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Date News Posted: May 4, 2010

Well what do you know, it is May already, how the time do fly.

If you are (or were) a fan of those great old westerns, ‘till someone decided we shouldn’t be watching good movies anymore>>You might want to send a letter or email for a real nice little catalog of some great western.

Movies you probably sat on the front row to see back in those good old days, movies like Red Ryder & Little Beaver, they have a real good selection of those and also a goodly bunch of Johnny Mack Brown movies.

They have a nice bunch of Clayton Moore as the Lone Ranger movies, we got to meet Clayton several times and take some pictures of him, Roy Rogers and my old sidekick Eddie Dean.

Ken Maynard was my Dad’s favorite, they have some of his movies in this catalog.

And>>>Ray “Crash” Corrigan” with the Three Mesquiteers.

Most of Corrigan’s movies were filmed right here behind our house when Ray owned the world famous “Corriganville Movie Ranch” his son Tom still owns a nice steak house close by here with a heap of his Dad’s pictures. saddle, hats and a ton of other stuff hanging on the walls to say nothing of wall to wall pictures of some of the great old cowboys.

Also on the wall is a Wheaties box with “Crash’s) picture on it, Tom said his Dad was the first cowboy on a Wheaties box, he has the box in a frame on the wall.  Anyway, this little catalog is going to bring back a passel of memories to everyone that loved those great old westerns so let me tell ye how to get one, let’s see, their web site is>> or you can drop them a note in the other kind of mail at>>VCI Entertainment 11333 E 60th Place  Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146-9832 and if you tell them we sent you, you won’t get nothing but it would be nice if you did.

We have been working on digitalizing the Bobby Austin album from the old tapes Bobby sent us some years ago I still think he was a great country singer that should have had a lot more number ones then he had.

Next one to go through the machine is the great actor John Agar, it’s more of a collectors album then anything else, John was no Merle Haggard but sang a pretty nice song and was a good friend, we did a lot of publicity for him for a couple of years.

John Agar, Terry Frost (Movie bad guy) and Lash LaRue all died in the same hospital in Burbank, I’m sure there were others but that’s all we knew, ole Terry looked a little like Clark Gable, he told us one day he would be shooting at Gene Autry in the morning and Eddie Dean in the after noon and hardly ever knew the names of any of the movies he was in, that is ‘till one day an old fan from England sent him a list of (what he said) was every movie Terry ever made.

We asked Terry what he said when he got that list and some clippings the old boy had sent him, he said “well I’ll be dam”.

I’ll have to say this for some of them ole’ fans in England, those that have collected material on old American westerns and were writers have sure put out some outstanding books full of pictures and stories of about every cowboy that carried a six gun on that big ole screen.

Now if you grew up in or around southern California then you know at one time artists came from all over to record here and not just the ones that lived in these parts or those that lived in Bakersfield but from everywhere.

Jim Hollis who lives up the road in Hemet has a really nice little book that he wrote called “California’s Lost Treasure” now more then anything this book is full of memories of southern California artists, some went on to Nashville in later years some stayed in California but all made a good name and living out of country music.

There are names in Jim’s book you probably haven’t thought about in years, there are several pages of country artist pictures and Jim’s wife Carol, Carol collected guitar picks which later went into the hall of fame museum in Nashville and had a big fan from her cookin’ in that of Biff Collie who always seemed to find his way to Jim and Carol’s house at supper time.

Jim’s book is only eight dollars and fifty cents and if you are in good ole America you can get it via their web site in Indiana  which is  or if you are in the UK then try this web site  or if you want to write Jim just email us and we will forward it on to Jim Hollis.

Speaking, which we were a few lines ago about Biff Collie, he used to put a newsletter out here when he had his record shop and would write about artists and new records he had received samples of to sell in his store.

In one of his newsletters he had received a record from one of the Nashville artist that Biff really respected but came un-glued when he got this record from the record company. Biff said words to the effect of, this is one of the worst records I have ever heard and wouldn’t play it if they paid me and a few other things.

The record went to number one and stayed there for two weeks and stayed in the National charts for another straight 18 weeks in October 1965, the song? “May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose” the artist? Little Jimmy Dickens of course.

Wasn’t it Roger Miller that said “We All Have The Right To Be Wrong Now And Then”.

We still loved ye Biff>

Guess what? Ed Bruce took time out from acting and training bird dogs to do a new CD, and if you ever were a Ed Bruce fan you need to add this one to your collection.

Bruce and his producers combine some new with some old and ended up with a CD I have already played a dozen times it’s called “This Old Hat”.

We have watched Ed on the Family Reunion show several times that Bill Anderson host and Ed Bruce don’t talk much but when he sings you know he ain’t woofin’ he knows how to sing and after all these years we still love to hear him do just that, in fact I still enjoy the heck out of them old Maverick re-runs that Ed worked in…come to think of it, I just like ole Ed. And thanks for taking time to do another great album one more time.

And to Ed’s fans>>if you can’t find this in your record store don’t get mad, half of them don’t know who Johnny Cash is either so drop us an email and we’ll tell ye where to get it.

Do you remember this group? “The Truants”? any way The Truants formed up in Jackson, Ohio in the year 1964 and like all groups trying to make a name and not unlike most of the great old country artist they would play anywhere, store openings, fashion shows, plumbing shop re-models and anyplace else where the owner wouldn’t throw them off the property, anyway it was street shows like this that got them on TV and from there one of the most popular bands in the Tri-State area.

And to me the best part about this group is you can hear and understand them and the still to this day sing great, there are 18 songs on this album and one of my favorites has always been “Stand By Me” which they do a great job singing and I am also sure if you liked The Kingsmen or Johnny Rivers and other groups like that from the 60’s then you are going to like this CD, all 18 cuts.

If you would like to order it or find out some more information about it then do this>>write Old Hat Productions 80 Highland Drive Jackson, Ohio 45640-2074.

This one I have no idea when it was released the label has got a 1998 copyright but I never heard hide nor hair of it ‘till about a month ago on Larry’s Country Diner on RFD TV when T. Graham Brown was a guest and he sang this song.

There is nothing else to say about radio except “It Sucks” and if it didn’t everyone in the world would have already heard this song  this is a great album and the title song will make your whiskers grow, that is unless you are a lady and don’t have any.

The title song and number one on this album is “Wine Into Water” and is just a great song, a really good song and well done by T. Graham..

You know I never did think T. Graham looked like a country singer, with a shirt and tie he would probably look like a doctor, and a guy you would trust to remove your appendix.

Anyway, the whole album (CD) is a good one and you know nobody sings like T. Graham Brown, I really like this one “Wine Into Water”

This guy truly is my friend I love this bugger he is just kinder then life and if you don’t know him I pray you know his music, if Cal Smith burped in a fruit jar and his producer would put music to it, I would buy it.

Gusto Records has released some of Cal’s best including “Country Bumpkin” and nine more.

AND here is another one I never heard on radio where I live in the middle of California, but I did get a tape from a radio station in Australia and it was on there, one called “Birds And Children Fly Away” and what a great song it is.

Let’s face it, when there were real stations called “Country” few if any of the big stations let the DJ call the shots, the owners read Cash Box or Billboard to see what someone else thought should be played and all else went by the way side, if the big boys did not have it on their list it never got played and so went “Birds And Children” and again, what a great song done only as Cal Smith could do it.

So from number one on this album “Country Bumpkin” to number ten “Lucy Needs A Friend” and all in between this is a great album and one that needs to be in every pickup truck and car in America I already know it’s in Australia.

My young friend and super singer Bart Connell is starting to get some great reviews and right here we want to thank Bill Mack and XM Radio for playing Bart’s CD, on Willie’s place, not only did Bill make Bart happy the fact is he is just a very good country singer, and guess what? You can understand every word this boy says.

Bart’s album “Enough Ain’t Enough” has got 12 songs on it well sung, well produced and looks great, now all I need is a label that needs a great album to run with and promote, Bart is a great guy with a good Momma, I know cause we talked on the phone about her son and where theres love good things happen.

We sent a copy to good friend Cal Smith, Cal was the one who was so impressed with this album he called Bill Mack, and a few days later it was on the air.

A million thanks to both Cal Smith and Bill Mack.

Here’s one I never thought we would see again, it’s the Glen Shirley album now a CD which I saw just the other day on Amazon, I have no idea who else is selling it or who even re-produced this CD but there is some good stuff on it.

In case you don’t remember Glen>> while Johnny Cash was doing one of his prison shows where Glen was an inmate he heard one of Glen’s songs, Cash liked it well enough that not long after put it in one of his albums.

Later, along I guess with the help of the governor, Cash got Shirley out of prison, got him a recording contract and it looked like all was going well ‘till one day Glen didn’t think it was going well and shot himself dead.

I think the one Cash heard and liked was called “Grey Stone Chapel”.

Actually Glen was a pretty darn good country singer. It goes to show you never know what’s in another man’s mind.

Another man that Cash got out of prison was Harlan Sanders, Harlan and Glen were prison friends along with Spade Cooley, ole Harlan was a super songwriter and had some success with some of his songs, Cal Smith recorded one or two and Harlan recorded some of them himself which I thought were just outstanding records, he had one album and a few 45’s that I know about.

Like we said, Glen shot himself, Spade dropped dead doing a show just a day or so after he was released and Harlan died a couple years ago from natural causes.

Somewhere along the way Glen had made his way back up to Bakersfield or somewhere around there and was on the phone with Harlan seconds before he shot himself, in fact Glen had hung up the phone and Harlan kept calling him back to no answer, finally someone did answer, it was the sheriff, when Harlan said he wanted to talk with his friend, the sheriff said he wouldn’t be talking anymore and told Harlan what happened.

My brother and I were in Texas a year or so ago and went into the barb wire museum just off Highway 40, not that’s something in it’s self, even though I was born and grew up on a farm in Kentucky I never knew there was more then two or three kinds of barb wire, but, there must be a couple hundred different kinds of barb wire, they got it hanging all over the place>>>Anyway, while there they had some stuff to sell and I found this little book which as a kid my brother and I use to see which one could read the Burma Shave signs both forward and backward and in this little book it has all the Burma Shave signs from day one and how they started and how they ended, here’s a couple for ye.

He Had The Ring/ He Had The Flat/ But She Felt His Chin/ And That/ Was That/ Burma Shave.

To Get/ Away From/ Hairy Apes/ Ladies Jumped/ From Fire Escapes/ Burma Shave.

Past/ Schoolhouses/ Take It Slow/ Let The Little/ Shavers Grow/ Burma Shave.

In the early years they couldn’t figure how so many signs were getting broken ‘till the realized the height of the signs when installed was just right and just high enough for a horse to scratch his back and therefore snapping the sign post.

Over the years laws and times changed and about February the 7th 1963 Burma Shave sold out to Philip Morris Inc. and shortly after that the “Burma Shave” signs started coming down

And so went another great part of history:

Well it’s time to run this weeks news into the press room and in a few minutes it will be read around the world from Poland to Australia and Glens Fork, Kentucky>>Wow! That’s a long way.

And you know what? This year makes the 14th year of story tellin’.

See ye later, but just in case we don’t, take care of yourself.


Don Bradley

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