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Date News Posted: May 11, 1999

We lost a few more in the entertainment world this past week or so, all I can say is, be happy you were not a  part of the "All In The Family" kids, "my goodness", as ol Eddie would say, all those kids sure hit bottom and now this week, one gone with Dana Plato, O.D'ing in Oklahoma, makes me proud of Andy's little friend Opie Taylor, going on from a kid actor to an award winning director, course he had to change his name to Ron Howard.

Like the Andy Griffith show, The real McCoys with Walter Brennan and I Love Lucy and a few of the others, you could park your kids in front of that T.V. set and not worry about them picking up words you wouldn't want Grandma to hear, and you sure could not learn how to make a bomb from Barney Fife, in fact, after watching Barney handle a gun, you might want to shuck yours over a bridge some where.

A guy doing an interview with Walter Brennan some years ago ask him, "If you had to say the words they say nowdays in the pictures, would you say them"? Walter Brennan didn't waste a lot of words on anything, his answer was, "Nope" their not necessary, end of answer

Had a nice little talk the other day with a real legend in this business, you don't even have to know what he wrote or even what he ever recorded to know why he is and should be, called a legend, his mild manner and sincere approach to life is all one would ever have to know about Floyd Tillman to know why he would be loved even if he was the local ice cream man.

But he wasn't,who doesn't remember, "I Love You So Much It Hurts," "Slippin' Around," "It Makes No Difference Now," "I Gotta Have My Baby Back," >> and holly-molleeee, nigh on a thousand more, now that's a lot of ink.

It's one thing for a fellow Country artist to record one of your songs, that is, if you are Country, but, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Vic Damone, Pete Fountain, Ella Fitzgerald, The Mills Brothers, The Supremes to mention some of the pop names, that have recorded Floyd's songs, but then when it comes to Country, it would take less time just to say, "everybody that's really country has recorded one of his songs" people like Ernest, Willie, Price, Haggard, Jerry Lee, Gilley, Foley, and of course that Jones boy named George, and you might want to throw in the likes of the great Rex Allen and Patsy Cline or Johnny Gimble.

And unless he has had eyes all over the world watching his songs, he will probably never know how many times or by whom, they have been recorded, Eddie Dean told me once, (Twenty some years ago) that "One Has My Name" had been recorded by 57 major artist after that they lost track, "Hillbilly Heaven" had been recorded by so many artist so fast, they never did have an idea of how many recorded that one, a lot of artist changed the words to Jazz Heaven, Truck Driver's Heaven, Hollywood Heaven and just about ever other Heaven known to man kind plus the Roy Roger's version of Cowboy Heaven they played behind the film clips on the Academy Award Show and they never even mentioned Eddie, and then of course there was the Riders in the Sky version "Side Meat Heaven".

Elected to the Country Music Hall Of Fame in 1984, Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame in 1983, was inducted into the Nashville Song Writers Hall Of Fame and to shorten the list of places Floyd Tillman has appeared and performed, let's just say, every place, that's any place.

AND>>>Floyd is the host of the annual Floyd Tillman Lions Share Tournament and show in Houston, Texas every single year.

Thanks for the pictures, bio and letter Mr. Tillman, we'll hang your pictures high.

One of the new guys was on, well, no need to mention who's show, let's just say, one of the TNN shows, a while back and he said when he checked into a hotel room while he was out on the road, he changed his name so people wouldn't know he was there and bother him, after he finished singing on the show he was on, I couldn't help but wonder who would care if he was there or not.

I checked into a room one time in Vegas, the desk clerk ask me my name and I said, Willie Nelson, I thought, man I'm gonna have me a party tonight, so I went up, scrubbed up, put on some toilet water and waited, an hour later the phone rang, I said to myself, "self" this is it. I said, "Hello". It was a hair dresser wantin' to know if I wanted a hair cut.

Just jokin' Willie

Since Wayne Rogers retired, (huum) from Durango Boots, he is just enjoying life, even though a lot of his old friends still miss him over at the boot company, now Durango ain't the only boot company in America there are several others, so if one of you Boot Company Owners are a-readin' this, call old Wayne and give him another job, he was running quality control for this company but old Wayne would make you a heck of a PR man, Wayne is one of the nicest human beings we ever met, he is thoughtful, kind and considerate, but sometimes he don't write his friends as often as he should, he's nice looking neat and slick, this is all you need to know about him and he'll work for what ever you think is fair. email us and we'll give you his number.

Phyllis Hill was running the music clearance department at TNN for many years, sometimes things happen, sometimes the one with the 20 dollar haircut gets mixed up as to who is doing all the good work and well, like we said, things happen. >> So if you own a record company down there in Nashville or any place else close by and need someone that can run your office for you and that knows the music business, the Nashville scene and many, many people in Music City USA. Why not call Phyllis and give her a job=====Just think about this. you could go fishin', here is her number, 615-847-0703

Don Hinson, ex KLAC Down Home With Hinson Country show and the number one show in the number one market in the old west is looking for a job, he would like to have a job opening shows for famous people because he is one funny bugger, he has considered accepting a job as President, which would be great but being one of his best friends I just can not accept the job he has offered me of being his intern interviewer, the next thing you know I would be a guest on the Jay Leno show and since Clinton and Monica seem to be Jay's favorite subject, Jay may want me to work for him and my buddy Hinson would be left to take things into his own hands. So, if you are reading this in Vegas and got a nice little show and want an outstanding opening act, then email us and we will send you a promo pack, free, unless you want to pay for it with chips, not buffalo.

Ancel Cook"s new Poloroid commercial is really doing great, it's the one where the little girl says, "take my picture Grandpa" or something like that, anyway, Ancel is the Grandpa, and takes a picture of her standing beside one of them outer space guys with a big head, you might have caught the one he did at the beginning of the Super Bowl this year where he was sitting on a stool talking to an M&M. Actually that was not a commercial, some one just happen to have a video camera, you know like Real TV or Candid Camera and caught him talking to an M&M, if I would have had a camera on several occasions being around him, I would be richer than he is, he talks to anything, most of them are from the candy family.

Wynn Stewart's daughter Wren has sit up a web site for her Dad, like most young children that lost their father or mother before they had a chance to really grow up and enjoy them, Wren is trying her best to collect pictures and stories and things in general about her Dad that you may know, we know that there are a lot of pickers still around that worked at George's Roundup, Town Hall Party and a lot of other places that her Dad did and probably know some good stories about Wren's Dad .

We also know that you as a fan may have been to some of the shows some place in this world where Wynn was a guest artist and just maybe you had your camera with you, in this day and time, at places like Kinkos or other good printing places, they can make a laser copy of that picture in just a minute or two and cheap and Wren would sure thank you for it I know if you would send her a copy.

Here is how you can reach Wren Stewart    and if you had some pictures of her Dad I am sure she would give you a mailing address as to where to send them. Thanks for your help.

We spoke with Hank Locklin jr. yesterday morning, on the way in a day or so will be the brand new CD from his Dad, we are really looking forward to that one and doing a little story on Hank and his music, to me it is the greatest thing in the world when Hank and all the rest of our great classic artist still get out there and record, some times it is not always easy, some of them have no money to record with or no place to do it and the folks with the money go looking for some young sprout that no one ever heard of and spend a fortune trying to promote them.

And speaking of Hank's, Hank Thompson's album with most all of his classics on it is a killer, even though it has been out a while it is still a great album, it will take you back through a lot of great memories, that is if you were alive in the good old days.

Some one told me that Johnny Duncan was gone, if so we never read any place that he had died, and it sure wasn't on Country Radio in this part of California cause there ain't no Country Radio in this part of the country, so if you know could you send us an email ? Thanks

And we are still looking for Glen Barber to do a story on, at least some one told us he wasn't dead, here is an extra (n) in case Glen is spelled with two of um. Glen sure had a good one that he recorded some years ago called, "Who's Taking The Picture".

Don't forget this year if you are taking your vacation in September you still have plenty of time to plan and make it down to Gene Autry, Oklahoma. Last year, to name a few of the Stars that were there >Johnny Western, Rex Allen Jr., Ancel Cook, Janet McBride, Les Gilliam, Jody Miller, Dale Berry and the famous Indian artist "Cherokee" who's work is just second to none, and to use a word that Cherokee likes, he is just a great guy to "fellowship" with

Lined up for this year already is, Riders In The Sky, Johnny Western, Les Gilliam, Jody Miller and we are working on, Mr. Easy Lovin' Freddie Hart. The dates are, the 24th. 25th. and 26th. of September.

If you would like to know more about what is going on in Gene Autry on those dates, you can tune um in at and on that web page is a phone number that you can call for any other information you may want or information about Hotels, Motels or other things to see in the great state of Oklahoma.

Strange how a person does everything they can do to get a record period, and then to get a hit out of it for the most part is unheard of, and then to have some one with a big name cover it and just wipe you out has got to hurt. Now we don't know this girl but, in 1978 we do know that she cut a record and that sucker was a smash, in fact it was listed as the number 88 best seller out of the top 100 for 1978, her name was Zella Lehr, her song "Two Doors Down" I thought she did a great job on the song, but then, Dolly and a few others cut it and it was adios Zella. Where's Zella ?

78 was also a good year for Johnny Duncan with a couple of good ones, "Hello Mexico (and adios baby to you) and "She Can Put Her Shoes Under My Bed Anytime" And it was a very good year for the late Eddie Rabbitt with three in the top 50.

It Happens to the good, the bad and the ugly I reckon, sometimes you just get lost in the crack and so was the case of Charlie Feathers, he started off great just with his pen when he wrote a big one, in fact records say it was Elvis' first hit called "I Forgot To Remember. that alone should have put enough money in his pocket to get him a very good start, and to be the anchor for Sun Records, but it wasn't, he soon went to King Records and I guess made a living but never the blast that was heard around the country from one Elvis Presley, Charlie Feathers could do that Rockabilly with the best of them, but what ever fame he was to ever know, came and went and a few months ago Charlie Feathers passed away.

We usually save the Records and CD's for the Catalog section of this page but tonight we are going to add a couple right here which won't be here anymore after this week.first the Charlie Feathers King Records collection on CD for 11.95 > The Legendary Carl Smith collection that has about 20 songs on it, most of Carl's smash hits for 12.95 > Porter Wagoner along with the Blackwood Brothers Quartet and if you like gospel music sung only the way Porter Wagoner can do it then this is the one, actually this is the two, it is two separate CD's one is called P.Wagoner & the Blackwood Brothers The Grand old Gospel and the other one is called, More Grand old Gospel, any way they are 11.95 each.

Also a 2 CD record set called "Truckin' On" with 52 songs, we are not going to list all 52 but a few like Dave Dudley and 6 Days On The Road > Teddy Bear Red Sovine > Wolverton Mountain Claude King > The Bridge Washed Out Warner Mack > Girl On The Billboard Del Reeves > How Fast Them Trucks Can Go Claude Gray, and well, enough truckin' songs to get you to Memphis, like we said a two CD set 52 songs in all, 19.95.

And we got one more that is a three CD set with 62 songs on it, this one should get you all the way to Alaska, A few of them are > Lonesome 7-7203 Hawkshaw > Send Me The Pillow Hank Locklin > The Days Of Me and You Red Sovine > Back Street Affair Webb Pierce ...anyway I'll be here all night listing all that's on this package but they are all true country collectors songs, a 3CD set originally they were on 5 LP's, you know, them round wax buggers anyway the package is 21.95.

Gotta couple more new ones but I'm to pooped to list them including a 3CD collectors set from Minnie Pearl, that ones got enough funny stuff on it to get you all the way to Burma.

Cowboy Rory Calhoun is gone and song writer Shel Silverstein better known to his fans and friends as "A Boy Named Sue" and many other novelty songs, most, or a lot of them made famous by the man in Black, Mr. Johnny Cash.

We are going through the songs of Cindy Walker to try and put together a nice time and place story, I think we should start our own school, I doubt if very few people know just how many songs this lady has written, but I think if you started singing Cindy Walker songs and didn't stop, you could make it all the way to Mars.

Now I'm really pooped and there ain't nobody here, 'cept that mule, old rivers.......and me

See you next time, but just in case we don't, take care of yourself

Don Bradley 

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