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Date News Posted: January 15, 2014

This has not been the start of a good year for some, a great year for others.

Long time friend Rick Tucker passed away this past Sunday, Rick started his recording career in the Norman Petty studios in Clovis New Mexico, same place as Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly recorded some of their material.  In the early days Rick worked clubs in the cold weather of North Dakota, later to move down to the New Mexico area and then finally California  to be booked all over Southern California by Steve Stebbins and The Americana Corporation.

A year or so ago Rick decided to move back closer to his roots in Amarillo and ended up in a little town called Horizon City, Texas to be closer to some of his kids, not knowing at the time that would be his last move alive, his next move will be his wish to be scattered over the Texas plains of Amarillo, Texas with his father who went some years before him.

Not only was Rick a great entertainer he was the master of a lot of other trades like fixin’ anything that was broke, An expert at leather carving and the list goes on. Rick will be missed by friends, family and anyone else that ever knew him, especially me.


The mighty voice of one of Country Music’s greatest, Ray Price has moved on at 87.

Ray Price’s music at one time was heard on radio stations across America and many foreign countries, a short while ago he was doing shows in Branson, Missouri and other places with the country magazines reporting that Ole Ray never sounded better.

Even though Ray had hit after hit thru all those great 50’s years it was probably the song by Kris Kristofferson in the 70’s “For The Good Times” that made the whole world of music lovers know the voice and music of Ray Price.

Just a few of the songs that entered the country charts with the name Ray price attached are the likes of “Release Me”-“The Same Old Me”- “Heartaches By The Numbers”- “City Lights”-and “Too Young To Die Young”.

Ray Price, an American Icon, gone at 87

Looks like the big thing these days for a writer is not necessarily having your book printed on paper to be sold at the store but just making it available for people to read all over the world with the touch of a button, you pay a small fee to down load the book you wish to read and wham o’ there it is and the good part is you can make the type a size you are comfortable with, some of us when we get a little older the old eye site is no longer 20-20 but with an 18 to 20 size font we can read just fine.

Good friend Walkin’ Talkin’ Charley Aldridge has not one but three new books now on line, Charley’s son, Duke, down from Oregon last month gave old Dad a hand helping him to get his books out there for all the world to read, Charley’s books are on Amazon, go to Kendall and then Charley Aldridge. There you will find El Lobo**People’s Wagon Train** and Volume One of “Playin’ Look Back”

Charley has more books ready to hit the computer world but there is something else that Charley has ready to go when the time is right, Charley had given this idea to our old friend Hi Busse (The leader of the western group “The Frontersmen”), Hi put a few on cassette albums but then time called him home and that ended, but Charley who had the original idea for the stories(which is called “Playin’Look Back”)  has continued writing these stories and we hope soon not only to have them all on Kendall for all to read but possibly disc complete with sound effects and all that goes with these little stories.

It is a shame that that there are few to none radio stations left that play any thing that interests people past 50 where country music or stories are concerned concerning early country music radio or the great stories that use to be heard late at night, not just stories of the old west but those great old detective shows, Sam Spade, Johnny Dollar, Phillip Marlow and all those old squeaking door shows.

The bad part about Charley’s words being in book form is you should not be reading it going 80 down the highway, the good part about Charley’s stories on disc is by the time one story is over you are 50 miles closer to home, safe and sound.

OK you can get started now by reading any of Charley’s books on line and stay tuned we will let you know about “Playin’Look Back” on disc.

If you were going to try and compare these little stories with anything you have ever heard then I guess it would be Steve Harvey and “THE REST OF THE STORY”  But we’ll just keep “Lookin’ Back”.

We will have more about Charley and his books in the near future 

Our friend Tommy Overstreet has not only got out a couple of books but a new CD, now these should arrive to us in the next few days and we will try to get you some information on the whole package, we know one of the books is a children’s book which should sell like hot cakes since most folks with small children love to read bed time stories to them.

And as far as Tommy’s music goes we all know he recorded some great music over the years, the next time you hear from us we will try and give you the address and the cost of books and disc and where to order, as you probably know some years ago Tommy left the south and moved to the piece and quiet of Oregon where there is more Moo than Thunder.

We noticed this past week that a new sign has been erected at the entrance to the little town of Casitas Springs, the sign reads “HOME OF JOHNNY CASH”.

Also in the local paper on the 10th of January 2014 was the notice that Johnny’s daughter Cindy Cash was downsizing, she will be selling items from her father and step-mother June Carter Cash, items  will include-furniture-glassware-records and some other things and also offered will be June’s Autoharp, that should be a real collectors item and also one of Johnny’s cars a 1990 Mercedes.

Johnny lived in Casitas Springs through out most of the 60s.

We hope if Johnny’s possessions have to be sold they will be bought by a collector that will give them all the respect they deserve and will be put in a location that many people will be able to see and enjoy the memories of the Man In Black, Mr. Johnny Cash.

We have a friend in Denmark that takes much time in doing something great with a very large collection of the great old 45 rpm records, most all date back to the 50s and some even before, one by one he transfers them to CDs, of course some of them have a little white noise in them, some a scratch or two and some have a now and then pop, but being on a disc they will be preserved as is, for many years to come.

Some of these great old 45s it’s doubtful that even the artist that are still alive have heard them for many, many years, like this one of Bill Anderson “Wanted Dead or Alive” now we wonder where he got that title? Here’s one from Teddy Wilburn called “Court Of Justice” another good one from a young guy that we always liked Autry Inman and “You’re Welcome Dear To What’s Left of Me” there’s a title for ye. And here’s one from Wayne Raney’s son Zydell called “What Have I Done” I doubt if you could find another copy of that old 45 with two wax sniffin’ hound dogs.

Anyway my friend Dann Hansen in the cold of winter sitting in what I hope is/was a nice warm little studio just north of his bedroom night after night with a bottle of Windex and a few clean rags getting the dust out of the groves of these masterpieces from almost forgotten times, what am I saying almost? Kids look at you today and say, grandpa, what’s that little round black thing with a hole in it?

I guess this old 45 from Jack Barlow about sums it all up with one called “I Love Country Music”.

Houses in Arizona sell and rent for the most part at a fair price, now wouldn’t it be better when it is 30 below in Minnesota to take a trip down there some weekend and see about buying or renting a house say for at least two months or so in the midst of a New England winter, there are many sites and places to visit if you are a fan of the old gunfighters and ghost towns and old saloons and women dancing in there showing off them bright red garters.

Even before you make the Arizona trip, pick up the phone and call the number for the Arizona Gunfighters, and that would be a young man by the name of Bob Charnes who’s phone number is 480-986-0111 he can tell you when and where some of the best old western shows still on the U.S map are happening in the year 2014.

Or it would cost you nothing except a little postage to write the Chamber of Commerce in Phoenix, Yuma and Tucson and ask them to send you any brochures they may have on show dates and locations of the Arizona Gunfighters and any other group with show dates during the winter…and trade those long handle under ware and fur lined parka for a Tee shirt or maybe dress your own self up in some cowboy boots and rent yo-seff a horse. You can thank me when you get home.

Here is a few words of wisdom you may find useful.

“Money can not buy happiness, but it is more comfortable to cry in a Cadillac than on a bicycle”

Alcohol does not solve problems, but then again, neither does milk.

Freddie Hart tells me that progress is being made on the Museum in his honor in Alabama, he had to make an unexpected trip down to Phenix City Alabama last month for some sad business, his younger brother passed away.  In the very near future he (Freddie) will be in the studio working on a new disc.

And on Super Bowl day he will be at my house eating a six foot long sub sandwich, drinking a ice cold jug of NeHi grape soda and crunchin’ on some tater chips.

One other thing if the occasion should arise and you need to write Freddie’s home town, the Phenix in Alabama is not spelled like the Phoenix in Arizona—why? Danged if I know.

Some of the greatest cassette tapes that were ever made were not necessarily music tapes but story tapes like all those great old Detective shows, “Your’s Truly, Johnny Dollar” “The fat Man” “The Thin Man” “Phillip Marlow” “war Of The Worlds” (was sure one that shook up the world) and one I found last week staring Walter Brennan on the LUX RADIO THEATER called Home Again In Indiana.

The best place we have found to buy them old box sets of story tapes is in them big truck stops where them big rigs stop to gas up, some of them truck stops puts Wal Mart to shame when it comes to souvenir buying, course most of them tapes have now done been put on a thing called a CD, what ever that is.

I can sure tell ye one thing, a box set of them old radio shows can dang near take you all the way across Highway 40 before you even know it.

I know we have mentioned those old radio shows a time or two tonight and I guess only those of us who lived in those days even knows what we are talking about so ask your Dad or your grandpa or any other older person and see what they tell you, since the day the TV was introduced to the world radio shows, great music on radio, the news and in a lot of cases the only source to the outside world all came to you on an old battery operated radio with an antenna wire draped over a tree in the front yard.

Spend a buck, just buy one tape or if you must, a CD and listen to Gunsmoke, your mind will create your own picture or as we use to say, watch the Lone Ranger on radio

We are working on a new album of past tracks on Memphis Hall Of famer Sonny Flaharty, only a couple of these tracks were ever released in any form. The title of the album will be “Old Stray Dogs” which the song by the same name is just a really good story.

There are some write ups and stories about Sonny found on Google if you care to take a look, or our address is here in case you would like to contact him or buy the album (CD)

That is about going to do it for this time if you have any good stories of your own you would like to pass along just email um or stick them in the mail.

We’ll see you later but just in case we don’t, take care of your self and God Bless America

Don Bradley

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