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Date News Posted: June 8, 1997
Most everyone can afford the price of a get well card and a stamp so if you wouldn't mind Miss Carolina Cotton is in a Care Hospital in Bakersfield, California and not doing well at all, just a card from you would let her know she is not forgotten, even a note if you care to send one but please do not send her any pictures to sign, she is not well enough* Please send the letters and card in care of her daughter who will make sure she gets them---Miss Carolina Cotton, % Ms. Sharon Marie 814 17th. Street #5 Bakersfield, Ca. 93301 Thank You

If you really like Western Music and you have never heard of Les Gilliam then maybe it's about time, Les is from Gene Autry,Oklahoma and grew up with the songs of the West, he has toured the country and been the Star attraction on many of them. His "Western Country" c.d. is second to none when it comes to some of the classic westerns like Streets Of Laredo,Cool Water, The Blizzard and All Around Cowboy the great Marty Robbins hit--included on this great album is one that was one of Gene Autry's most requested That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine. For a bio, C.D or more information on Les Gilliam drop us a note.

Just contacted one of the all time greats Mr. Marvin Rainwater and we hope to have some good music and stories from Marvin real soon.

If you are just getting started in this business or even if you have been around a while and need someone to help you promote yourself then we suggest you contact Mr. Howard Vokes, There is only one word that we know of to describe Howard and that's HONEST something pretty rare in any business. You can drop him a line at P.O. Box 12, New Kensington, Pa. 15068 or phone him at 412-335-2775..It would cost you nothing to receive a promotion package from Howard for yourself or a friend that might not know who to contact for help in getting started or just sending out a product that you already have.

Johnny Western is still alive and well for anyone that may have been wondering, Still working shows and still touring when ever duty calls.

Stu Phillips, to me was one of the finest singers in Country Music and we thought he had hung up recording for other things in life BUT we know now that he didn't, Stu Phillips has a great C.D called "Blue Canadian Rockies" released in August of last year and another one released in 1994 called "Don't Give Up On Me" he has a gospel album coming up very soon and an all-time favorites album coming this fall.

If our good friend Patsy Montana were still here she would be proud of this new album by Janet McBride, it's called "Yodeling Favorites" even though Janet has spent the past several years in and around Mesquite, Texas she has been around the world and then some. Her friends and fans around Bakersfield remembers Janet McBride with much love and respect for her music. Even though some of these songs you may recognize as being made famous by others you can bet the style is pure Janet McBride, songs like I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart and Chime Bells, and enough other good ones to keep this cassette album in your car stereo for many a long mile.

It really makes me feel good to turn on the T.V and see one the greats of all time doing commercials, Mr. Les Paul. Real soon we will have a nice story on How Eddie Dean just happened to be the one to introduce Les to what would soon be his partner for life, Miss. Mary Ford.

Even though Ancel Cook is a fine actor, a good friend and is on T.V doing some kind of a commercial just about every time you turn it on, he couldn't carry a tune in a fruit jar. He was humming Dixie on the phone and my dog got sick.

The great actor Robert Mitchum is not quite up to par these days but still finds the time to do the "Voice Overs" for many commercials. Although most do not think of Mr. Mitchum as being a singer or a recording artist he did have a couple or three albums in the charts, one or maybe two that most everybody remembers is "Ballad Of Thunder Road" and "That Little Old Wine Drinker Me".

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