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Date News Posted: March 25, 2006

Roy Orbison’s wife Barbara has started a petition to get a postage stamp for the singer, Roy, probably one of the best singers to come down the pike certainly deserves to have a stamp honoring him and his music.

Getting a stamp though is sure no easy task, my friend Henry Young worked for two years or better getting a stamp for Jimmy Rodgers, the postal department told Henry they had applications built up for stamps that would last ten more years but he kept on and finally one was issued.

If you would like to sign the petition for Roy’s stamp you can bring up Roy’s web site by clicking on Goggle and the petition should come up for you to sign.

There are a lot of other country artists that sure deserve their own stamp, but our postal department sometimes chooses to put a red headed blue tail woodpecker on a stamp and kinda over look the great entertainers, not only country singers but great actors from the past like Don Knotts or Andy Griffith and that list could go on and on.

I am not even going to repeat the name of the song that won the Academy Award this year, or even the name of a movie or two that was nominated or what they were about.

Where in the world are we going with some of the stuff that is in the movies or on TV?

Radio the way we knew it back when is all but gone, there are a few good stations in Texas that still know what country music sounds like and a few others scattered across America but not enough that you are going to hear Freddie Hart or Cal Smith or even ole Merle from coast to coast down Highway 40.

 We were watching an old black and white the other night on Turner Classics, sure there was some shootin’ ups on there because it was a gangster movie but you didn’t see blood and guts pouring out and a guys leg blown into the next county, there are some things you just have to assume, and one of them is, if a guy is shot 20 times with a machine gun, then you have to assume he is dead since along with the gun shots he fell over Mount Baldy, we don’t need a close up of his inner workings that are no longer there.

Here’s a pretty good Bluegrass CD for ye, it’s a young guy by the name of Clay Jones and it’s another good one from Rural Rhythm Records>>There are a few on it that we never heard before but never the less really good B.G including “Under The Double Eagle” and “Black Mountain Rag”

While we are talking about Bluegrass, might as well mention a couple more good ones from Rural Rhythm Records (actually R.R.Records is about the only one that just keeps putting out great bluegrass) this one is called “Mountain Bluegrass” and has everyone on it from Hylo Brown to Red Smiley and the Bluegrass Cut-Ups and 23 more in between, 25 cuts in all, you get your money’s worth with this one.

And here is 25 more for you, this time some just some outstanding gospel and again from “Rural Rhythm” and we are 99% sure you will not be disappointed if you love gospel music, again it has Hylo Brown, along with Mac Wiseman, Red Smiley, The Ritchey Brothers, and a half dozen others that you are going to enjoy.

 If you stood on a street corner and ask every one that came by if they knew who Lula Belle and Scotty were I doubt if many would say yes even though at one time they were the hottest duo in country music, after Scotty landed a job on WLS in Chicago a short time later WLS brought in (Myrtle Cooper) Lula Belle, and teamed her with Skyland Scotty, later and forever in their lifetime to be known as Lulu Belle & Scotty.

This CD called “Down Memory Lane” has an even dozen of this duos hits on it and if you are old enough to remember them, then so will you remember “The Sinking Of The Titanic” “Saturday Night Supper On The Table” “Prisoner’s Dream” and the other nine songs on this taste of gold from “Gusto Records”.

We were talking with Larry (Murder On Music Row) Cordle a couple weeks ago, actually Freddie wanted me to call and thank him for doing his (Freddie’s) great old song of “Drink Up And Go Home”, it was the first time Freddie had heard anybody do that song bluegrass style or any of his songs for that matter.

If this was 20-30 years ago that record would be on every honky tonk juke box every where, it should be anyway, especially if you listen to what the song says, somebody sitting there griping about life and all that goes with it, Just Drink Up And Go Home old dude.

We get emails and phone calls and a fax now and then from folks asking about an old song they heard many years ago and some of them still remembers a lot of the words to the song but can’t remember the title.

Funny how folks can remember a song they heard fifty years ago and don’t have a clue as to what the local radio station played last week.

Freddie Hart has every reason to be happy man from Alabama, last week his home town of Phenix City honored Freddie with just about the second biggest honor he has ever received, I would say the first would be everything that was bestowed on him after winning two straight years in a row, song of the year, for “Easy Lovin’.”

And yep, it is Phenix not Phoenix like in Arizona, anyway they re-named the main street right through town “FREDDIE HART PARKWAY” they gave him the key to the city, proclamations from the Mayor, the House Of Representatives, the Governor of Alabama, the Senate of Alabama and the First Heart Throb Award from the ladies of Phenix City, Alabama.

Freddie stood for almost three straight hours shaking hands, hugging people, kissed a few and patted some backs then hugged some more nice little old ladies that waited a long time to meet and greet their hometown hero Mr. Freddie Hart.

Rand McNally road atlas will have a new street listed in it in a year or so with truly a deserving member of country music’s greats when the name FREDDIE HART PARKWAY soon becomes part of history.

It looks like Sharon Marie (Carolina’s Cotton’s daughter) is really doing well with the CD she worked her be-hind off putting together for her mother, and it should do well because it is really nice to listen to.

The CD has 19 cuts on it and it is what I call a car CD, meaning>>if you are going some place (alone) and want to enjoy your trip with music and memories then this is one to do it with.

Taking a friend along with you can cause to much blab about wanting to talk when they oughta be a listenin’>>oh I remember that one and oh she was a pretty lady and on and on, now that’s all true but then, who didn’t already know that and while you was yakk’n I missed half the song.

Carolina Cotton was in about 17 movies and was one of my best friends (Eddie Dean’s) favorite people.

Carolina was from Cash, Arkansas born on October the 20th, 1925 and at birth her name was Helen Hagstrom, I put that in incase you are from Cash, Ark and your last name is Hagstrom and to let you know you have a famous cousin.

If you are a collector of country music history then this album should be in your collection, it has a nice booklet in with the disc with some nice little stories and some great little pictures.

I would say it sells for about 15 bucks>> I am not sure of that but here is how you can get one and more information or you can call Sharon Marie at the B2 studio in Bakersfield, Ca 661-321-0948  >>>>>>>>or if that don’t work email us and we will get you in touch.


Here is a new one for ye by a young guy by the name of Jamey Johnson, this one has a great story line, it’s called “THE DOLLAR” and it’s about a little boy asking his mom every morning where his daddy is going, and she tells him to work to make money for the family, so the little boy cleans out the money in his piggy bank and money given to him by the tooth fairy which the two sources amounts to a dollar and he ask his mom how much of Daddy’s time it will buy, like I said, good story, good record.

The good part about most of the major stores now days you can preview songs from CDs before you buy them which is a good deal because what the goose likes the gander may not so you gotta judge for your self.

Here is one I haven’t quite figured out yet by a young guy name of Mark Seliger, the album title is “Rusty Truck” (I think) anyway the front cover has a license plate on it.

One of the songs on this CD is a duo with Willie Nelson which is pretty good, the name of it is 1000 kisses which they don’t mention a 1000 kisses just all the kisses you gave, and like all good Willie Nelson songs he picks a few bars that belong in some other song, I guess that’s why we listen to Willie to see what he is going to pick next.

But anyway it’s worth the ten bucks or so to add to your collection, just keep in mind it ain’t no Merle Haggard record.

Went down close to the border line this past week end and came across a little hole in the wall record store, (just my kind of record store) and on the sidewalk in front was 3 or 4 boxes of records which I sat in front of and started lookin’ and came up with 16 records which included the single albums and 3 box sets, I swear to goodness that some folks buy those box sets and hardly if ever play them, every darn one of them looked almost brand new.

Readers Digest over the years put out some out standing records, really good collections and a lot of them either had booklets in them or writing about the artist on the backs, and or fronts, of all the paper covers inside and if you find some really old ones there may be some stuff in there you didn’t know before.

I long ago knew the “Statler Brothers” got their name from a box of tissue, I thought about this some time ago when I was looking for a name change and was reading a box beside of where I was sitting, some how the name “Handy Wipe” just didn’t seem right>>you gotta wonder if friends would call you “Handy” or “Wipe”.

Oh, almost forgot, the total bill of all the records we bought was four dollars and thirty cents with tax, which I forgot to mention included a really good copy of a George Jones album from back when he had a flat top.

If I had a buck for every time I have been on my knees in a thrift store looking through boxes of albums I would be in good shape.

We love looking for some old song that you heard as a kid and never knew or don’t remember the name of.

We have had requests for a long lost song that they only remembered a line or two of the song which didn’t include the title and with only that information they are sure hard to locate but we give it a shot anyway, some we find, some we don’t.

So>>>>if you are looking for an oldie, tell us all you can about the song, about what year you remember it from, was the singer a man or lady or group (that is if you still remember) and if you don’t know the title then all of the words you can remember, and like we said, we’ll give it a shot.

Most times if you just keep running it around in your head and try to sing it to your self or even out loud if you can, you will remember more of it then you thought you would.

Just thought of something, after reading all the liner notes in the Carolina Cotton CD I see where Walkin’ Talkin’ Charley Aldridge was one of the pickers on at least three of the cuts.

Good friend Charley never mentioned it, he probably assumed it would never be heard again but>>>>>thanks to Carolina’s daughter Sharon Marie, the whole album lives again and if we may, I venture to say that it sounds better now then it probably did on the first day of recording.

We have come so far now with all the new equipment and digital this and digital that, that we can just brighten the sound so much that if you didn’t know better you would think it was fresh cut as a daisy.

Carolina would be proud of what her daughter has done with her music, I am and she ain’t even my kid.

Boy here is a chunk of Gospel Gold for ye: brand spankin’ new in today’s mail is one like we have never seen before, a triple pack CD from Tommy Overstreet.

If we listen to all of them before we write anything about it we’ll be here listening for two days but we are going to skip around and listen to what we can while we tell you about.

First off there are many of these great songs you will remember from Sunday school or from your church services, songs like “Go Tell It On The Mountain” “Just A closer Walk With Thee” “It Is No Secret” “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder” What A Friend We Have In Jesus” Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and this list just keeps going on, like we said a three pack with 12 songs on each CD and 36 in all.

Since Diane Overstreet was the photographer on this project only the best pictures were selected for this album and there is one (a picture) on each CD of Tommy.

Wal Mart would be a good place to find one of these great CDs but any major record/bookstore could order it for you with no problem, the full name of the CD package is “Tommy Overstreet>>Country Gospel Favorites”.

If there is a problem finding a copy, just e-mail us and we'll find a copy for you.

Here is one more CD you might want to check out from a Texas artist, Harold Crosby.  It has some good country music on it including Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” and several other good ones, some Harold wrote, another classic you might really like is Harold’s version of the "9 Pound Hammer"

Although born in the state of Maine over the years Harold worked his way into the lone star state, Wichita Falls, Texas to be exact and that’s where he lives and works out of today.

Opening shows for many top artists over the years Harold continues to do what he loves most and that’s play and sing good ole country music.  This new Harold Crosby CD can be bought at several web site locations, including >>>>>>>>> or you can buy it straight from “Traveler Records Inc”>Box 3234.Wichita Falls, Texas 76301. You might also want to check out Harold’s web site at Travelerrecordsonline>com>>.

Well like always we are probably forgetting something we meant to write about, I always write down stuff, make a bunch of notes then misplace them when it’s time to write.

This month we have to say goodbye to a cowboy, a Night Stalker and one of the funniest men in the world.


What a great loss, now days it seems you can’t say who’s gone, just, who’s left.

That’s going to do it for this time, we’ll see ye later But just in case we don’t, take care of your self

Don Bradley


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