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Date News Posted: February 7, 1998

PALADIN, PALADIN WHERE DO YOU ROAM, Probably some of the most sung words of yesteryear , a song written in just a short while that went on to become household words week after week, the writer? a young man by the name of "JOHNNY WESTERN" the Star "RICHARD BOONE" the singer? "JOHNNY WESTERN" the show ? "HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL".

With the sign of a "KNIGHT" on a black holster and a man taller than life also dressed in black and taking no guff from no-man, and while Johnny Western sang "Paladin, Paladin where do you roam," PALADIN roamed.

It would sure be nice to turn back the clock a few years, some things just stick in your mind forever and "Have Gun Will Travel" is one of um, it's funny that after all these years that those few words just keep on stickin'.

All though I haven't seen "Have Gun" in re-runs I would guess it is still running somewhere, the Wm. Morris agency handles the Walter Brennan catalog and I would hope when "THE GUNS OF WILL SONNETT" are free from what ever contract they are under now that they would run them again, maybe they would also pick up "Have Gun Will Travel", why don't about four thousand of you call them and ask them to do it.

At 21, Gene Autry put Johnny under contract, Johnny was already doing good with his recording career, at 16 his first release was already a Country Music standard called "The Violet And The Rose" but with the help and guidance of one of the most famous people in the world, Mr. Gene Autry, Johnny Western was featured in 37 motion pictures between 1957 and 1959.

Still working in front of the cameras making movies, Johnny Cash ask him to join his road show which he did, and that took him on a hundred thousand mile tour a year for six years, now working on his own as he has for several years the miles still keep rolling by as Johnny tours the world doing his show but still carries on his friendship and association with Johnny Cash as he has for the past 37 years or so and has been featured on more than 70 Johnny Cash recordings.

You probably think I am going to say Johnny Western has retired and lives on the beach in Florida, "wrong" After all the albums he has made after all the movies and T.V. appearance he has been featured in, after all the rodeos he has played and commercials he has made, he still does a radio show at one of the number one Country Radio Stations in the country, K.F.D.I. in Wichita, Kansas, he books the talent for KFDI's concerts and if you read the papers out of Branson, Mo. you might find him down there singing with the "Sons Of The Pioneers".

If my old Pappy was still alive he would probably say, Johnny Western is like stink on a skunk, he's every where.

IF:::you be a wantin' the "HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL" album or C.D. or what ever it's on, just give a holler some way or the other and we'll get um., or any of the rest of Johnny's albums as far as that goes.

UP-DATE AS OF ABOUT TWO MINUTES AGO****Johnny Western will be at the Film Festival in Williamnsburg, Va. March the 4th. through the 7th. with Dale Robertson and Jim Drury from "The Virginian", Jim had mention he was going to be there a while back but I had forgotten it, anyway by show time there should be many more names you might want to go see: Then on March the 19th through the 22nd. Johnny will Headline in Scottsdale, AZ. at the "Festival Of The West.

Folks write me from all over wanting to know what happened to so and so and if he or she are still kickin' and still working and stuff like that, I am doing my best to let you know all those things and to keep you up on who died (I don't like that part) but never-the-less if we don't tell you it is for sure most of the publications today won't and if they do it will be on page one hundred and six, as always this is my opinion, but it is a sad, sick, situation when you have to do something like our President is accused of to get peoples attention and for them to know there is another world out there.

I am not perfect, only one man is, but I can tell you this with out any reservations, If my brother and I would have ever so much as used the "S" word in front of our Mother, we would have had a bar of soap shoved so far down our mouth we would have been blowing bubbles way after the world had ended. Love is just a word, "RESPECT" is everything.

Anyway what we started to say is, If some of these entertainers you ask about is in your area, Go see um, or write them a letter or a note, you may think they don't want to hear from you but they do, and if you write to one of them if you will just address it to who ever you want and send it % of Bradley Brothers Records, we will forward it to them un-opened, the rest of the address is-P.O. Box 1515, Simi Valley, California 90362, we have had the other address for 40 years that is on all our letter heads etc. and we are slowly changing that, the phone numbers and fax are all still the same.

Doye O'Dell is not well at all, in fact as we write this he is in the hospital, if you lived in the California area during the good old days than you will remember Doye's T.V. show called "WESTERN VARIETIES" Doye earned and was awarded what is equivalent to three Oscars for his show, he was in several Movies, a couple of them were with Roy Acuff and Monte Hale.

The special guest stars he had over the years numbers into the dozens if not the hundreds including the great Hank Penny, Eddie Dean, Hi Busse and The Frontiersmen, Hal Southern (Mr. Hillbilly Heaven) and on and on and on.

Our good friend Don Hinson and I will be going out to see Doye next week so if you want to send a card or anything else we would be happy to take it to him for you, we can tell you this, It does not look good for Doye.

It has been a while since I laid any Lewis Grizzard jokes on you and since everything in the past few months seems to be somebody a' cashin' in, I think it's time for some funny stuff, right now we don't have any of Lewis' albums in our catalog, but we'll get um. Lewis had a way of telling stories and jokes like no-one I have ever heard and even though a joke on paper is not the same as some one telling it, it'll have to do for now.....So here we go with a few Lewis Grizzard stories.

I stopped eating boneless chicken dishes after I saw the farm in Maryland where they raise them. It'll break your heart to see those little boneless chickens try to walk.

If love were oil, I'd be a quart low.

I have 3 ex-wives, I can't remember any of their names, so I just call 'em all plaintiff.

If doctors make so much money, why can't they afford new magazines for their waiting room ?

I don't hate Yankees, but I have a friend who does. His hobby is reading the obituary page in the New York Times.

Chili dawgs always bark at night.

Why would anyone eat a mushroom ? Don't they know that frogs go to the bathroom on those things ?

(this next one is in one of Lewis' albums, and if we told it to ye' before, we 'gonna tell it to you again, I think this is a funny story)

A guy gets up one morning and looks out his back window and sees a gorilla up his tree, He gets the phone book and looks up gorilla removal service. A man answers the phone, the guy tells him his problem and ask if he can remove the gorilla from his tree. The guy says sure, it'll cost you 40 bucks I'll be over in thirty minutes. Thirty minutes later the guy pulls up in front of his house in a pickup truck, in the back he has a shotgun, a pair of hand cuffs and a dog named Lamar, He gets out and tells the guy who called, this is how it's gonna work, I'll climb the tree and shake the gorilla down, when the gorilla hits the ground Lamar will run up and bite him on his privates and when the gorilla reaches down to cover himself you slip on the hand-cuffs and I'll haul him away.

The guy says o.k., but what is the shotgun for, the man says, in the un-likely event the gorilla shakes me out of the tree, you shoot Lamar.

(if I ever heard a true story that Lewis makes a joke out of, it's this one)

In the first 20 years of a man's life his mother is always wondering where he's going. In the next 20 years, his wife wonders where he's been. Finally, when he dies, his friends wonder where he's at.

So much for Lewis Grizzard : I hope you're tellin' old Cliffie some of them stories Lewis, but remember what I told you, he ain't a gonna pay ye.

LEWIS GRIZZARD Died on March the 20th. 1994

Up the page a-ways we mentioned the fact is no-one likes to write about someone cash'n in, but I figure if we don't, no-one else will, a guy called the other day that I reckon had not been reading our page long otherwise he would have known, but anyway his question was, where was Stoney Edwards ?. The only way I knew to answer his question was, "He's still dead".

Next week we will be doing a nice story on one of our best friends, Don Hinson, if you ever lived in Las Vegas or Southern California, or maybe, were just passing through. Chances are you heard Don Hinson on one of the many radio stations he has worked in those areas over the years.

Have to mention again that last week we spoke for a while with Hal (Mr. Hillbilly Heaven) Southern which is proof that some good things do happen, he has gone from 90 pounds up to 125 pounds in the past few months. He has been a great friend over the years and we sure hope he continues doing good, we love ye old friend.

Well, it's about time to close this squeakin'' door for another night but before we do let's see how good your memory is. Who wrote and recorded "WELFARE CADILLAC" ?? and what year was it recorded ?. first ten that get us the right answer we'll send you a George Jones or a Molly O'Day cassette album. it'll give you something to do on a rainy day.

If you don't hear from us anymore, you'll know we drown, it has rained so hard, I'm pretty sure it drown our duck, he's floatin' up-side-down in the pool, 'course he's plastic.

See ye next time

Don Bradley

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