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Date News Posted: February 2, 1999

Well, there is only one way to start tonight's newsletter, and that is by thanking all those that have e-mailed us, sent letters, sent  faxes, sent checks, and those that have called about Eddie Dean's Star in the Walk Of Fame in Palm Springs, California and the fund raiser for that Star, this Saturday, February the 6th at the Iverson Movie Ranch in Chatsworth, Ca.

It has been really great and we thank every single person on that list, It is not hard for us to know that there are so many people out there that remember and love Eddie, but each time this past couple of weeks that we talk with him, he just can not believe so many of his fans and friends have called or written and want to help and be apart of his Star.

A special plaque will be placed in his Museum when finished, with every one's name that gave a quarter or a dollar, his fans are all the same and he wouldn't have it any other way.

To those who come to the ranch on Saturday it will be a day that we know you won't soon forget, Eddie himself said only one person could keep him from being there and we don't even want to talk about that, so we won't. Also on the card will be Mr. Herb Jeffries, there is not enough time or room to say all the good things about this man, from his days with the Great Duke Ellington to his days as a Silver Screen Cowboy to his recordings on Warner Western Records, Herb Jeffries has truly done it all and still is.

Mr. John Mitchum, and yes, if you were going to ask," is he Robert's brother"? Yes he is and you can not have a very long conversation with him that he does not mention "Brother Robert" they were very close but Johnny carries his memories with him and his voice changes a little each time he talks about his brother. >> Not only is John  a fine actor , he is a writer to end all writers, especially when it comes to putting America and American history into song or poem, and as they say, the proof is in the pudding, the only album that we know of that was ever recorded by the "Man" Mr. John Wayne was written by John Mitchum, and of course you remember, "AMERICA WHY I LOVE HER".

Mr. Freddie Hart, since Freddie and I have been friends for many years, we could sure write a book and a half about all his great records,  if you are a country music fan, than you probably already know that Freddie has had 14 number one records and through-out those great 50's years, almost every thing he recorded was in the charts some place, mostly, 'every place'. His song "EASY LOVING" opened doors to Country Music that were never opened before, and "Easy Loving" was the only song to ever make it as song of the year two straight years in a row. Freddie and Eddie co-wrote the now classic "Hank Williams' Guitar"

Mr. Henry Young, the foremost authority on the Father of Country Music, Jimmy Rodgers. It was Mr. Young that put together that little old sketch on a piece of note book paper of a man with a railroad cap on and a train with smoke coming out of the stack, it was Mr. Young that sent copies of that sketch to the Post Master General in Washington, DC and to every one else he thought could help turn that piece of note book paper into a stamp, It was Mr. Young that made countless phone calls and pleas to every one he could get a number on telling them how much he thought that Jimmy Rodgers deserved that stamp, It was Henry Young that made it happen. It was also Mr. Henry Young that wrote the book about another Railroad man, and that book was called the same as the song title still sung by little children in school houses today, "The Big Rock Candy Mountain". So if the good Lord willin' Henry Young will be there on the 6th. of February.

Don Hinson, now we have to say that Don Hinson is one of our best friends and it would be easy to write a couple of pages about him, not only has he opened shows for some of the biggest names in the business he is a very funny man as you are going to well see on February the 6th. He has got enough characters buried down in there, where ever he keeps them, to keep you laughing till the cows come home, he is one of Eddie Dean's favorite people, not only because of what he does on the stage, but because he is truly a good person, however Eddie doesn't say hello to Hinson, he just looks at him and says, "Let's do a show.

Ancel Cook, now here is a guy so full of prunes you can't help but like him, you may not know his name right out of the hat, but you can bet your whiskers you do know him, it fact, more people saw him on Super Bowl Sunday then will ever see most of us in six life times, he was the guy sitting on a stool in the first M&M commercial on S.B. Sunday talking to or listening to a yellow M&M talk, Now Hinson and I both agree we have done some dumb things in life, maybe even had a few to many at times, but unless Hinson has done something I don't know, we ain't never talked to a piece of candy, SO, when you see Ancel at the party Saturday if he starts talking to your tie or belt buckle, just kinda let it slide, after the show a padded truck will be picking him up.

The Rick Tucker Band, Good ol' Rick and I have been friends since they put nuts in peanut butter, one of Eddie's biggest fans and has always had a great band, from his recording days in Clovis, New Mexico with Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison right on up to his show this Saturday, Rick is a pro and a half, this Saturday though will be special for Rick in more ways than one, since his son (now a recording artist himself) will be playing drums for him and a very good friend of ours J.D. Mannis will be playing the steel guitar, you remember J.D. we reckon as the steel player for the Desert Rose Band   that had a truck load of hits.

Mickey Dawes, we met Mickey last year at the party we had at the Iverson Ranch for Eddie and Dearest 67 wedding anniversary, a quiet nice guy that really does a whale of a job with his brand of Cowboy Poetry, his new CD called "Smacked In The Saddle Again" is a killer, and to have two legends endorse it for you is like having two helpins' of whip cream on your wheaties, Mr. Gene Autry and the man with the built in smile, Mr. Monte Hale, actually there is another endorsement in that of Mickey's special guest on this CD, Mr. Herb Jeffries..Anyway if you have an "aut-toe"  (that's country for car) with a CD player in it, or a cassette player either for that matter, then you oughta have one of these, you can just stick it in that player and laugh or smile for the next 97 miles. >> Mickey and I will MC the show Saturday and we know you will be talking about Mickey Dawes and his brand of poetry for a long time.

At intermission we will have a good old western gunfighter show that should make the young un's happy if their pappy and mammy's bring um.

The event will be catered by the Famous "Green Acres Ranch" where you can smell that good old bar-b-que two country miles away, The Budweiser van will be on the scene, we don't know about the Bud Frog or Lizard, but then again, maybe they will, come to think of it, we hope they are, it will give Ancel Cook someone to talk to other then a chunk of candy.

Michael Chain, a young man we have been promoting for the past couple of months will be there to sing a couple of songs, at least three of Michael's songs from his new CD have charted in four different countries.

John Locke, if you remember Highway Patrol, John worked with Brodrick Crawford as a law enforcement officer, John can get a crowd going with his brand of banjo pickin' and singing any where except Forest Lawn.

John Ferguson, John is a great cowboy artist, does magic tricks, and a Glen Ford look alike, John has done what we know is a great painting of Eddie and it will either be auctioned off or put into Eddie's Museum.

Walter Brennan Jr. who was the one of the executive producers of 'The Real McCoys" and "The Guns of Will Sonnet" and who is an outstanding artist has donated some of his art work lithos to be auctioned off, these are numbered and signed but will be personally signed to the highest bidder after the auction. We have just a couple that he did of his father, which by the way has been the only three time academy award winner, and about five of Tom Mix, Walter did this one originally for the cover of the Golden Boot Award magazine, these are great lithos for any collector of western art and probably the only chance you will have to get them personally signed and dated.

Even though we have had many phone calls from other artists and stars, we do not want to say positively they will be there, so you will drive many miles to see and then they are not there, but we do know for sure that other stars will be there and family members of some of the great stars that have passed away will be there to pay their respects to Eddie and Dearest Dean and to help us with this worthwhile cause for a Star long overdue.

Well folks it is about show time, so this will be it till the show is over, we sure hope to see you there Saturday,  February 6th, which is just around the corner.

Again, if you can not make it and you would like to send a check for a few bucks, make the check payable to "The Palm Springs Walk Of Stars" in the lower left where it says "memo" please write (Eddie Dean Star) send it to Bradley Brothers Records, Box 1515, Simi Valley, Ca 93062 >> regardless of how small or how large the amount your name will be on the plaque that will go into Eddie's Museum, and we hope it will hang forever for all to see along with all the other history of the great old west.

Ooooops, don't forget your camera !!

We will see you next time, but just in case we don't, take care of yourself

Don Bradley

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