is still not able to get out and do things like he would like to do. We all get busy and wrapped up in our own life and sometimes forget that a friend is down or think maybe he wouldn't want to hear from me anyway, Well he would, it really doesn't matter if you know him personally or not, or even if you ever heard one of his records, The fact is when I stop by his house and someone has sent him a card or letter he is lit up like Christmas. In those great 50's years Doye had one of the all-time great shows in Western Music in southern California, his guest list would take a month to write. Doye is an ex Marine and is from the great state of Texas. A couple of his recordings you might remember are "Dear Okie", "Old Shep", "Blue Christmas" and "Diesel Smoke"..He appeared in pictures with Roy Rogers, Tex Ritter, Monte Hale, Charles Starrett and a bunch more. Anyway, Please send him a card or a note, you can just send it to Doye O'Dell, c/o Bradley Brothers Records, Box 2144, Winnetka, Ca. 91396 THANKS.

"When I first started doing concerts with Otis Deaton, Henry Long and Theo Casey, most of all the songs we sang were Mr. Al Brumley's. That was in 1927, what a great Gospel song writer and what beautiful memories." Sincerely, Eddie Dean *******When we mentioned to Mr. Dean that we had received some nice albums from Albert E. Brumley Jr. singing Albert E. Brumley SR's songs, his words were "Oh my goodness, what a song writer he was" and wrote the above words for us to print. Sometimes tradition is carried down, sometimes it isn't. But in this case of Jr. & Sr. Mr. Brumley is not looking down from Heaven, he is standing right beside his son as he sings these Gospel Classics to end all Classics. Who does not remember "I'll Fly Away", "This World Is Not My Home", "If We Never Meet Again", "Turn Your Radio On" and the list goes on. These two albums will be listed in our Record Album Section coming up shortly, but if you can't wait drop us a note and we will let you know what is on them and the price. Some folks walk in the shadows of a famous father or mother,Some walk beside them, So be the case of Albert Brumley Jr. he truly does his father proud singing these greatest Gospel hits of all time.

Johnny Mitchum has a great book that he wrote about the life and times of his brother Robert and himself it's called "Them Ornery Mitchum Boys" we'll have some of them pretty soon and tell you how to get a copy. If you were, or are a John Wayne fan then you might already know that Johnny Mitchum wrote one of the few songs ever recorded by "The Duke" it was called "America Why I Love Her".

I have been a fan of Tommy Overstreet since I was just a baby (well anyway, it seems like that long) I don't remember any of his records that I did not play either over the air or at a volume so loud my neighbor would say "I sure liked that song you were playing yesterday" Right now we don't have any C.D.'s on Tommy but they are a comin' but we do have some great albums which will be listed shortly in our "Album Section" so watch for them. We played "Heaven Is My Woman's Love"so many times while we were D.J'n up in Mojave that the record turned white, wore the grooves clear off that bugger**actually I'm a hundred years older then Overstreet, I just wanted to make him feel good.

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