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Date News Posted: February 21, 2011

AS usual, this should have been on paper and gone a couple months ago but the older you get the more things happen from one month to the next.

The good news is, my brother is doing good (so he says) and we all know that brothers don’t always say the truth but what they think you want to hear as far as their health goes but he sounds good and in good spirits over the phone so I will take his word for it and that he will be ready to make our Kentucky move in the spring.

As of right now we have no plans to move body and soul back home to Kentucky or any place else, just our store and mini museum and we will probably stay there about three months a year then let our good lookin’ cousins take it from there and we know you will be in good hands.

We will still do the promotions and ordering new (Classic) CDs, tapes, books and anything else we can find that has anything to do with Classic Country Music that will be done from California and Washington and sending out the mail order books either by regular mail or on the net or even both.

Everyone knows our web site address that reads these newsletters, but you can’t answer a web site with out a bunch of push this, push that, stand on your head and whistle Dixie so anytime you need to get a hold of us, send us news about an artist or ask about a song, a record a CD or about anything else Country just write and you are ready to rock and roll.

We have been trying to work with an Indiana book publisher to get Vol.1 of our finished book in print and in stores, we have enough basic material for at least 4 more maybe 5 more books, we want to include every Classic Country artist that ever made a record in this book, any artist that worked is his/her heart out in the world of country music.

Like we said in the beginning of our book, the stories in it are not to tell you everything in the world there is to know about an artist, it is so that you will never forget them and every time you open the pages of this book you will have a little memory of that artist in some way, shape or form. What they sang, what touched your heart and a song you wished you could hear one more time.

After my old friend and partner Steve Stebbins passed away and left me hundreds maybe thousands of pictures, stories, bios and canceled checks where he had paid them for a long nights work in a Honky Tonk, well yesterday I opened the file cabinet where all these great pictures are stored and just in a few seconds saw a file with names and pictures of artists no one has even mentioned that I know of for years, I want to change that, they made their mark and we want you to remember them.

Before we are finished I want to check the files again and list some of the names like we mentioned above and what we would like if you are a brother, sister , cousin, aunt, uncle, or just a good friend of any of these artists or any country artist that you think we should add to the book then please let us know, write your own story or memories and if you would use the old fashioned mail to send whatever you are sending that would be great.

NOW we know and we would never ask you to send your only copy of anything so just a good copy would be great, a good print shop can copy pictures almost better then the original one, same goes for newspaper articles and anything else on the printed page.

And if you will, just make a note on something you send or a separate piece of paper that it is ok if we use what you have sent for the book.  Help us remember some of these great artists that the world seems to have forgotten.

The regular mail address is:

Bradley Brothers Records
Box 1515
Simi Valley, California 93062
Attn. Don Bradley


And when we receive whatever you send we will get back in touch with you and let you know we received it. If you know of someone that knew one of these great artists from yesteryear would you send a copy of this newsletter on to them?

And there is one more thing, this is not a book for money, I would be the happiest person in the world if we just sold enough to give back to the publishing company to print more. We know no one is interested in investing in a book about artists that are long gone so we don’t even ask anymore. But if the good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise we will get the job done or as Larry the cable guy says “Get-er-done.

I know everyone that has a TV, Radio or news paper knows that Charley Louvin has passed away, the second half to maybe the best of the two part harmony singers that ever lived.

Charley and Ira just seem to sing as one person with two voices.  In those early years when country was country, Charley and Ira were just two of the greatest.

Thanks to old records, cassettes and now CDs there is no reason why not to enjoy their music for as long as we live, old memories will fill your mind if you just put on the record kick back in the easy chair shut your eyes and let their great music take you home.

OK now like I said I would we will go out and check the files and see what names we can come up with for you.

And we know just the mention of some of the artists that will be in the list will bring us in letters saying OH! I sure remember him or her; think what their names would mean in a book. With a story and picture.

Here we go so hang on.  Well I only made it to about the H’s but it’s a start:

Jim Alley
Kay Austin
Les Carrot Top Anderson
Billy Armstrong
Rex Allen Jr.
Leon Ashley
Hoyt Axton
John Anderson
Ernest Ashworth
Benny Barnes
Glenn Barber
Carl Belew
Hy Lo Brown
Smiley Burnett
Fiddlin’ Frenchie Burke
Johnny Bush
Randy Barlow
Lee Cash (LPs of The History of Country Music)
Buddy Cagle
Guy Clark
Bozo Darnell
Johnny Dollar
Stoney Edwards
Autry Inman
Highpockets Bussee & the Frontiersmen (all of um)
Billy Gray
Clay Hart
Bobby Barnett

This isn’t even a good start but it is a few to start from, now somewhere in a drawer you might have something you cut out of the paper or a magazine or are kinfolk to some of these great artists.

Now just because their name isn’t on here don’t mean we don’t want um cause we sure do so please give us a hand rounding up whatever we can get to keep their name remembered for as long as we can.

Next letter we will add more and more names, now this is going to take a while so hang in there and regardless we would “Really” like to hear from you.

While going thru the file just now we found a one page bio that Reuben Darnell sent us on his Dad, Bozo Darnell.

Now, if you do not remember Bozo Darnell I got two bits that sezz you remember some of his songs. and one of my very favorite songs of all time Bozo wrote and recorded along with several other artist and that was “I’ll be your Stepping Stone” in talking with Hugh X Lewis the other day he said he was the first to record “Stepping Stone” after Bozo first did it, since then several others have recorded it.

And this one, if you are a Waylon Jennings fan then you will remember this Bozo Darnell song called “Down, Down, Down Came the World” another great song from the pen of Bozo Darnell.

One of these days we will do a bio and anything else we can find on Bozo, truly a great country music song writer.

Speaking of Bozo’s son Reuben Darnell, we want to work on the right songs for an album for Reuben to release, he is truly a great country entertainer, songwriter, singer, sounds great on record, is a great guy with 4 puppy dogs and lives in the heart of rodeo country, Bandera, Texas.

SO if you live close to Bandera and need a show, call Reuben, if you don’t get a show we’ll mow your grass.  If you have collected or saved anything by Bozo over the years we would sure like to have a copy of it for the book.

While I was out in the storage area a little while ago I keep a CD player/Cassette player sitting there that when I go out there all I have to do is press play and  there is something I haven’t heard for a long, long time and I have no idea what is coming next because the guy that sent us right at six thousand tapes didn’t have the time to write all the singers names and the song they were singing on the tape, I guess there wasn’t enough room on the tape anyway, but that’s great because just like old time radio you never knew what was coming up next and that sure makes it sound good and brings back “Another Memory”.

A few years back we found a company that makes the little guitars that kids could order and a lot of them were for sale back then on the backs of comic books, other comic books had Daisy B-B Guns, and how to join Sky King and The Lone Ranger and get secret code rings and you know, all that good stuff.

Anyway we ordered a couple of them and if that don’t take you back some years, we got the Gene Autry and a Hopalong Cassidy guitar and they have several others that if they are still making these things we want to get some to sell in the KY store, old folk should get a kick out of hanging one on their wall for a story to tell them grandkids.

Funny though that they ever made a Hoppy guitar since Hoppy didn’t have much music in his movies, our friend Eddie Dean appeared in a few of Hoppy’s films and they wouldn’t let him sing or play…anyway it sure makes for a nice looking little guitar with pictures and dates on the front of them all.

By the time I am ready for the next newsletter, and we will try to make it soon, I will have more names to add to the wanted list but if you don’t see the name that doesn’t mean we don’t need the stuff so please do let us know and send it if you can, and if you have no way to copy it and you trust us, send it, we will make a copy and send your original back to you “Scouts Honor”.

That is going to be it for this time, we want to get this online so we can get the next book laid out and to the press, time is running out.

I really want you to know how much we appreciate all your email, letters, calls and for helping us put together Vol. 2 of “Chiseled in Stone”.

More than ever God Bless America & God Bless all the good people in it.  We will see ye’ later, but just in case we don’t-take care of yourself.


Don Bradley
Country Classics

We have been lucky over the years with more than a million people taking the time to read some of our stories or write to us for song titles or for old records or just to share a memory or two and we want to thank you for that.     


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