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Date News Posted: April 20, 1998

CARUTH C. BYRD, It seems like every time Mr. Byrd's name "pops" up, it is in the same breath as people helping people, or animals,and while his love for the great out-doors of Texas brings him face to face with a man eating Tiger, his love for the Movie business brings him face to face with many of the Hollywood super stars of today and the "Silver Screen". heroes of yester-year.

It was Caruth Byrd along with the legendary Pat Buttram that formed what many believe to be one of the finest and most meaningful award shows of them all "THE GOLDEN BOOT AWARDS", those that have received this award are not just people who have kissed the right (Boots ?) to get where the "Stars" hang out, they are the "STARS" in capitol letters.

Will Rogers, Eddie Dean, Bob Steele, Ben Johnson, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Monte Hale,Clayton Moore, Amanda Blake, Yakima Canutt..and six pages more of super stars that have given their all, and sometimes their life, to the world of entertainment, have all received the famous "Golden Boot Award" and every name on the list certainly knows those who started it all, those who were in front of the camera, and those that were behind it, Caruth Byrd was there.

From California to Florida and Texas in between, Caruth Byrd has given of his time and money to produce movies and concerts involving some of the worlds most famous entertainers, movies like "Sudden Death" starring Robert Conrad, "Santee" starring Glenn Ford, and concerts with Tammy Wynette, BJ Thomas, Eddie Rabbit, Tanya Tucker, funny man Jim Stafford, and again a list of country stars two pages long.

We know that some people like to hunt, and we also know that it is a touchy subject to bring up to some people at the wrong place at the wrong time, we grew up in the blue grass lands of Kentucky and back then with an old 22 rifle, we would hunt for a rabbit or a squirrel, sometimes we had no choice if we planed on eating, but since this is 1998 we do have a choice when there is a grocery store on half the corners in America.

But still, some people find a thrill in shooting animals, cutting off their heads and mounting it on the wall, and if you can look into the eyes of a deer or any other animal that you have shot, cut off his head and mounted him on your wall, smile about it, and tell your friends some stupid story that's probably a lie anyway, then you don't even have a heart and I really don't even care who you are, and it's really to bad that animals don't have guns because we are sure your head would look real good mounted on the walls of a cold cave some where.

Again, Caruth Byrd has given of his money, his time and his love for these great God given creatures, he has given them food he has given them medical attention, he has given them back life and dignity to be free like you and me, he has made his Wild Life ranch in Texas a place that little kids can come and see up close and hear the gentle purr of a lion or the "Oink" of a pot-bellied pig, he likes to walk along with the kids and answer questions about all the animals and watch the looks on their faces when the Lion roars breaking the silence of the morning, in the whispering winds of Texas.

And as far as awards go Mr. Byrd, you deserve the "Statue Of Liberty" Gold Plated.

We try not to even mention the "R" word in Southern California because it may start again, we just hope those folks who's houses have been washed away by the floods of winter have a safe place to stay until their homes are re-built again, and we hope the family's in Nashville and the areas around it are pulling their life back together after that tornado played a song of a different tune through the streets of Tennessee.

We are saving our money to buy a radio station in Southern California, so far all we have is eighteen dollars but it's a start....What we envisioned was>>>a radio station that played Country Music, one that the D.J. talked about the artist and how they were doing and where they were and when they might be coming to our home town.

We were thinking that we could play the music of a "Railroad Brakeman", we haven't given him a name yet, "let's see, maybe we'll call him....Jimmy Rogers, and we thought maybe we would find us a guy that had sort of a gravely voice that sang about love and hurtin' and trains and America, "heck, we don't know what to call this dude, ah shucks, let's just call him Johnny Cash".."and you know what else we were thinking about ?, a guy with a pony tail that went around doing shows for nothing to help some of the hardest working people in the world, our American farmers, a guy that got out there in the rain and brought every Country singer he could find with him to sing and play from sun-up to sun-down and then gave all the money to help the farmer", yea, I know, it will be a cold day in St. Petersburg when we find someone like that, but since this is only a dream, we can call him anything we, I just don't know what to call this guy, but so we can get on with this dream, let's call him Willie Nelson.

We were thinking that when one of these artist that had given us his whole life's worth of music and then got down and out himself that we could get a bunch of artist and people together and do a show and help him and his family out to show him how much we appreciated all his years of giving some thing to us, and we could talk about it on our station and just spend the whole day playing his records and talking about him or her and then all the money we made from the show taking it over to his house with a big bouquet of roses for his wife Ah, what are we talkin' about, there are other people that take care of stuff like that, why just look at all the stuff they sent over to Stoney Edwards' house.

We'll keep a running tab of how much money we have saved up, then just as soon as we have enough to get that station, go through your attic, garage, your barn and all the other places you have put them and dig out your Johnny Horton, Carl Smith, Webb Pierce and all them other old albums and send them to us, and what ever you do, don't forget what records look like, they are black (most of the time) seven inches or larger around and have a hole in the middle.

GREAT C.D. from Jett Williams, some people like fast songs, some people like slow songs, some like both, some like cheatin' songs, some like hurtin' songs...Now I ain't cheatin' and I ain't hurtin', BUT, "ANOTHER CHEATIN' HEART" is a stone-bone hit song, it has got everything it takes to be played on every Country juke box in the U.S. and all the countries across the water.

I don't know how many of these C.D's were sent out for promotion purposes and since we don't have a radio station in Southern Ca. dedicated to pure Country, we don't know if the other stations played it or not, but we do know one thing, just as soon as the tile man moves out of the station we were talking about above, we'll play it, and play it, and play it, and keep on playing it, just because it is a great song and Jett Williams did a super job of singing it.

The only thing we can find wrong with the C.D. is not the c.d. but the back cover, and not only on this c.d. but many others that have been sent to us...Number the dang songs !!'s late' the old d.j. is sitting back while another record is playing reading your back cover and the one playing comes to an end, he says it's three in the morning in down-town Reno, it's 86 degrees and here's,------------, with a great new love song, and he punches the wrong number and plays "White Lightin". Now wouldn't you feel bad if you were driving down the road and heard that ? especially if it was your record..why, we heard of a person one time after hearing a d.j. play the wrong cut on his album drown himself in a bowl of frog soup.

Anyway, if you are a Country station, or we guess any kind of station if you will play Jett's C.D., you can give a call or send a fax to Keith Adkinson in Hartsville, TN. the phone number is 615-655-5549 or send him a fax to 615-655-5525, and we reckon he'll send you one, it really is a great record, we mean C.D.

Another legend in Country music is gone, Rose Maddox died Wednesday April the 15th. 1998 of kidney failure. It's one thing for sure, when the "Maddox Brothers and Rose" hit the stage, all else would stop.

The were billed as the most colorful hillbilly band in America and we doubt if anyone who ever saw one of their shows ever complained that he/she/they didn't get their monies worth.

Our old partner, Steve Stebbins used to book the group, and still booked Rose up until his death, he would travel with them sometimes, and had a lot of great stories to tell about this great family group of entertainers, and even though they were all over that stage when they did their act, Rose could stop you dead when she sang the Woody Guthrie song of the "Philadelphia Lawyer"

We had a lot of old fashioned remedies for what ails ye to tell you about this week but time has run out and we also had a bunch more folks to write about but we'll catch up on that pretty soon also.

We'll see ye in a day or two, but just in case we don't, Take care of yourself

Don Bradley

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