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Date News Posted: March 26, 1998

The Tragedy in Jonesboro, Arkansas this week either ended the lives or forever destroyed the lives of many people.

Four little girls with the whole world ahead of them and a beautiful school teacher with one little child and another on the way, gone, several other little children wounded, every single child in the whole school affected in one way or the other-something that a million years of living will never erase from their minds.

Two little boys age eleven and thirteen, that by looking at their pictures in the paper , look as if their biggest problem would be to decide if they were having wheaties or cheerios for breakfast. And now by doing something very stupid, life as they have known it, is over for eternity.

Something is bad wrong, and 90% of it starts with us, the parents, Oh sure we feed them, and we do all kind of other things for them including, when we need some peace and quite we stick them in a chair in front of that nice new T.V. we bought and let them watch cartoons, maybe you better watch those cartoons yourself and see what the cat is trying to do with the mouse, ah, we know your to busy to watch so we'll tell you, he's trying to kill him, that's what.

The Mayor of this little town was interviewed by a reporter the other night, you could tell his insides were turning inside out from the pain he felt, and from the tremble in his voice and the hurt in his eyes, and for the first time in my life a man elected to anything in this country really got to me.

One dollar is not much money, but, if all of us sent just one dollar, with or without a little note and let that good Mayor put it into what ever fund he saw fit for those who have suffered, I am absolutely sure it would be a big help more than we could ever know, and I would bet my life that the good Mayor would see that it got to the right people.

I don't remember his name and at this point it is unimportant, towns only have one Mayor so just stick a dollar in an envelope, and send it to ..The Mayor's Office..Jonesboro, Arkansas, 72401 --and we are sure he will get it, just put down there somewhere in the left hand corner some place, "for the Teacher, and the Little Children", he'll know what it's for.

If you read this and don't send a dollar, then like Little Jimmy Dickens said, "May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose"

God Bless the good people of Jonesboro, and God Bless America

We'll see you later, but just in case we don't, Tell someone you love um:

Don Bradley

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