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Date News Posted: May 17, 1998

When MCA released an album a few years ago on Eddie Rabbitt, they called us and said they had a few promotion things and could we send someone by to pick them up for the store, when we got there they had a fat package with our name on it, in it was some album covers and a few other things but also a big package of peel off stick on foot steps, so we peeled them off and stuck them all over the store leading to Eddie Rabbitt's album of "Step By Step".

Eddie thought he had the cancer licked after the doctors told him his prognosis was excellent after he was diagnosed with the cancer and started his radiation treatments in the first few months of 1997.

I Love A Rainy Night was probably one of Eddie's best known songs but "Drivin' My Life Away" and "Every Which Way But Loose" was just a step away, one way or the other, but the most important thing about Eddie Rabbitt was his love for life and his family, everything printed about Eddie said he took a lot of pride in doing good clean shows for his fans and was there to help Bob Dole in his "96" campaign for his presidential race.

Eddie Rabbitt died Thursday May the 7th. and was buried Friday May the 8th. in a private service because that is probably the way he wanted it, Eddie passed through this world a quite man and that's the way he left. The "RABBITT" gone at 56.

Montie Montana rode into a Miles City, Montana arena on July the 4th. 1925 for his first paid performance on his first horse Rex****(that was the way the story we wrote started in around August of 1992). Since his first "Rex" back in 1925 Montie rode his way through nine more horses (all named "Rex") as of that 1992 story date.

In 1953 Montie Montana's name was almost "Bean Soup" when the secret service were not aware that President Eisenhower had given Montie permission to rope him in the Inaugural Parade in Washington, D.C.

Montie Montana appeared in many movies, T.V. shows,and wild west shows including the Stoney Burke Series with the late Jack Lord, he was also in the John Wayne-Jimmy Stewart western "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" and in Robert Redford's "Electric Horseman".

As we write this, Montie Montana is in a Southern California Hospital and has suffered three strokes in as many days, we wish him well, but we have to say that those close to him say, "it does not look good. What ever happens, we'll let you know.

Well, Today we received a really nice package from our good friend Warner Mack, we think the only reason he sent it was, we had sent him some real fancy stickers with his name on um and he wanted to try one out.

Warner sent us about a thousand albums a long time ago and we never got um, we waited and waited and waited, and then one day on T.V. there was my postman on T.V. selling Warner Mack records. That's just a joke, we love our good ole postman, besides we stole that from Roy Clark, Roy said one time as a kid, he had ordered a "How To Pick Book" he waited for months, then one night on the Johnny Carson show his postman showed up just pickin' up a storm.

Don't forget the Warner Mack C.D. we told you about a few weeks ago, it has got some of Warner's biggest hits on it and is just a great album, actually it is a double album set, so it has some really good stuff on it. If you would like to buy a couple dozen copies, just drop us a note.

Before we forget, which is real easy to do, we get email, faxes,letters,cards and phone calls just about everyday for the where-abouts of an artist and we think that is really great that you still remember the greats of Country Music. BUT..we can not give you their phone number or address, we will forward your letter on to them and are happy to do so, we think most if not all of our Great Classic artist love to hear from their fans, but as you know, and we are sad to say, all people are not nice people and just get a kick out of bugging others for no reason.

So if you would like to write just put the artist name and our address and we will forward it, you can email it, fax it or write it, which ever is best for you and we will get it to them.

From a 1967 three page flyer from the "Leon Gibbs" agency, Irving, Texas****"Western music lovers will find one of the most exciting bands in the land when they hear "Leon Rausch" and the famous "Texas Playboys"

That old three page flyer, mailed to us August the 17th. 1967 (three pages) had a 4cent stamp on it, better yet, it had two two's on it, and now here it is 31 years later and Leon Rausch is still at it and his name is as well known in Texas (and every where else) today as it was then, and if that ain't the cat's kitty, I don't know what am.

We mentioned this before when we first received this box set but at the time didn't have time to go at it like we wanted to, So this time let's start at the top..First this 3 C.D. box set is from our old friends at "Sims Records" it is not only a "Great" set but probably one of the greatest ever tributes to Western Swing Music, the memories of Bob Wills, Leon McAuliffe, Tommy Duncan and all of the other Great Western Swing artist of the time.

It has been said that the man, "Bob Wills" loved to record Cindy Walker songs, and all we can say to that is, if you ever heard a couple of them then "Who wouldn't"? Songs from Miss. Walker on these CD's include some real Classics like, Cherokee Maiden, Dusty Skies, Blue Bonnet Lane, When You Leave Amarillo, Turn Out The Lights, and five or six more of her songs and of course the albums have probably two of the most famous Western Swing Songs ever written or ever will be, "Faded Love" and "San Antonio Rose" written by Bob & Billy Jack.

This three CD box set not only has some of the greatest swing music ever, in it, it looks Great, complete with an eighteen or twenty page book in it, talking about all the players and a nice little story on each, a nice little intro by Miss. Cindy Walker and the President of "Sims" records, Mr. Russell Sims.

SO, What we have here is > 50 of the greatest Western Swing songs of all time with two of the originals that was there to start it all, Mr. Tommy Allsup and Mr. Leon Rausch, you oughta' buy this one if it was just the empty box and book just to read about these greats of "Western Swing"

I think in the early years of the "50's", they didn't quite know what to call, or maybe the right word is, how to "tag" an artist . In going through some old magazines and song books, they called most of the songs in one particular magazine "Cowboy Songs" and called Johnnie Lee Wills a "folk" singer, they called Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs "Cowboy Song Stars" and the song, Forever and Always written by Lefty Frizzell they called a "Trail Hit", I don't think Lefty ever rode with "The Lone Ranger" on a horse or even on a bus.

It seems by the 50's those coming out of the South, the mid-west or Texas, was not all that happy about the word "Hillbilly" and not that, that is a bad word 'cause I are one, but because they had moved in a different direction from the bib overalls and laced up boondockers, scraped off the horse puckey and traded it all for "Nudie Suits".

Growing up in Kentucky, I can still see my Grandfather sitting there on the front porch all by himself (except for me) playing that old fiddle, he had enough cow poop on his old shoes to fertilize Ohio, two bags of "Dukes Mixture" with the tags hanging out of his overall bib pocket and sitting beside his chair on the porch floor, a cup of coffee strong enough to remove the gold dust from King Tut's testicles, and anyway you look at it, Grandpa was a Hillbilly, but Grandpa didn't know it and most importantly, Grandpa didn't give a s - - - -.

Music, no matter what kind it is, is a feeling, and if you don't feel it then it might as well be the sound of butter churning at 4 in the morning, do you think them poor black men, women and children picking cotton, the white man hundreds of feet down in a dark old coal mine or that old farmer staring a mule in the behind hours before daybreak cared what he was called, nope, and what he sung came from his heart and his feelings, and like the cowboy that had the night watch would sing something he had made up to keep the cattle quite at night. It all was a feeling, and WE have let that feeling all but slip away.

Even though the "Nudie" suits were the "In" thing by the 50's, "Country Music" was good, Thanks to Greats like Bill Monroe that tagged his kind of music "Bluegrass" along with Flatt & Scruggs and some other greats, Gene Autry and Roy with the Sons Of The Pioneers had pretty much got the "Western" music on the right track and the likes of George Jones and Lefty had nailed "Country" Music to Grandpa's front porch, Burl Ives had a hammer lock on "Folk" music , Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee had cornered the "Rock-a-Billy" and the "Gospel" groups were just out standing, and Bob Wills was tearing up Texas with what forever would become "Western Swing".

So what in the hell went wrong ? Did we sell all of our big publishing companies to foreigners ? Did we sell all of our "COUNTRY" radio stations to foreigners ? Did we pass a law while I was sleeping that all Country Singers past 40 or 50 would be heard only on underground radio? Is there a Radio Nazi like the soup Nazi on Seinfeld that says, "You take it my way, or you don't take it at all"?

I am really surprised that some of these new people have the B - - - s to get on T.V. or radio and say they grew up listening to Cash, Jones or Haggard while sitting on the same stage looking them in the eye, do you see any of them protesting the fact they ain't heard a Johnny Cash song on the radio in ten years ? NO, the are afraid to, they are afraid the stations will quit playing their records and their company will drop them, They are going to drop your BUTT anyway when you quit selling records, Check the charts and see how many names are not on it that were there two years ago.

A big part of these new artist that the record companies have kept, could buy a radio station them self in a period of a years time if they wanted to and change all of this, because the money is so big now compared to what it was in the days of Lefty, and I know because we have years worth of Lefty's contracts and he never made more than a few hundred dollars (two or three hundred a night) when he had three in the top ten at the same time.

You see in the paper now and then that one of the new guys gave a hospital or some good charity a hunk of money, that's good, and we are proud of you for that. Why don't you try putting some of it back into the business you said you grew up listening to and your Daddy killed himself working and listening to so you could have the good life, like buy a radio station, even a little one and try playing some good Country Music on it.

We dug out one of Johnny Cash's original 45's the other night, how many pieces were on it (instruments) ?, oh, three or four, Johnny, Luther and Marshall, I think the drummer went to lunch and never came back, but what-ever, dang it sure sounded good, and George's old record of "Walk Through This World With Me" why that old sucker is turnin' plum white, but the feeling is still in the groves of that old record, and, and son of-a-gun under that old pile of round black things they used to call records was a old 45 of Hank Snow's "Movin'On" why that bugger is done turned whiter than Casper the ghost, but the feeling was still deep in the wax of that old disk.

Fifty years from now when all the greats are gone and it is getting close for the new ones to cash in, the headlines in papers all across the country will read, "WALLEY WILSON, DIES IN HOSPITAL" Country singer ? Walley Wilson dies of complications unknown to man kind, he had not been sick, and he had never complained of pain. He was rushed to the hospital where an immediate autopsy was performed. Shocking America and the world, it was discovered Walley had no heart, where the heart should have been was a small computer about the size of a silver dollar, Doctors say that Walley must have shorted out a chip while sailing across a crowd by a cable tied to his ass in Boston.

George and Cash and me and some more good ole boys, just gonna be sittin' up here a laughin' and a laughin' and a laugh......

Good friend Ancel Cook is doing good with his "COORS Beer" commercial, that's him pumpin' the gas, or starting to, when a couple of guys can't decide if they want to get gas and drive, or use their money for a couple cans of "COORS" and push the car home**We reckon you can guess which one they chose.

Ancel did a commercial a couple years ago and they ran it second or third, something like that on the SUPER BOWL, it was for them strips you stick on your nose so you can breath better, I reckon the strips work o.k. but he did it in a pig farm up the way a piece and they had them strips on all them hogs. Now being from the country and feedin' a heap of them oinkers back then, we can tell you for sure that the only way you can keep a pig from "Oinkin" is to change his name to Bacon or Pork Chop.

Cal Smith is praying someone will give him a job singing someplace, anyplace quick, otherwise his wife is going to make him mow the yard.

We went out 'bout a year ago to buy a lawn mower, on the way to the store we drove past the feed and grain, well, we didn't drive all the way by, actually we pulled in and bought a goat, we put a nice collar on him and you know, the dangdest thing, the chain we hooked him to was the exact same length as our yard, other than a few bahaaaaas' now and then, it works out plum good.

Don Hinson took over the great Stewart Hamblin's morning show on KLAC which was the number one Country Music station for Southern California back a while and his show rapidly became the number one rated show on the air for "REAL' Country Music, Hinson not only knows a lot about Country Music but is Something else as a show opener and funny man. The list of names for those he has opened for, reads like a "who's who" in the world of Country Music, So if you plan on doing a big show, give us a holler and we'll send you a package.

Well that ought to about do it, we gotta go check on the goat;

Even though you wasn't a Country boy, The world is going to miss you Frank, have a good time up there with the Rat Pack because it is for sure, whatever you did in your life you "Did It Your Way"

We'll see you later, but just in case we don't, take care of yourself.

Don Bradley

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