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Don Bradley was personal manager to one of the last 5 Silver Screen Singing Cowboys left today,

We were are also the promoters for Mr. Johnny Mitchum, and yes, he is the brother of the famous actor Robert Mitchum. Johnny wrote the majority of the album recorded by "THE DUKE", MR. JOHN WAYNE. ‘AMERICA WHY I LOVE HER’, is his creation. Some interesting new things will be coming up regarding John soon. We also promote our good friend Mr. Randy Boone. Randy, as you might remember was the co-star of the hit TV series, ‘THE VIRGINIAN’. Randy is a fine singer and writer and entertainer.

John Agar-even though most people never thought of him as a singer (not even John Himself) but he did record enough material for an album and we have released it on a cassette album. Inside the "J" card are the titles to many of the movies John stared in. I guess John’s audience’s are about a 50-50 split, we sell his album along with an autographed picture with your choice of either a Western picture or a SCI-FI picture and as I said, it is about 50-50 as to which one his fans want. Few actors anywhere ever rode with John Wayne in one picture then a short time later was chased across the desert by a giant ‘TARANTULA’ and yes, he was the first husband of that cute little girl Shirley Temple.

Others that we have promoted over the years include Webb Pierce, Billy Mize, Johnny and Jonie Mosby, (The Truck) Mr. Red Simpson, Bobby Austin, Rick Tucker, Hal Southern, Freddie Hart, Don Hinson, Smiley Monroe, Doye O’Dell, Mr. Herb Jeffries and many others.

We have written stories for magazines and newspapers that have appeared in print from the U.S. to Germany on dozens of Country Music artists. We graduated from one of the number one radio and TV schools in the U.S doing both radio work and TV commercials and went on to become a Country Music D.J on two different stations. Not only are we a place to find the Classic Country music that you have wanted or been looking for, but a place to get answers about some of the artists that seemed to have just disappeared from sight.

We have hundreds of 8x10 glossy pictures of many of those classic country artists and will have a list of those to send out shortly if you are interested. I was a partner of Mr. Steve Stebbins for 13 years; Steve started the "Americana" agency in 1948 with a couple of young guys by the name of Cliffie Stone and Tennessee Ernie Ford. Cliffie and Tennessee wanted to be entertainers (and were) and had no desire to sit behind a desk. Steve being a retired LA Police detective liked that idea so he bought them out and continued to run the agency ‘till his death on March 19th 1983. Steve became friends and personal manager to many of the legends in this business. One of the most famous without a doubt was the one and only Lefty Frizzell. Lefty was with Steve for eleven years, and they were friends ‘till Lefty’s death. Many of the pictures that Steve’s photographer took of Lefty during those days we still have and they were never released to the public.

We know how important an old song that you might have heard 20 or 30 years ago (or maybe more) is to you. We have been in the same position, because we have searched the thrift stores, the junk stores, Goodwill stores the Salvation Army stores for something we could no longer find on the market. If you are looking for that particular memory, let us know. We don’t have everything, and we don’t know it all, BUT WE WILL TRY TO HELP YOU FIND WHAT YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR…...



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