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Date News Posted: July 29,  2006

Hey Gang, I am sure sorry I haven’t updated my web site news for a while but I have been working on a book pretty much day and night  in between running to the photo shop to have a picture cleaned up a little.

Anyway, it should end up with no less the 3 volumes and maybe more, we are trying to include every classic artist that ever lived and what it will be is>>>>>when you open the book on the left will be a full page 8X10 of the artist and on the right page a full one page story about the artist.

Now, this is not a tell all book we don’t get into anything but the artists music, his or her personal life is just that and if they want the public to know about it, well, they can write it in their own book, we love the artist and their music, not what they ate for breakfast.

We are working back and forth with a couple of publishers which one will print and distribute it we will know soon, we do know one thing, no one will print it if it is not put in book stores all over the world, before we do that we will print it ourself.

We have already received “Forwards” and comments from many artists, which will end up in the front of the book; those comments mean everything to us.

It has a couple personal stories about my self and where I grew up in Kentucky and how much I miss the way life used to be but most of all it is about the great artist that meant everything to me growing up and how much my own life was somewhere in a Hank Thompson song, or one of the other songs of the time, they meant a lot to me then and they mean a lot to me now.

Almost every single picture in this book is a full size 8X10 and like we said in the book, if you don’t like what I wrote, take the pictures out and frame them and attach your own memories, we are pretty sure in your heart you must have memories of one of their songs or where you met them or what they meant to you.

The name of the book is “Chiseled In Stone” meaning these are country music artist whose names will forever be “Chiseled In Stone” {and in our hearts to for that matter}.

If you would like for us to send you a card or an email when it is printed then send us an email or a note in a letter or call if you want to and we will let you know it’s ready.

We know if you like Country Music from those great 50’s years you have your own favorite so even if you don’t want to buy the book, email or write us who it is and if he or she is not already going to be in one of them we will do our best to put him or her in one of them.

Just remember these are “Classic” music artist (not) today’s top 40, someone 40 years from now can write about the new generation, by then I guess “they” will be classics.

This will be a great time to Thank everyone that has read our stories and tales over the past ten years, it started out just being a fun thing to do and because of you we ended up digging in boxes, looking through pile after pile of records and old tapes and what ever it took to find out what ever it was you wanted to know, and we really want to thank you for that.

Folks say when they write something they would like to hear from you, well we honest to goodness do, because if you didn’t like the stories or the memories we sure would have spent a lot of time writing stuff just for our self but believe it our not we enjoy the diggin’ part looking for what Carl Smith and all his friends were recording back when.

Even though we have had some of our stories on the front page of magazines, doing country music web site news article’s for ‘round ten years, promoting many artist over the years and a hundred other things the only thing we have ever received any money for was for some of the CDs we have sold out of our web site catalog, so it all must be for the love of country music.

So let me give you all the ways to get us, you already know the web site but we’ll do it again, the web site, the email    The mailing address Don Bradley>Country Classics>Box 1515> Simi Valley, California 93062 and the phone number is 805-522-6045.

We really want to hear from you about yourself about an artist or if you are looking for some old music you can’t find.

One more time, Thanks for all the years you have read what we wrote and all your nice letters and emails, we love you.

We’ll see ye later but just in case we don’t, Take care of yourself and God Bless America.

Don Bradley  


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