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Date News Posted: March 3, 1998

MARCH the 3rd 1908, the birthday of my Dad who would have been 90 years old today had he lived.

So today Dad, we will dedicate this page of news to you, and since I know you ask the Lord to forgive you and some of your friends when you were 14 growing up in Kentucky, for the time you guys moved old man Johnson's out-house back three feet and covered the top of the old hole with chicken wire and leaves so he wouldn't suspect it had been moved, that is 'till he went out in the middle of the night to use the quarter moon facility, I'll have to assume he let you in to Heaven, and if so, I know where you are every Saturday night, Front Row Center watching your all time favorite, Mr. Bill Monroe.

Like we said Dad, God might have forgiven you, but I'll bet old man Johnson never did.

Dad was born down around Columbia, Kentucky and was one of 13 kids all of them were boys except one. I guess if you are a farmer all them extra hands come in pretty handy, I also guess that with that many mouths to feed, somebody better be doin' some plowin' and somebody better be doin' some plantin' or a bunch of folks gonna be plum' hungry. Anyway, Country folks always make it somehow.

I wonder if in today's times a young person would get up at five in the mornin' milk two cows, slop the hogs, bring in a couple buckets of water from the well, wash their face in a pan of water half warmed from sittin' on the back of the old wood stove, eat some biscuits and gravy and walk six miles to school-rain-snow-or 90 in the shade....Dad did.

BUT-one thing I am proud of, the schools are real great now days teachin' the kids where things come from and about how folks used to grow and raise what they ate and all that stuff, why it was just a few days ago that I ask my little Granddaughter where eggs came from, and faster than you could say pork chop, she said, "Von's Market".

I still find it hard to believe that my Grandmother on my Dad's side, never owned a light bulb, never owned a stove that didn't burn wood, never had a key to anything, never had running water, never owned a radio that didn't have a battery in it, and never owned a dress that wasn't made out of a flour sack bag. And yet she and 13 kids, however many happened to be home at the time, lived safe and sound for all those years, when she died she was almost 90 herself.

God Bless you Grandma, and God Bless you too, Dad, and don't be a tellin' the Lord none of them long tails you told my brother and me, don't forget, he knew you before you got there.

Couldn't help but think about a song I wrote about Grandma some time ago, and the flour sack dresses reminded me of it, since every one made their own quilts back then out of any piece of cloth they had thrown into the sewing basket, it went,>Every piece of Grandma's Quilt, had a story of it's own, the quilt still keeps me from the cold, but Grandma now is gone.

WARNER MACK, A name that is no stranger to Country fans of those great 50's and 60's years, has got a new double C.D. put together and we were going to go over it with you, but Mr. Mailman either took it home to listen to it first or it got delayed along the way>BUT ! we will play it and tell you more about it when it gets here.

Anyway we have some other stuff to tell you about Warner Mack so this will give us another chance to talk about him when the C.D. gets here.

Now we know that Warner has been out of the charts for a while and we know that you could be sayin' to your self, "Dag-gone it, we remember Warner, but can't remember his songs" That's o.k. when you don't hear about one of our great artists for a while, you have no choice I reckon but to think they may have gone on to Hillbilly Heaven or moved to Bermuda. Warner didn't do either one of these, he just moved to a cozy little farm down Tennessee way near by the Kentucky border with his pretty little wife and family.

He has a real nice Manager that does a lot to promote Warner and his music and Warner just let's him send out the publicity and handle the business end of what ever is going on, His name is Harrison Weaver and he is up around South Carolina way, so later on if you want to buy a couple thousand of Warner's C.D's, we're sure Harrison can fix you right up.

Anyway, if you have been reading what we have been writing in these news pages for a while, then you know we love to read the backs of those old album covers because the backs of those covers most times were written by people who really knew that person, and really knew what kind of a person they were. It was a real honor back then to write the liner notes for the back of some one's album because you knew that thousands of people would be reading it...SO..If Chris Lane does not mind and if you happen to miss what he wrote about Warner on an album that was released in the 60's we will write it again for you right here:

The words of Chris Lane goes like this>"Sincere" is a sorrowfully over-used word and has lost most of it's true I won't use it. Rather, as my little girl, April, would say, "for real" is the way Warner Mack writes, the way he sings--in fact the way he lives> Chris Lane goes on to say, Here is an artist that writes about half the songs he records, and he has now had 12 records in a row in the top 10, He is an avid fishing and boating enthusiast, too. And yet with all these activities, Warner is still very much a family man and actually turns down appearances in order to be with them. These are the words written by Chris Lane for Warner Mack's album on Decca called "I'LL STILL BE MISSING YOU".

The reason we wrote this part of what Chris wrote is, after talking with Warner just a few days ago and around 30 years after the above words were written, we could probably write the same exact words about him today, oh sure the number of songs and hits would change and Chris Lane's little girl has probably grown into a fine young lady, but just talking to Warner Mack for a few minutes a couple of times, it's not hard to figure out that he still feels the same way about life, his family and his music. wonder no more as to what were some smash hits for Warner Mack> In 1957 his song "Is It Wrong" (for loving you) remained in the top 30 charts for 36 weeks.

Over the next decade a total of 37 of his singles reached the country singles charts including 15 top ten and 6 number one singles, Warner Mack has sold over 20 Million records some of these include, "Talking To The Wall", "The Bridge Washed Out", "Is It Wrong For Loving You", "How Long Will It Take"and "Love Ain't Easy".

Warner does an outstanding job on the great Cindy Walker song "You Are My Treasure" released on the Decca label back in the 60's as he does with his own song and album title "I'll Still Be Missing You".

Don't get too far away, we'll have some more good stuff on Warner Mack, thanks to Harrison Weaver, coming up real soon.

Nice note from Ms. Janet McBride about where she will be and something that if you are a fan of the legendary Patsy Montana you will want to know, and that is. The PATSY MONTANA MUSEUM will be open in Pineville, Missouri, June the 5th thru the 14th. with a yodeling contest on June the 6th...Janet says there will be lots of Patsy Montana memorabilia there, Janet will also be there and you should be there too if you live any where close to Pineville.

Like we said above, if you are a fan of Patsy's, then the sure way to keep up with what is going on with Patsy's fan club and what is going on where, or just more information about one of our greats of Country Music, then just please drop a note to Jane Frost-Friends of Patsy Montana-HCR 60 Box 17-Pineville, Mo. 64856

Janet McBride will be appearing at the "Buffalo Bill Cody Museum" in Cody, Wyo. April the 3rd-4th and 5th,. Janet has also just cut a new album featuring some of the songs of Montana Slim and Yodeling Slim Clark, we will let you know about that one soon as we get it.

Janet McBride has several great cassette albums, and if you just like great Country singin' and yodelin', then empty all the junk out of your trunk and load it up with some of her albums, 'for you know'll be a yodelin'.

I was a yodelin' one time and my dog left home, so I don't yodel no more.

Be sure to watch for our good friend ANCEL COOK' S new "COORS BEER" commercial coming up pretty soon and he should be doing another one for some one else pretty quick, Ancel is so rich that his dogs eat "T" bone steaks for lunch, while he is listening to Freddie Hart tapes.

If you take 4 taters, cut um up in real small pieces about the size of a quarter, boil them buggers for and hour or so, cut up some sweet onions about the size of a penny and drop um in, take three carrots and throw them in whole so later on you can throw them plumb away and then cook the whole thing for about another half hour, when the taters get fork soft when you poke um, gently place in the pot eleven road kill LIZARDS, and the reason you need to place them in easy is, if they are already dead, you oughtn't to bruise um by droppin' them in a pot full of other stuff, let simmer for 4 and 7/8's minutes and serve hot, and don't tell Cindy Walker, she's a nut for LIZARD SOUP.

We want to thank Ms. Phyllis Hill for connecting us up with Warner Mack, she is a real sweet lady that does a lot of things to help nice folks that need helping, because Warner said so.

We need to get back to working on our studio, most of it is ready for our show in Denmark, which they are ready to run as soon as we get it to them. All we will be playing are the great Classics of Country music, so if you is one..and want to make us up some station promo's or the like, then let us know and we will use them and play your music at the same time, well maybe one after the other.

Oops-one other thing, please change the mailing address for us if you haven't already, after 30 some years we have changed it to . >Bradley Brothers Records- Box 1515- Simi Valley, Ca. 93062, everything else is the same, fax and all that stuff, we just got tired of driving to the San Fernando Valley every day, them drivers on the road are crazy so there ain't no use trying to shorten my life or spend what's left of it with a hood ornament placed on a part of my body that can't be seen with my pants on. Last year on my way over to the post office a young kid did nail me while I was stopped for a red light, the first thing he said out of his car was "why did you stop" I said, "I didn't have enough money on me to wash the old man's blood off my hood if I would have kept going".

Dave Elliott is a friend of mine that works for the post office here in this big city, he said it was the "Duke of Padukah" that said he better get back to the wagon because These Shoes Are Killin' Me, he is probably right, he is a lot older then me, and come to think of it, he is probably the one that has my Warner Mack C.D's.

Sometimes it is a little hard keeping your thoughts straight when you sit down to write and 2 phones a ringin' and 3 chow dogs trying to get you to fetch um a milk bone.

So..'till we see you the next time, remember we luv ye:

Just in case


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