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Date News Posted: January 15, 2005

Ending out the year of 2004 is a time to stop and think back at all of those who didn’t make it ‘till the end and the list is long, I guess the last to go just the other day is Hank “Sugarfoot” Garland just a great guitar picker, maybe somewhere back there in your old collection of records is one of your favorites that has left us, why don’t you go pull that old record out and say good bye to him or her in your own way.

You know, we can’t help but wonder if their any Americans that would go to any foreign country and ask them to remove something, anything from their state seal, a cross or maybe a picture of a little church or anything else, or tell them we don’t like the words or the mention of any of the religious people they are referring to in their prayers. I doubt it; no American I know is that stupid.

But yet, there are those that are opposed to our children putting their hands over their heart every morning before class and say, “I pledge alliance to the flag>>>>>” or saying “Merry Christmas” because the word Christ makes up part of the word, or bow our heads to thank God before a meal and the list just keeps getting longer as to what our own courts are taking away.

Then there are those that you hear everyday on National TV telling us how great their country is, you know what? There are plenty of us that will each donate a buck real quick to get you back home, as old as I am I have never heard one American ever say anything about anyone praying to a Buddha or anything else, most Americans don’t care what you believe in or who you pray to.

Every day when I go to our post office and there out front is that great big flag, Red, White and Blue flying in the morning breeze I do say that little prayer that it’s still there, and yea, I say that little prayer to God the guy that’s made it possible for me to make it to the post office for all these years.

If you think your country is better then mine then head on back, Delta is ready when you are.

The last of the main stream Hollywood singing cowboys is Monte Hale, a man who’s smile just about says it all, I guess it was about three years ago now, shucks, maybe four, time goes by so fast, but anyway not to long ago Eddie Dean called me over and said I have a picture for you, what it was, was, a print from an artist that the title was, “Last Of The Singing Cowboys” and on it, Eddie Dean of course, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Rex Allen and Monte Hale. One after the other four out of the five passed away, all died of natural causes except Rex Allen who was backed over by a staff member while leaving for an appointment one morning.

Leaving only one, Monte Hale, the picture was then and is even more so now a collector’s piece, only a few hundred were ever printed, and even less was ever signed by all five of the singing cowboys.

Every one that I know that knows Monte Hale thinks he is the cats meow, he tells great stories, always smiling and always has a hand shake for a stranger, he called the other night and sent us a magazine called “Wildest Westerns” (a look back). This could be the best looking Western magazine ever printed, the stories are great, the pictures are just outstanding the whole magazine is slick gloss and it is just a fun magazine to read if you too love the old west and those great Silver Screen Cowboys.

You know what? Let me just give you the address of this publication, like we said, it is called Wildest Westerns>>they are located at 1146 N. Central Avenue # 316>>Glendale, California 91202.

The issue Monte sent us, you can probably guess who the featured cowboy was in this one, yep, Ole Monte>>Great pictures of Monte, great interviews, not only with Monte but several others you will love reading about.

Monte came up with a little one liner years ago, well in this case, a two liner which he had put on stickers which goes, “Shoot Low, They Might Be Crawlin”.

Monte is a badge collector, “law enforcement badges” he loans or hires out his collection to schools, museums and anyplace else that may want to see some of the badges of the old west and modern day law enforcement, and believe me, he has a nice collection;

If a member of your family is or was police officer in any way and you happen to have an extra badge laying around, it would sure be seen by many, many people if you donated it to Monte’s collection, if you did he would probably just autograph a picture for ye’ let me give you our address again, just send it to Monte Hale>>%Bradley Brothers Record>>Box 1515>>Simi Valley, California 93062, and you can bet your boots or your saddle you’ll be hearing from Ole Monte.

By the way, we do not have a clue as to how they came up with these songs, maybe from his movies and re-mastered them but some company they tell me from over seas has released a Monte Hale CD, Monte plays down the fact that he sings at all but the truth is, he was a dang good singer, maybe he still is, at least in the shower, shucks, even I sing purty good in the shower.

Nope we don’t have any of these CD’s yet but we are trying to order some and if we find some we will let you know, they will make a great collectors item.

Anything else you would like to know about Monte Hale the great cowboy from some of the best entertainment for kids ever made in this life time, just write us or order a copy of the magazine we mentioned above and you’ll soon be in tall clover.

Dennis Quaid so they say is in production or soon will be to roll the film on the life of Spade Cooley, now some people loved old Spade, some didn’t and come to think of it, I guess that’s true with all of us. Thing is, very few really good guys makes good stories, Joe Blow next door worked fifty years doing what was right, other then his neighbors or his boss nobody even knew his name, well we’ll take that back and include the IRS, but other then that, old Joe Blow will just live and die and fill a hole in the ground some place and that will be the end of that, or him.

BUT if Mr. Blow kills the next five people down his block, he’ll be news for years to come, that’s just the way life works, why I remember watching CNN while old Jessie James was robbin’ them trains (well not really) but if there would have been a CNN back then do you think more people would have remembered him, I doubt it, just about everybody remembers him anyway.

The life of Spade (Donell Clyde Cooley) began February the 22nd in 1910 in Grand, Oklahoma, his family made sure he was well trained in the art of playing fiddle and by the age of 8 he was playing square dances professionally with his father John.

In 1930 Spade who the say got his nick name from being such a good poker player, moved to Los Angeles, by the mid 30’s he was doing some work as an actor and had several bit parts in Westerns including some with Roy Rogers which he also toured with and later with Foy Willing and the Riders Of The Purple Sage which he was handling the vocals.

In 1941 Spade started recording and in 1945 hit Gold with “Shame On You” a song that was to stay with him up to and through the Twilight Zone (according to the news, Shame On You, will be the name of the movie 60 years later).

“Shame On You” stayed on the charts for 31 weeks and 9 weeks at the number one position, even though it was Spade Cooley’s orchestra it was Tex Williams who was doing the vocals.

Then in 1942, Spade took charge of Jimmy Wakely’s group which was the house band at the Venice Pier in Santa Monica, California and Western Swing for these parts of the country was off and running, thousands of fans would show up every Saturday night for the big show featuring not only Spade but Tex Williams, Joaquin Murphey and John O Weis.

After “Shame on You” came more hits with “A Pair Of Broken Hearts” “Detour” “You Can’t Break My Heart” “I’ve Taken All I’m Gonna Take From You”  and “Crazy ‘Cause I Love You”. Most all of these featured Tex Williams on the vocals.

The first of these hits were recorded on the Okeh label and the second half for Columbia Records one right after the other.

Even though history books say he started recording in 1941 we can’t find any history as to what or who he recorded with from 1941 to 1945 when he got his hit with “Shame On You”  but I would say they were either on Okeh as 78rpm’s or one of the many local labels .

Since Tex Williams was doing most all of the vocals on Spade’s first 6 hit records, he wanted more money and Spade said no, so Tex quit and took with him many of the band’s members and formed his own group called the “Western Caravan”.

Then in 1947 Spade began a career in T.V  hosting a program in Los Angeles called the “Hoffman Hayride” it was estimated at the time that 75 per cent of all of L.A tuned in to that show every Saturday night, a number which we would guess would never be seen again by anyone doing anything.

Spade also returned to his movie career appearing in many movies with various Hollywood Cowboys of the day and made a couple of specials of his own called “King Of Western Swing” and “Spade Cooley and his Orchestra”  both around 1949.

The 50’s years was bringing a change as to what people wanted to hear and watch, even though there were many westerns there was still not as many as the 30’s and 40’s and the 50’s also brought more hard core country singers like the vocalist of Spade’s band for so many years, Tex Williams who went on to record several great hits on his own.

To gain popularity Spade fired his whole orchestra and replaced them with an all female band, they were colorful to say the least and it lasted for a while but time had taken it’s toll and Spade was heavy into drinking and one heart attack was followed by another, and he had lost thousands of dollars from an investment into a water theme park that was to be built in the Mojave desert.

Spade had married Ella May Evans in 1945 and was convicted of her murder in April of 1961 which news accounts say he stomped her to death.

It was what the news papers called a media circus the trial of Spade Cooley which caused even another heart attack, and gave him life in prison which in the end turned out to be just what it was.

They say Spade was a model prisoner and thus was allowed to perform at a Sheriff’s benefit in Oakland, California. The crowd they say was over 3,000 people, after the show Spade returned to his dressing room where he suffered yet another heart attack and died, that was November the 25th. 1969.

So Spade would spend his whole life from a stage in Oregon where his family had moved when he was just a kid to the bright lights of Hollywood and would see his name at the top of the list on country music charts time after time.

Only the Shadow knows what was in Spade’s mind, sometimes things never happened that your mind thinks did, the sad part is all that talent was gone almost forever , a family was devastated and the cold gray walls of prison would take their toll.

The walls of Folsom Prison were also home for a while to a couple friends of ours, well one of them was anyway Harlan Sanders and Glen Sherley, even though I didn’t know Glen personally, it seemed as though I did because Harlan talked about him so much, I don’t know how the cell situation was sit up there like who was where but I do know they were all three there at the same time.

Harlan used to send me his songs on cassette tapes and over the years several were recorded but never as many as what should have been, even Johnny Cash said words to the effect that Harlan had an un-tapped valley of songs down in that mind of his.

And Glen Sherley who was on his way to who knows where up that ladder of success was riding high when Johnny Cash told the warden he would take Glen under his wing if they would let him out of prison, they did and Johnny did, making Glen apart of his road show and getting him a record deal.

The first that Johnny knew of Glen was when a minister got one of Glen’s songs to Johnny called “Greystone Chapel” and with the help of Johnny Cash the officials at Vacaville State Prison in California allowed Glen to record his album behind the prison walls.

Anyway, like we said, who knows what is in a person’s mind, Glen took his own life a few years ago and our friend Harlan Sanders died last year.

One of Harlan’s songs is the first one the next to last release by Cal Smith called “Arizona Whiz” some years ago Keith Carridine used one of Harlan’s songs in a movie he was doing, the song was called “Jail Birds Can’t Fly” good song.

Did I mention a movie is also being made on the life of Glen Sherley? Of course there will be sound tracks, weather Glen will actually be singing them remains to be seen but we hope so.

When it comes to Bluegrass there is one guy that just pops out like a wild flower blooming in the middle of a Kentucky bluegrass horse farm in the heart of Kentucky.

River, Kentucky to be exact born in the year 1922 April the 20th. Was Frank Brown, forever to be known to his many fans as Hylo Brown.

Hylo had some just great music over the years even though most radio stations should have discovered him early on and made him apart of all those great radio shows, well he just wasn’t heard that much.

Even though it was probably a steady paying job for Hylo, being a part of the Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs group didn’t help him much in making his own star shine, later though Flatt and Scruggs formed another group they called the “Timberliners” and put Brown in as the front man, still it didn’t give Hylo the attention we thought he deserved with that great voice of his.

We found a company that has put together many of these classic bluegrass artist that would long be dust on the trail had they not have chose to release these classics, we will get them in our catalog soon, if not send us an email;

Frank “Hylo Brown” Brown passed away January the 17th. 2003 in Mechanicsville, Ohio

Let us slip this in real quick, we don’t know how you feel about computer radio, if you are working in your office doing other things and you love the great old country classics then you might want to punch this up on your computer

Now what that will bring up for you is KOCR radio near Ft.Worth, Texas in a town called Midlothian, and on it they play the classics 24 hours a day and they also have a request line both phone and email;

If you are passing thru the Olympia, Washington area then you sure want to turn your dial to KGY Radio at 96.9 on your FM dial or 1240 on the AM side of the radio, and if you have got a hankerin’ to call in a request then try this 360-943-1240;

And if you are just out for a nice drive through the country in Connecticut and are close to the town of Moosup, then turn that dial to WCNL and listen to the great country music of Art Kneeland.

Art and I exchange records now and then and talk on the phone when time allows and I am sure you will enjoy your kind of country, give him a call and tell him, we sent ye.

Good friend Warner Mack is still releasing those great hits you remember back when radio was still good, songs like “The Bridge Washed Out” “Sitting In An All Night Café” and the list just keeps going on including one of Warner’s favorite albums (CD) called “Dixie Vibrations”, ole Warner is Dixie from the inside out.

Mississippi born, Tennessee raised, a great collection of Warner’s music is no farther away then this web site address if you are a radio station and want a copy for airplay or a fan that wants to buy a copy for home just punch up .

It would be hard to forget Warner’s giant hit of “Is It Wrong For Loving You” that stayed in the charts for nine straight months, let’s put it this way, the bridge ain’t even wobblin’ for Warner Mack let alone Washed Out and he will sure enjoy hearing from ye;

We need to throw in this little note especially since Warner has mentioned it a time or two and we know it has bothered him a lot.

Growing up for most country boys in the 30’s was not a bed of roses, if they got something, they worked for it, not cleaning house or helping Mom with the dishes but corn pickin’ cotton pickin’ back breaking tobacco cutting plowing hard work.

A sears guitar was a dream, and I do mean a dream for those who had music deep in their soul and no way to get it out, guitars were bought by saving a nickel or a dime and sometimes a quarter at a time, all of Dad’s money was used to support his family so very little was ever left.

Sometimes one of the kin folks would see the yearning in a kids eyes to own one of them guitars he had torn out of a Sears catalog and flower pasted it to his bedroom wall, if the Uncle or the Aunt had a few extra dollars they would try to make the kids dream come true and buy him that guitar.

Warner Mack never forgot what he and others went through to own that first guitar and how, at times, their parents would, well, lie, and say oh we have been saving it up to buy you that guitar, but the truth was they took that money straight from savings badly needed to buy shoes and school clothes for you or your sister.

Those memories, those feelings those long hours in the fields or carrying buckets of water out to the field hands has never left Warner Mack’s mind.

And if any thing in this world is truth, then this is, a part of Warner Mack died the night he watched Garth Brooks take that guitar and beat it to pieces on stage with millions all over the country watching him.

And with a tear in his eye and a hurt in his heart Warner asked himself, my God, have we gone this far?

At 83 years old country legend Martha Carson has passed away on December the 17th 2004.

Miss Carson was born Ethel Amburgey in Neon, Kentucky and began a lifetime of entertaining the country world with her two sisters.

Miss Carson was not only a singer but a writer; she toured with the Carlisles and wrote hits for Faron Young and Clyde McPhatter and several others;

Among other family members she left a brother by the name of Lloyd Amburgey, better known in Nashville as Don Chapel.

Anybody remember a young guy that played the west coast circuit back in those great 50’s years by the name of Danny Thompson?

If so his family would sure like to find some old pictures or any stories or just any information you might know or have about him.

They do know that for a while he was working with Chester Smith and his band which around that same time also included Curley Reeves who would later become the hit maker, Del Reeves.

We want to mention again, good friend Hugh X Lewis in case you would like to buy one of his new CDs and other then his great classics that you remember Hugh has got some great new Gospel albums.

This number is good for Radio stations also that has a Sunday Gospel hour and would like to include some of Hugh’s music just pick up that old phone and ring up two longs and a short, whoops, that won’t do it, this will 1-800-839-5266.

Hugh X Lewis, a great legend with some great music.

When we hear from any artist that we enjoyed or bought their records years ago and then find they are alive and well and still at it and are still recording some great music is like finding gold while diggin’ in your shorts.

And who’s fault is it that we lost track of all these greats, plain and simple “Radio”, just because an artist is still not on RCA or any of the majors, does that mean he/she can’t sing anymore?

Radio should be enjoying the best of two worlds, play the new kids, that’s great, but now and then include one of the good ole boys, that way many new listeners would be introduced to how it started and where it ended up and if an old fart tuned in and you were playing Hank Snow then he might hang around to hear Brooks and Dunn, or maybe not, but it’s worth a shot.

 Anyway I am saving up to buy my own radio station, if I could just slip across the border and buy one in Mexico we would have all the power we needed to blast Lefty Frizzell all over half America, remember there was some power house’s years ago just across the border from California and another one across the border in Texas, you could hear the cream of the crop all the way across “Route 66” but that’s another story.

Anyway friends and neighbors we are gathered here today to talk about Jimmy Payne and his music and where you can find it and where you can write.

Jimmy Payne was born in Leachville, Arkansas and like a lot of us back in the early days enjoyed singing in church, some kept singing the rest of their life, others didn’t but church singin’ is something none of us ever forgot.

To most folks if you was heard on the radio you was the cats meow and was making some of that good money but the truth was while Jimmy was working on the radio on the weekend he was pickin’ cotton the rest of the week.

It was after he moved to St Louis in 1957 that he met another one of our favorites, Chuck Glaser, Chuck had formed a band while still in the Army and Jimmy went to work for him playing guitar.

Later when Jimmy formed his own band the “Payne Gang” Chuck took over as Jimmy’s manager and in the process started recording which included songs like “Ladder To The Sky” “What Does It Take To Keep A Woman Like You Satisfied” and “My Most Requested Song”.

Jimmy made his first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry stage in 1966 and not long after that struck gold with “Woman, Woman” which Gary Puckett and the Union Gap took for a ride up the charts.

I suppose the title of at least one song Jimmy recorded along with his friend Jim Glaser should be in the archives of great names for a country song, this one called “Ugly Women and Pickup Trucks”.

Anyway one of my favorite Jimmy Payne songs was “Where Has All The Love Gone” a song we played and got many request for while we were jocking on our own radio show some years ago.

Another one that did well for Jimmy Payne was one called “L.A.Angels” that was in 1969.

Jimmy’s latest album was released in February of 2003 and is called “When Mama Prayed”.

If you would like to know more about the life and the music of Jimmy Payne then just log on to Jimmy’s web site at or .

Stan handles Jimmy’s web site and I am sure he can tell you anything you would like to know; anyway they sure will enjoy hearing from you.

Before we go we need to mention a new CD or two we just received for our catalog, the first one even though it has been out for a little while it was pretty hard to find but now we have some for our catalog

These are from a guy you all remember, Hank Penny, now we don’t have time right now to write a big story about Hank but we will do that before long, anyhow with this CD you are sure going to get your money’s worth, it is only 12.95 anyway and it is 3 CD’s long thirty songs (30) now that’s a heap of music on one CD and without naming all the songs, we are pretty sure one you will remember that Hank did about every show called “Won’t You Ride In My Little Red Wagon”

The second CD is a Jim Reeves CD called “Kimberley Jim” we did have these in the catalog, then sold out, now>>we have some more.  

We know that war is a touchy subject for all of us and as Americans we always seem to be in the middle of everything, but right or wrong our young men in the service are doing their best to make sure the flag still flies high over our buildings and along our highways thru out America.

Lets just pray they all come home, by us screaming and calling everyone names and saying this war is a sham and useless and many other dirty words that are used every day then we don’t help our sons or daughters that are there because we sent them there and are doing what we ask them to do.

If you must call people names, curse the war, walk the streets with a sign in the air, curse those who sent them there then wait ‘till the war is over, but for now sit down tonight and write a letter and send it to any of our boys and girls that are fighting for us tonight and just say, Thank you and we Love you.

 We’ll see ye later but just in case we don’t, take care of yourself.

 Don Bradley  


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