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Date News Posted: March 4, 1999

Eddie Dean loved to tell stories better than eat, in fact, better than anything, he loved to tell stories about how he wrote a song, who he wrote it with and when, and he loved to talk about travelin' them old Texas Highways writing songs in his head while Dearest would write them down on paper.

He loved it when a movie he was doing called for a song to fit the script, a lot of those great movie songs were written with his good friend and excellent lyric writer Hal Blair, he and Hal wrote many Great songs together, in fact one of them that was not a Western song that went on to become a multi-million sellers was written by the duo, you may remember that one, it was called "One Has My Name, The Other Has My Heart", recorded by neigh on 60 major artist over the years, but no body sang it better than Eddie Dean.

Eddie Dean's luck with Hal's seem to run good, in fact it was another Hal, Hal Southern that Eddie wrote the classic that was reported to have sold over ten million by the great Tex Ritter alone, that one was called "Hillbilly Heaven" and that one has been recorded by so many artist and the lyrics changed in so many ways, it would be impossible to figure out all the changes and artist that have recorded it, close to one of the last ones at this point is one of Country Music's greatest song writers in his own right, Mr. Bill Andersen, Bill did an out standing job on "Hillbilly Heaven" and Eddie was really proud of it.

Eddie was sad though that he was never in the right place at the right time to thank some of the artist that over the years recorded his songs, like Willie Nelson that recorded "One Has My Name", when we sent down word that Eddie was sorry he never got to thank him in person, ol' Willie said, I sure hope you don't mind, I changed a line or two, I sang it "One Has My Name, The Other Has My Billfold" Eddie got a kick out of that.

Eddie like to brag about the great job that Jerry Lee Lewis did on the same song, he always said, "Bless ol' Jerry's heart, that first check royalty bought our house out there by the lake."

Unlike Roy with Trigger, or Gene with Champion, Eddie had at least three horses that he used in his movies, he had something good to say about all of them, one could do this, one could do that and the other one could do a lot of things the other two couldn't do, Eddie didn't depend on his horse to do all the things that some of the others did, oh sure, he depended on him where the giddy-up-go was concerned but not in the respect of counting to ten or bringing him a bucket of water, but he did depend on him for a smooth ride when he was trying to sing one of them great Western ballads that the whole world knew him for.

Eddie loved to talk about his sidekicks and leading ladies, he always said "It wouldn't be much of a show with out them, ol Roscoe was right there" "I think about Roscoe a lot" he said.

He talked about his appearances on the "Beverly Hillbillies" and the Aunt or Cousin, which ever it was, that always kept calling the Police so that good lookin' Eddie Dean feller would show up,( Eddie played a cop in a couple of the episodes) I think Eddie just felt sorry for her, or her neighbors one, She was about ready to clear out the county trying to yodel and needed some singin' lessons. (she called the right guy)

Eddie talked about his near hook up with Col. Tom Parker and their meeting in Las Vegas after the Col. had said he wanted to manage Eddie and had already tagged him "The Golden Cowboy", that meeting though fell short of what Eddie had went there expecting, when Col. Parker said to him. "Eddie, I am sorry, but I have found someone that I think will be the biggest thing this world has ever seen, and I just can not handle your career and his to." I wasn't there when Col. Parker said those words, but I don't think you need to have to bright a light a shinin' to know how Eddie must have felt, But years later he just said, "The Col. knew what he was doing I suppose, the young man was a great singer" The young man of course was Elvis.

Eddie didn't go through life with out some regrets, like most of us he trusted people and he had a mind that never stopped, he was always thinking of better or different ways to make things, I know of at least two first that should have been his patents and would have made him and six others rich to no- end, and it hurt him that years later they were selling like hot cakes and of course he received no part of it, those that took Eddie's inventions for their own, well, their greed out done their loyalties.

He was an excellent painter, he loved landscape, he loved natures picture, he loved animals and he loved God and he painted pictures of all of them, some still hang in his home and the homes of his family and friends.

He could take a stick and whittle it into a walking cane fit for a Duke, but most of all he could take the leaf from the dining room table and shape that board into a guitar that would put most guitar makers to shame, someday when that world of people gaze on one of his creations, I wonder if they will say, "My God, why didn't we think of that" and I wonder if they do copy one of his guitars, will they call it "The Eddie Dean Model"?

Just when you get to thinking, nobody passes through this world with out some enemies, every body is not going to like you or, I had just as soon not be around that guy, I get to thinking, I never heard one person every say anything and I mean anything about Eddie Dean with out respect in their voice for the man, It has been written and said that some of the other cowboys, (and ol Eddie would think it was funny) had said, "I am sure glad I made it to Hollywood before you did" they knew and respected the fact that nobody could sing like Eddie Dean, and nobody wanted to follow Eddie on the stage, and for the most part, none of them would.

There are so many great stories left to be told by and about Eddie, so many more things he still wanted to do, so much love that will not be shared anymore and so many hearts that will never again be touched by his music from his lips, except on a record,  There will be an empty chair in the living room next to the one Dearest  would sit and work her puzzles and would remind him of the dates he had forgotten when he was trying to tell me a story, yes a chair may be empty but almost seven decades of love shared for each other will be remembered as long as there are those of us who will still remember that a legend has past through our lives.

As everyone knows that has been reading our little stories, knows we just had a fund raiser to put a Star in "The Palm Springs Walk Of Stars" for Eddie, Eddie has called several times since that day of the fund raiser February the 6th.  and said "I know you know how much I appreciate all that you have all done for me, but I just wanted to tell you again that I really, really do appreciate it, and all my old friends and fans coming up to say hello to me sure meant a lot, and my goodness, they had so many blankets wrapped around me, and to think that the news paper people would still come out after all these years and write something about me, my goodness, I just can't get over it.

I went by his house a while back to pick he and Dearest up a prescription or two that they needed and when I got back he handed me a picture that he had signed, on it he wrote "To Don Bradley, One of my best friends ever, your friend, Eddie Dean. > only tonight did what he write on that picture hit me so hard.

Though he will never see the Star that his friends and fans honored him with, he left this world knowing it would be there soon.

So to Eddie Dean who would sometimes call me Son, I will miss you more than you will ever know (I take that back, I think you will know) but for tonight, all my eyes will let me write is this.






                                      JULY THE 9TH. 1907>>>MARCH THE 4TH. 1999>>91 YEARS, 8 MONTHS

God Bless you Eddie, and thanks for all the love and memories

Your Friend

Don Bradley

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